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Must read for beginners!

for the people who want to try shrooms...

 I just want to write this for the people who want to try shrooms. 1st things first; If u have depression DONT DO SHROOMS!!!! Seriously! Most people ignore this fact but it's very true.
First things first i want to describe what it feels like. Lets start on how it kicks in. Shrooms kicks in in a different way then other drugs. The first thing u feel(or what me and my friends felt was, oh and by the way it was me and 4 friends, one was on four "e" pills and the rest were on shrooms) is it feels like it starts getting hard to breathe, like ur breathing slows down. And for those people who have done ecstacy u should know what im talking about when i say that shrooms in the beggining, i noticed,  gave me the feeling that i was walking automatically and effortlessly. You don't really notice but things just start to get weired, the perfect way to explain it is "magical". other drugs feel like ur on a drug, not shrooms. Shrooms feels like a wizard put a spell on you. A really really really happy spell. Too much happiness. Me and my friends kept on saying "This cant happen, nature cant make something like this!"
    Another way to explain in, in more technical terms, is it puts u into ur environment. Almost like ur in a cartoon. It removes the part of ur mind that u use just to sit down relax and be urself. Its almost like ur a cartoon character and u have a role. U completely don't feel human anymore. Another thing is it makes ur jaw feel like its made of rubber and that your tongue isn't supposed to be there. Cant explain it. At one point everything just goes wild. EVERYTHING U SEE HAS ITS OWN LITTLE PERSONALITY. But at the same time u dont really care what ur seeing because the body high is so freakin strong. In my point of view the body high kills it. It dosnt let u get comfortable and just watch whats happening, ur just curled up in a ball laughing, not necessarily because anything is funny but because it feels like the shrooms are tickling u inside ur body. I started talking to the trees. For me it was almost exactly like i was in the movie alice and wonderland, EXACTLY. But then it started making me feel too smart, which is not good cuz i have depression. So my depression started making my thoughts hopeless and worthless. Like i was looking at the world form outside of it and just thought i didnt want to live. Like whats the point. Then all i was thinking was WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE OVER!!!!! I asked my friend and he said the same thing. Then we went passed another block and i was happy again. But still wanted it to be over. I call shrooms "The Uncomfortable". Cuz it just got me uncomfortable because it just felt like it forced opened my digestive track and it felt like shit was gonna leek out of my ass hahahahaha. Oh and um shrooms makes everything have earthy colors. Beggining of the trip is a light cool grey, medium of  a level 2 trip everything has a light brown gasoline like color. In an intense trip everything looks like ur looking thru those red tinted glasses that hippies wear and everything melts. When ur at ur peak it looks like everything is made out of plastic and someone started heating it up and soon things start melting.
When the trip was over i was so happy i was back and appriciated life so much!!---AND DONT WORRY THEIR NOT SCARY AND U WONT GO CRAZY! MAYBE ON LSD YEAH BUT NOT SHROOMS! In the begging ull get scared hell yeah, shit is actually morphing in front of u. But just calm down down and appreciate that its happening.


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