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Trip to Chicago

My friends and I decided to shroom before going to Chicago for the Taste.

My friends and I decided to shroom before going to Chicago for the Taste. It's where thousands of people come to watch the fireworks on the 3rd of July. We took them about 7:00 and then caught the train. When we got closer to the city more and more people got on with us. It felt like we were on the boat in Willy Wonka. My friend called my cell phone and at the time I really didn't know if I was on the phone or just talking into it. I also couldn't feel the phone to my face. I kept rubbing my face because I thought it felt cool. Then when we got off the train and into the city, none of us knew where we were. We just followed people to see the fireworks where we saw about 15 ice cream trucks all playing that same damn song. It was a nightmare. Then we laid on the grass and got to watch the awesome fireworks by the sky scrapers. The buildings looked like they were getting bigger and then smaller, the clouds were moving around into different shapes and the color in the fireworks made the sky look great. As we were walking back to the train I felt like everyone was staring at us...all the thousands of people. Well when we finally found our way back to the train and asking police officers where it was, we were coming down from our crazy experience.

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