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1st time Benadryl trip

Scared me to death but will probably do again..

Ok, first and foremost ive kinda got to give you guys a background on what ive used prior to this experience so you can really understand how powerful your over-the-counter allergy medications really are. Before this experience ive used (in order from most frequent to least frequent) Marijuana, DXM, K2 or JHW-018 (Its called K2 where i live but JHW-018 is the chemical name), Alcohol, Various painkillers and pills such as xanax and valium (I dont really count these as drugs because i dont really get a headchange off them, Ive just used them to fuck me up), LSD, Shrooms, Salvia and last but not least DMT. 

So for the past couple of months ive been using the over-the-counter drug called DXM. Im sure most of you are familiar with it, If not then I highly recommend that you stay away from it. Its not worth the damage to your mental state. I recentally quit DXM because i ended up going for a 4th platuea trip and ended up ODing. I only took 1250mg's and the Overdose limit is 2500mg's... so it just goes to show shit happens. A couple weeks before this experience i finally got ahold of DMT. My DMT experience was revolutionary, but i wont go into any detail because it was just like everyother DMT trip youve read about. All i can say about it is that it made me want to try something even more mind altering. I asked all of my friends and drugdealers (I hate drugdealers btw, it makes me feel "dirty" and this dirty feeling usually shows up in my trip). One of my friends told me he heard of this stuff called Datura. I looked it up and came across Benedryl, and my mind was made up. Benedryl at high doses becomes a deleriant. This was exactly what i was looking for so i headed down to CVS Pharmacy and bought this bottle of generic Benedryl for $6.99, and my trip began..

T 0.00 - I arrived home and got online to see how much i should take for my 1st time trip. Most webpages reccomended that I go for about 400-800mg's. I decided to take 1000mg's over the period of an hour, taking 250mg's every 15 minutes. So i took my 1st 250mg's and waited.

T 0.15 - I took another 250mg's. My stomach was feeling a little sick so i went out back and took a couple hits of some reggie i picked up on the way home (I use Marijuana daily so this didnt affect my trip at all, i just smoked enough to calm down my stomach). 

T 0.30 - I took another 250mg's. I began feeling a little tired and a little heavy. Nothing profound at this point just kind of neat.

T 0.45 - I downed my last 250'mgs. I was listening to some heavy hardstyle music in my bedroom, the music became very appealing. Almost like on DXM, My sence of hearing began to pick out every single detail of the music. My brain began processing things out of place so bits and pieces of the familiar music was out of time and out of place.

T 1.00 - I had this sureal mindset. Almost like a dream, I was hearing strange sounds and whispers all around my house, but nothing seemed strange to me at all. I felt as if the sounds were normal. Gravity felt completly non-existant at this point. I went back to my room and listened to some more music until the drug took its full effect.

T 2.00 - My mind had went from active to completly dulled. I would go to a certain room in the house for some reason, and when i got there i would completly forget why i went there in the 1st place. This was very frustrating. I couldnt put thoughts or ideas together, yet i was thinking of every possible thought and idea my mind could squeeze out. And this is when it happen, My first BIG hallucination. For some strange reason i went to the bathroom. (I think i was going to look at my pupils but im not sure) I got to the bathroom and completly forgot why i had went there. I sat down on the edge of the bathtub to reset my mindset and tell myself that it was just the drug messing with my memory. While i was sitting on the tub I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I looked up at the mirror in the bathroom and to my amazment there was a hand held up waving at me inside the mirror. I put my head in the palm of my hands for a second to calm myself down. I looked back up at the mirror and the hand was still there waving at me. I stood up and stepped in front of the mirror. My reflection did not show but instead i saw my cousin in the mirror, just waving at me with this big smile on his face. I just stood there looking at him for what seemed like 20 minutes but in reality it was probably only 2 minutes. Then out of no where his smile turned into a grin and his hand went from waving to a fist. He pressed his face up against the mirror and said "If you dont get the fuck out of my bathroom, im going to bust through this mirror and kill your ass". I backed up and just stared with this blank expression. My cousin then headbutted the inside of the mirror multiple times. I could hear shards of glass shattering and my cousin groaning in rage. Before he broke the mirror completly i stepped out of the bathroom and closed the door behind me. In shock from this recent event i went to my room and got a magic marker and wrote on my arm "DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU SEE OR HEAR!!! ITS NOT REAL YOUR TRIPPING!!!"

T 3.00 - I was in my room listening to some music. I kept forgetting that I was tripping so i had to keep looking at my arm. I had people walking in and out of my room. People ive never seen before. They would just walk into my room and crawl under my bed or step into my closet, and when i went to check if they were still there they would be gone. My body high went from slightly entertaining to down right scary. I felt like my worst nightmares were coming true. I began seeing these little tiny spiders all over the place. They would appear out of nowhere, crawl on me and when i went to swat them they would turn into smoke. The spiders werent as scary as you would think they would be. I convinced myself to leave my room and check in the bathroom to see if my cousin was still in there. I opened the door to the hallway. I stepped into the hallway and began hearing the mirror being shattered again.

T 3.30 - Scared half to death, i felt as if i had to make a choice. I would either stay inside this house scared out of my mind or take a walk and try to change my enviorment to maybe make things a little less abnormal. I choose to take a walk. (normally when im having a bad trip taking a walk makes things so much better) I decided to walk up to subway and chill on the bench outside of the store til my friend got off work. On the way up to subway i passed this drain on the side of the road that was making alot of noise. When i looked over at it this guy was staring at me from the drain. I ignored it and kept walking. While i was walking i could hear this man running underground. I could hear the water from the drain splashing as he followed me from drain to drain. I took off running and the splashing got louder and louder. Finally i got off the road and made it to subway. I went inside and told my friend what was going on and that i was just going to wait 30 minutes for him to get off work. While i was waiting on him i saw the man from the drain a few blocks down walking my direction. I just tried to ignore it. He finally made it to me and sat down on the bench next to me. I didnt make eye contact with the man but i could see his eyes out of the corner of mine and they were as bright as the sun. I took my IPod out of my pocket and listened to some music.

T 4.15 - My friend came out and told me he would give me a ride home. I got in the car. While we were driving back to my place I noticed something very strange. I looked down at my arm and the writing wasnt there anymore. When i looked back up at the road i noticed my friend glaring at my from the corner of my eye. I looked at him and said " hey bro dont take your eyes off the road for to long haha". He didnt reply. He started slowy turning off road. I paniced and grabbed the wheel. My friend began speaking in gibberish just glaring at me. Then i started hearing another voice. I looked at the backseat and the man from the drain was there. I put my face in my hands and started taking slow deep breaths, and when i looked back up I wasnt in a car. I was still sitting on the bench. I took off running home and decided that this drug was to much for me to handle and that the best thing i could do was go to sleep.

T 4.30 - I got home and decided to smoke some Marijuana to put me to sleep. I smoked a couple bowls and this suprisingly put me into familiar water. My hallucinations went from people trying to scare the shit out of me to more tolerable things, such as hearing my parents voices or talking to people that werent there.

T 8.00 - I spent the last couple hours of the trip reflecting on everything. By this time i was very very tired so i lied down and went to sleep. I had some very strange dreams, and when i awoke i had a pretty bad hangover. My short term memory was shot and my vision was blurred.

All in all i honestly have to say i plan on doing this drug again. I will of course do a lower dose but i dont regret this experience at all. It taught me not to underestimate any drug, even if its just allergy meds. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG IF YOU DONT LIKE BEING SCARED!!!! The overall high you get on this drug is a very creepy feeling. If your the type of person who likes to watch a scary movie at 3am with all the lights in the house off then this drug might be for you, but if your not that type of person then i do not suggest that you try this.

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