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1st trip

i dont want this feeling to go away -jack johnson

I decided to take my first trip in february 2010. I wasn't really too familiar with drugs - I've smoked weed at the most. My best friend and I were at our friends house while his parents were at their "winter house" in florida. He took our cellphones and we each took a capsule that contained an 8th of psycolcibin. We all just chilled watching southpark with the black lights on. About a half hour after taking this, I started to notice colors. lots and lots of colors. I felt like I was at a rave. My body also started to feel extremely heavy.. I felt like I was the only one feeling it so i walked into the back bedroom (my feet felt like they were sinking into the carpet) and layed on the bed listening to everyone out in the other room - but all of their voices were coming from different sides of the walls. I noticed like 6 shadowy figures standing around the bed and I was starting to get a little freaked out so I yelled for my best friend. She came in the room and layed on the bed beside me and  that's where we stayed for 8 hours. The bed did not feel like a bed and we didn't feel like we were in a bedroom! She felt like we were in a fishtank and I felt like we were on an island. We played jack johnson over and over again and all of his songs were like he was talking to us directly. All of a sudden, jack became a close friend of ours! haha. We layed at the end of the bed looking at the ground and all of the clothes became lillypads. I'd see dogs with sunglasses laying on these lillypads. The box in the closet became a mexican box. Yes, a mexican box. haha. There was a mirror above the bed that my friend was convinced we could crawl into. I had another friend get me a glass of water, but I couldn't drink it because I was convinced that I'd get lost in the cup. I'm really happy that everyone in the house left us alone and let us explore our trip. We really wanted to go outside but it was like 3am and he lived on a busy street so he said we had to stay inside. I didn't understand how we communicate with eachother, i kept saying 'what language are we speaking? what are words?'  it's like i was completely dumbfounded. Every couple of minutes we'd burst into laughter that we could not control. Laughed so hard i nearly pissed my pants a couple of times! It was hands down the coolest expierence I've ever had in my life. I'd really reallly like to take another trip but it's not easy to find around here :( If you haven't tripped before, I highly reccomend it! I was scared at first, but it is true that your trip is what you make of it. I went into my trip with a positive outlook and it was a damn good time.

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