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3 hits of Acid. Part. 1

A Pyschdelic Journey

Trip day: October 28, 2010

    This is going to be a long trip report so i am going to start by explaining myself and how it started. It was me,
my best friend K and my other best friend L. My 16 birthday was the day before so we decided to celebrate it and go all
out so we bought a strip of acid, but we had to celebrate it on Thursday because L couldn't skip school with me and K even though
it was early release.So while we waited for L to get out of school, me and K smoked half a joint we rolled earlier that morning and got
us pretty high, that killed us time. Once we met up with L at the bus stop (we weren't that high anymore) we walked back to K's house
 and planned out the trip. We decided to trip at night at like 12 am in K's room while his parents were sleeping because i was sleeping
over and so was L. So to kill time we walked around until it was time to take it but at 4:30 pm i sayed "why the hell are we waiting so long,
 why don't we just take it now while the sun is still out and just tell your parents ( speaking to K) that 'we are at the gym and we are going
 to be there all day until night' (so by the time we are coming down we can function when we go back to K's house)" We all agreed on this.
 So we walked back to K's house. We charged our ipods (we love trance and listening to it while tripping is amazing) and grabbed our hits
of acid. We all dropped our hits of acid at 5:30 pm. I took 3 hits, K took 2 hits, and L took 1 it being his first time.

    The trip: We grabbed our ipods poped them in our ears and headed out the door  at 6, by then i already had a HUGE amount of
tension and anxiety that couldn't be released. As we walked in K's neighborhood to the community pool, where there was a field of grass
to lay in and a kids playground with a basketball court right next to it, Things started to seem very strange everything was moving in place but
not leaving its lines of boundaries that shaped it. Once we reached the pool we went through the gate and sat on the benches next to the pool
then after 5 mins K came up with this amazing idea to go to this road, that is unused that runs straight and parallel in between the woods and a river,
 right outside the back of his neighborhood. by the time we reached the road it was about 6:30, Everything was starting to sway and my sense of
hearing was starting to be affected by the acid so the music started to become overwhelming yet sounded so amazing, I listened to this song
Cirez D - Glow that gave me waves of anxiety and apprehension, it would set the mood for everything i was seeing it made everything Freaky.
Then K pulled out the other half of the joint we didn't finish and we matched it up, all three of us smoked it. After three hits i felt a warming sensation
and i lost all my anxiety and nervousness, it made things more relaxing which made the trip even better because there was no unreleased tension.
When we all decided to stop listening to music and we talked to each other we could hear our voices echo in a really high pitched voices like chipmunks. When i would look at the ground while walking all the dents and discoloration of the road would make faces and melt, at one point it looked likethere was blue paint splattered everytime i looked at the ground and me and L thought someone dropped paint but when we looked
again it was gone.Through this whole time i was txting my girlfriend C and she didn't know i was tripping so i had to try to act sober, but while
walking down the road and tripping i forgot my girlfriend txted me and when i checked the txt message she sent me this "Picture yourself on a
boat on a river" from the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, right then and there my mind was fucked! I thought it was a hallucination and i
showed my friends and they all where shocked and astonished and said she really did send that, we were all amazed at the coincidence. My
girlfriend knows me for being big on trippy shit and doing drugs like LSD, shrooms, and bud but she didn't know i was tripping and thought i would sing along through txting so she finished the song for me through txts and i tried my best to txt back. When i looked up to see how much further we
 had to go down the road it would zoom all the way back and shrink into a black spec with my periffials shifting and looked like an endless road.
Then i looked to the left side where there was woods and all the trees and bushes looked like all their leaves were blossoming out of them and moving in waves at a somewhat fast speed like as if someone was forcing the trees and bushes to move up and down or like hurricane winds
where passing.  Sooner or later we were passing this Temple of some sort, that was on the other side of the river next to our road, that seemed
like it came from India. The gloomy darkness of the sun about to set and everything shifting and moving made the temple seem like it was
overcasting us and gave it a scary look, it especially freaked us out when we heard humming coming from people in the temple it sounded like it
was being sang through a microphone.We stopped and decided to walk back to the pool because it was getting pretty dark out it was like 7:15.

     Walking back through the neighborhood we had to act sober because people where walking their dogs or doing everyday things. Every house seemed to look different then before it was shifting and turning and changing colors but the whole background it seemed like orange/red lights
where flashing as if someone turned on siren lights to the world that were orange and red. The trees i would pass drooped over and their branches looked like they were coming down to grab me as i would go under them. Once we got to the community pool we went straight to the field of grass
 and sat in the middle of it. It looked like we were in a tremendous valley and we were in the center but really the field had to be only half of half a
soccer field also because when we turned around there was a house right behind us.I first looked at my ipod to see what song started playing next because it was tripping me out and when i looked it was called "trippy" and i was also amazed at this coincidence because my ipod was on shuffle
and how can this song be playing next while i was tripping on LSD, it was a song i download off of youtube and that was the title of the video i don't know the real name of the song but its trippy as fuck. Then when i looked at the grass it looked like the grass where multiple green arms doing the wave like what fans do at a baseball game, until at one point it was soo intense the arms reached higher then my  head and it was happening in groups all over the valley they were all doing this wave motion like when you put your hands on your head then you stretch them up like a ballerina
and then you spread them open to the world, this was a never ending cycle until i looked away from the grass. Everything i wasn't focused on like
my perfifals seemed all blurry and were shifting and morphing out of control. When i took a 360 turn to look at everything around us everything was
moving in and out and the little valley of grass looked like a circle instead of a rectangle, and  as cars would pass they would look 2 dimensional
until it turned a "round" corner and went back to 3 dimensional and as all this is happening the orange/red light flashing sirens was still happening
.I layed down and right then and there it felt like i was engulfed by the grass and they were closing in on me like what water does. I was in a sea of grass and i felt attached to the earth, when i looked up everything in my perffial view came into focus in front of me so all the trees were casting over
 me with the sky in the middle. While looking up i saw constant waves of darkness going past the sky and when i focused in on the stars they would dance around and move around the black blanket of a sky. When i looked at my friend L he was sitting up and looking around sweating i thought
he was having a bad trip or that was me tripping because his face would shift in these paranoid faces then i turned to K and he was sitting up
 grabbing the grass infront of him which looked like dark green pudding. We decided to go in the pool area were it seemed safe because it isolated
 us from the outside world with a gate. We sat down on the benches and looked around at everything around the pool and i saw those chairs that
incline a full 180 degress to get a tan from the sun, we went and layed down on them all three of us in a row with me in the middle. We all took
out our ipods and plugged them in our ears, we were all in our on little world were there was no reality and trance giving meaning to everything i
saw. It was perfect because we had our comfy chairs, our amazing music, a perfect view to the sky, and a gate to trick our mind that we were safe. When i looked up and saw the sky i saw multiple stars filing the sky and i was basically looking up at space and how huge and endless it seemed and how strange it is and what is out there and it seemed so incredible to think about a phenomenon such as the outer space. I remember
listening to music and it sounded so deep and amazing becuase it went with the setting i dont remember which one it was but it might of been one
of my favorite songs: Leon Bolier & Jonas Steur - Lost Luggage (Original Mix).L stopped listening to music then told K to do the same and they both seemed really confused, then they told me to stop listening to music and i did. I knew why they were all confused because there was a collaboration of strange sounds, it sounded like sirens where going off but it would fluctuate from high to low and different sounds like the wind passing and grass crunching and everything around us combined. When i checked the time it was 7:45 i was shocked because it felt like an eternity! K got up to drink water once L got back from drinking water 5 mins ago and when i looked back at the water fountain K was walking around that area of the pool i
 was scared because i didn't want anything happening to him because he was tripping so L went and got him when he came back K got the idea
 of walking back to the road so we can go on this "adventure" of walking down an endless road in pitch blackness (we are the type of kids that
 love put ourselves in the trippiest and craziest places to get the most out of the trip). L didn't want to come because he was having bad vibes and
was scared but I was up for it so we went anyways.

    We all got up to walk back to the Road and it was strange to walk becuase every step i took felt like the world would sway or my whole body would feel like it was leaning back as if the ground was tilt on a axis, K told me he had the same feeling. Once we reached the Road it was around 8:10 or so, Thats when things really started to get way out of control! Most of reality had faded for me.I didn't know what was real or imaginary. All of my surrondings where spinning around me, melting, and morphing into shapes and figures. It became so hard just to stay focused on a thought
becuase when i thought of something it would lead to another thought that came from a small detail about the previous thought so it was a chain
of thoughts linking one another itd be like, "How did we come here on Earth... Everything that makes up earth is so beautiful...why is there grass everywhere on earth... grass is so strange and werid... human beings are werid... the human body is so strange and alienlike". And the more i contemplated about the last part of that thought, i thought i was an alein to this world i was currently in and to me i was a completely "normal" being that had landed in this strange planet because everything looked so strange; bushes and trees to me where these werid rough, sharp, funky looking plants that served the same purpose they do on "my" planet, to obtain energey through photosynthesis and contribute to everything  in this planet
Earth just in another physical form. I guess i had the perspective of what it would be like to be an alien. Everything around me was no longer
an object or had that feeling like we usually do when we go about our day without even considering what we grab or step on, everything was its own essence and had a radiating glow of energy coming from it. When i stopped to examine a tree, what felt like an hour but was really only 3 seconds, i thought it was trying to communicate with me not through speech but through its own language of morphing and creating strange shapes with its leaves and how it would move. I checked my phone to see what time it was, once i looked at it i didn't understand anything that showed up on the screen, all these numbers and letters, that where moving and floating away from my phone , made no sense this scared and freaked me out
because what if my mom called or my girlfriend txted me or something and i had no idea they have or i couldn't answer because i didn't know how to function my phone out of fear i put my phone back in my pocket, but i would take out my phone again to repeat this process about 20 times out
of paranoia. When K and L tried to talk to me ..

Im sorry i haven't been working on my trip report, there hasn't been much time. And also the next events that occured during this trip are extremely
hard to explain without the person actually experiencing it to understand what happened. If I get enough replies and messages back saying to
finish the trip report or if i find time i will, but for now here is what i have. Enjoy :P
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