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Dxm trip disaster

First big Dxm trip gone bad.

Ok so before i tell you what all went down, I guess im sorta required to tell you all the drugs ive done to show you that even with experience shit CAN go bad.
(listed in order from most used to least used)
1. Weed (over 300 times garunteed)
2. Dxm (about 75-100 times, almost everytime used with weed)
3. Alcohol (roughly 50-ish times, only done without weed twice)
4. Dramamine (8 trips to date on this shit, used w/o other drugs each time)
5. Lsd (6 trips off Lsd, 1st times used alone, 2nd time used with MDMA, 3rd time used with shrooms and all the other times with Weed/Dxm)
6. Shrooms (3 trips off Shrooms, 1st 2 times used with weed, 3rd time with Lsd)
7. MDMA (used only once, used with Lsd)
8. Dmt (only once, used by itself)
9. Various Pharms (I dont really count these as "drugs" because most the time I dont get any sence of altered reality, ive just used em to fuck me up)

Ok so my mom had just got on her flight to Mexico for the weekend, I called up my cousin (who ive tripped with like 75% of the time ive done any hallucinatory drug) and he came over. Once he got to my place we strolled up to the good 'ol Drug Warehouse just up the road from where i live. I get there and before i go inside to buy some Dxm my cousin says "Hey man lets take it up a notch tonight, your moms outta town we got the place to ourselves, im thinking 4th platuea?" I looked him dead in the face and said "Im wayyyy ahead of ya haha" I went into the store and grabbed 3 Bottles of Robo-Gel's and a Bottle of Delsym cough syrup. I came out gave my cousin the rest of the money to go buy 3 more Pack's of Robo-Gel's and another bottle of Delsym. (the store only lets ya buy 4 Dxm containing products per person)  He came out and we went behind the store to take the Dxm.
T 0.00 - We opened up the packs of Robo-gels and I dumped 40 Pills into my mouth, then chased them down with half of the Delsym. Then i took the other 20 pills and finished off the Delsym with em. My cousin did the same. We headed back to my house to smoke a lil Weed and chill til the drugs kick in. (Robo-Gels are 15Mgs each so 15 x 60 = 900mgs and 1 5oz Bottle of Delsym is ~1000mgs bringing us to a total of 1900mg's each, This is the most hes every done and its 300mgs short of the most ive ever done. Also note I weigh 170lbs and my cousin weighs about 130lbs so this is the reason he trips alot harder in this report. Also my tolerance is wayyyy higher.)

T 0.15 - We got back to my place, took the bong out back and smoked a good 5 bowls of shwagg. We then went inside to grab a lil snack before the Dxm hit us hard and we lost out appitites (spelling?). We whipped up a couple of sandwhiches and went to sit down and wait for this Drug to take over our realities.

T 0.30 - My cousin is already tripping.. HARD. He's looking at random shit, mummbling his words and is already almost completly incoherent. Since i was fairly stoned from that suprisingly good shwagg we smoked all I could do is laugh while he interacted with his world.

T 0.35 - Something clicked. I couldnt quite put my finger on it at the time, but it was the drug kicking in. I felt as if i had just gotten back from a long roadtrip, you know that relife you get when you finally step into your own home. The sence of security. Thats all i could feel was a warming sence of calm. My vision started to go from normal to intense double vision over a period of about 20 seconds. I laid back and let the drug take hold of me.

T 0.45 - I managed to get enough willpower to tell my cousin that we should go into my room and turn on the blacklight, he nodded his head in agreement. I rose up from the couch with this feeling of godlyness. I had this unreal sence of being superhuman. Ive had this feeling on Dex before but something was different this time. I was tripping harder than i ever had off Dxm even though ive taken higher doses multiple times. I helped my cousin up (who was tripping out of his fucking mind. I knew he was about to go into a completly different world so i got him to my room before he was completly out of it). We got to my room, Which seemed like it took hours to do but in reality probably only took 30 seconds. I helped him get onto the bed then i flipped on the black light and started playing some heavy hardstyle music. I kicked back into my beanie bag chair and enjoyed some intense closed eye'd visuals.

(note from here on out my memory becomes very foggy and my sence of time is altered heavily. i am just guessing on the current time)

T 1.00 - I was lost inside my head. Complex patterns filled my vision as i stared in amazment. I began having waking dreams. similar to the ones you get on Dramamine for those of you that have taken it. I couldnt feel my body anymore. I remember getting up off the bean bag chair to go switch the music. Something caught my attention. I was hearing a noise that was unfamiliar. Having my Dex Superpowers I curiously followed the sound into my living room. The closer to the living room i got, the louder the noise got. I stood there, with a blank stare on my face listening. The sound was very similar to all the unfamiliar voices you hear in a very crowded place. Your taking in so much information that your brain picks words you understand out of all the loud talking, so all you left with is a jumble of random words that dont make any sence. I was hearing people say stuff like "The yesterday mowing underneath I was she doesnt new telivision" Just a random jumble of words i could pick out of the noise put into a sentance. And i realized the noise wasnt from my extrenal enviorment but it was all in my head. I plugged my ears in amazment. The noise only got louder. I sat down on the couch overwhealmed by all the noise. I closed my eyes hard.... Them BOOM! I opened my eyes. All the noise was gone and i was back in my room listening to music with my cousin, who was now able to move around and talk and shit. I asked him what just happened and he looked at me and laughed. He said I was just looking around the room like a crazy person for like 5 minutes. We both broke out laughing. Then we made thie biggest mistake we couldve made all night.. We decided to go out on a walk.

T 1.30 - It was 12pm.. I had forgotten when we took the drugs but i assumed it was atleast 4 hours ago so we should be coming down in a lil bit. (i was dead wrong, the trip had only begun and it was only like an hour and a half since we took the drugs) I threw on my jacket and we went walking around my neighboorhood like zombies. We were walking up and down the road in a zig-zag like fashion. We were headed to the park to smoke some more weed and to swing on the swingsets. With every step i was getting higher and higher. it wouldnt stop. It scared me because i believed that we were suppose to be coming down at this point. We got to this old bridge that was about 5 minutes away from the park. I went ahead and took out my pipe to load us up a bowl, then i heard my cousin say COP!!. In a panic i tossed the pipe and Dimebag i had over the side of the bridge very descreetly (spelling). The cop pulled up to use and asked us what we were doing. I gave my cousin a look the said "let me do the fucking talking!" I looked at the officer and the conversation went a lil like this

Me - Oh hi officer. We were just taking a walk up to the park then were gonna head home
Cop - Where exactly would "home" be?
Me - (pointing down the street) Its just about a half a mile up that way.
Cop - What are you two doing out so late?
Me - Just wanted to catch some fresh air sir.
Cop - Dont you think its a lil bit to late to be "Catching some fresh air"?
Me - Yea officer i guess it is, but curfue isnt until 1am so we still have a good thirty minutes. (the cop seemed to get angry because i was right about the curfue thing)
Cop -  What your name son?
Me - My name is Phillip (not gonna say last name) sir.
Cop - (looking at my cousin) And how about you?
Cosuin - (took him like 5 seconds to realize what the cop said) Uhh Parker sir.
Cop - Parker what?
Cousin - (akward silence)
Me - (I nuged my cousin)
Cousin - (akward silence)
Me - (quickly trying to save our asses is said) His last name is (not gonna say last name) sir.
Cop - Why dont you let him talk. Whats your name son!? (getting pretty hostile now)
Cousin - (yet again akward silence)
Cop - Now have you two been taking any drugs this evening by any chance?
Me - No sir, I wouldnt do something so careless.
Cop - Well your little friend seems a lil spaced out over there. You sure he hasnt been taking any drug?
Cousin - (finally doing something right!!) No sir, Im just a little sleepy.
Cop - Yea you sure do seem sleepy. Ok you two put your hands on the bridge railing. Im going to search you for any illegal drugs or weapons.

So the cop searched us then checked our eye's. Both of our pupils were the size of dimes im assuming from the look on his face. He handcuffed us both and called in more cops.

(while we were waiting for the other cop i went into a completly different world. Almost like a Dmt trip. I had no connection with the outside enviorment and was just exploring through the fabric's of my mind.)

I woke up in an unfamiliar room. Having no idea where i was, i paniced. I had cords attached all over my body. (in reality they were heart monaters and IVs and a cathiter) I violentally ripped out all my IV's and My cathiter. (thank god i was tripping or that shit wouldve hurt reallllly bad). I stood up in the room, i felt like i was in a nightmare and all i could do was get out. So i ran as fast as i could through the halls of the hospital looking for any kind of exit, only to be tackeled by a huge man and then injected with some shit that made me black out.

I woke up 2 days later with my whole familiy in the room along with my cousin. They told me i went into a coma and almost died from heart failure.
Since this day ive never taken Dxm again and never plan to. ill stick with good 'ol Mj, some booze and natural hallucinagens.

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