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DMT trip

Just what i though it would be like

Ok so it all started like this..

Me and a couple of friends were partying, as usual haha. I had smoked alot of weed but hadnt taken anything else this night. While we were about to start taking a couple shots of vodka i heard a knock at the front door. I went to go anwser it. It was my this kid i had been hanging out with just recently. He came inside and said "Hey bro guess what i got?" I said "what haha." He pulled out this tiny little ziplock baggie and said "Dude i fucking got the hook-up on some DMT" He asked me if i wanted to try some because he wanted to see someone else on it before he did it (this kid hasnt used alot of drugs and he knew ive done alot of hallucinagen before so he just wanted to see if i could handle it before he did it). I said sure lets get to it.

We went into the living room where everyone else was at and I told everybody what was about to go down. Everyone was pumped to see me do this shit. I grabbed my pipe and my friend handed me this dime sized chunk of this yellow-brownish crystalin (spelling?) DMT. I put it in the pipe and put a litted bit of Marijuana shake over the top of it. Before i took my hit my friend handed me this balloon and told me his drug dealer told him to take the biggest hit he could and then exhale it into the balloon and then keep re-inhaling it until you took lift off. I said aight took the balloon then took my hit.

T 0.00.00 - I hit the DMT as hard as i could until all of it was gone. It tasted like burnt plastic. I immediatly felt my heart starting to race. I exhaled it into the balloon then re-inhaled it then exhaled it again and re-inhaled it one last time. I held my breath on this last inhale. I layed back on the couch and exhaled it.

(One of the coolest things about DMT is that the drug doesnt change how you think. You go into the experience with the exact same perspective on reality that you have in waking life. Other drugs like LSD and Shrooms change how you think and veiw the world but DMT doesnt do this at all. You react to everything you see the exact same way you would in the real world.)

T 0.00.45 - All of a sudden all the people in the room were just faces. I couldnt identify anyone there to save my life. The color of the red chair across form me took over my entire vision. All i could see was red. And the BOOM!!!!!! I felt like i was shot through a cannon at 1,000,000 MPH. Bright stars like objects and streams of color were shooting downward as i was going up.

(From this point on i have no idea how long ive been tripping. The trip seemed to last for weeks but in reality it was roughly 10-15 minutes.)

T ?.??.?? - I landed in this bright yellow empty space. I looked around, but nothing was there. Just bright yellow infident space. I started walking through my new enviorment and then all of a sudden these bright multi-colored machines fell from the yellow sky and landed all around me. I felt as if i had just taken a leap into the machanics of my own brain. These machines were making alot of loud noise and they began producing these alien like creatures of all shapes and sizes. They all approached me, i felt kinda scared but i could sence that they ment no harm. They starting speaking in a really strang launguage but i felt as if i could understand it. Then this one alien like creature took my hand and we launched up into the yellow abyss. He told me not to be afraid. We were speeding up at a very fast rate. The color of my enviorment began changing from yellow to red then to pink then to gold and then everything went black. I could see stars and planets all around me. We were heading for this giant purple planet. The alien started spinning us as we were flying. Streams of light were flashing everywhere. We landed on this planet. I fell to my knees in amazment. I reached down to touch this purple sand like substance that the planet was made of. I let the sand fall between my fingers. I began digging through the sand. I crawled into the planet. Then everything started fading. Everything went black and i awoke on my couch with everyone staring at me asking what had happened.

I wrote all that i could remember from the experience on a sheet of paper.
Alot more things happened on this trip but i just told you guys all that i could remember.
Its almost like awaking from a dream. You have a really hard time remembering everything that had just happened.

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