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This was the BEST night anybody can have!

This was the BEST night anybody can have!! OMG OMG OMG
ok my dealer is not really depenable right.... so we called him at 700 to get our shrooms we showed up at 1200 and passed em when we got in to the house we droped em we were playin No mercy and then BOOOM! it basicly trip us all out at the same time! we all saw everything in my basement had a form of a face everything was som sort of face!! scott the person how got hit the hardest rolled his eyes every 2 seconds! once the trip was slimming we went out side for smokes (AMAZING ON SHROOMS) and the thing that really helped was Hash OMFG!! that brought it back for everybody (hint hint) try it 2 people 1 gram 3 people 2 grams once we when inside everything was bright when the lights were like all off we triped lookin at eachother! HARD! omg what a amazing night (VIOLANT J, JUMPSTEADY)

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