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Volvariella volvacea

Straw Mushroom

Straw mushroom is one of the best edible mushroom that could be grown in tropical climate within 8-12 days to fruit. It is one of the most highest protein content, fast growing  mushroom. Thailand is the world largest straw mushroom producer which produce this mushroom more than 600,000 ton per annum. Anonbiotech Centre has been in this business to produce pure culture and active spawn for decades, one could visit their website at www.anonbiotec.com or www.anonworld.com


[quote][b][i]mule said:[/i][/b]
When you think paddy straw think compost piles. The temperature cycle of the growth rate to fruiting mirrors that of a high nitro compost pile. Culture wise they are a real pain to keep viable. I have been working off and on with them for a while. While I use banana trash (leaves and trunk chunks), I think a hay would work, the idea would be to make a pile like that of a compost pile, of old hay, not just straw the seeds etc of hay would help the nute levels. The other thing is the use of secondary spawn. Made up of bran and chopped fine straw. The steps are like this Culture {spore-tissue}-> Grain -> secondary spawn
-> knocking of bulk substrate..  
Once you got one pile going and fruiting, take a chunk and knock another pile, etc etc. Once you get one active and fruiting they just keep going, they are very much a weed mushroom like coprinus, and share a lot of similar traits. If you're going to use them within a few hours after picking, then let fruit fully, if not then you must pick them at the egg stage, before they break out, even then their only good for 4-6 hours before deliquescing {sorry my spelling is bad, they rot fast). Refrigeration only make them into slime. 
But for all the headaches their worth growing tasty, and sweet. 

One of the best places for information is the "Department of Plant Pathology" University of the Philippines Los Banos,,,

Pictures of Paddy Straw by Mule from this thread:

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