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First trip

great trip yet very frightning

So a couple days ago six of my friends and i shroomed for all of our first time. It was at my friends aunts house who has been out of town on a trip for 2 months. There was a total of 8 of us 2 were "sober babysitters" and then 6 shrooming. So we get about half an ounce and i take like 3g - 3.5g which is supposedly alot for first time. Well i take them chew them up into mush and then swallow which we all did (Oh and i probably ate the most out of everyone to btw). So we are sitting in the living room chillin waitin for them to kick in and we all are talking. About 45 mins after taking them i feel like im getting really fucked up. then an hour after taking them my trip began. I knew it started because all of a sudden i was connected with everyone then all of a sudden it was like i was just in my mind not controlling my body myself just my thoughts were there it was like i was disconnected from everyone and it scared me cause i began to just fly through my brain of all my memories and thoughts and it was almost beautiful then after an hour of this its like my friend (known him the longest out of everyone there) and i were connected and knew what one another was thinking. its like only my mind and his mind were connected nobody else understood us like we were misfits... that started to scare me. then we all went to a waterbed room and layed down and talked still connected with my friend we just were talking all our deepest secrets and thouoghts very therupeutic. then my friend who i was tellapathecially connected to almost turned on me and he didnt say a word its just he looked at me and its like he got scared then all of a sudden the walls were getting tighter and i fell off the bed and ran out the room into the living room. Then the 2 sitters were hungry so one went to a convienence store and i went with and when i entered it was like ever item had this brightness and i went to candy section and stood and looked at all the candy then all of a sudden i was hearing several conversations that were happening across the store and it was all at the same time so it was like 6 different voices yelling in my ears so i knew i needed to leave so then we went back to the house and i smoked weed and sat in a chair just disconnected from everyone and it was lonely which scared me but i liked it at the same time. i didnt have ton of visuals but its like i was on a journey just my mind going and my body staying. it seems like i had a bad trip i know, but it was so beautiful and i enjoyed it somehow. so ya after next morning we all declared we are fans of shrooming. definetley wanns do it again soon as possible no questions.

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