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First Trip

~25g fresh cubes

This was my first trip. I didn't have a scale, so I made a rough approximation of how much to eat.  The first half of this trip report is definately level 1; the second half is somewhere in the level 2 range I think.

8:30: I started off by eating two small semi-dry shrooms and four small wet ones, I'd say it was around 10 grams wet. The first thing I noticed is that they didn't taste bad to me at all. Sort of like fresh, raw green beans that aren't quite ripe. It was actually decent – better than portebellas imho. I played video games for a while after. About 30 minutes later video games lost their appeal completely. Slight nausea kicked in at this point, but it wasn't too bad.

9:20: I started feeling the effects slightly: colors and sounds were more interesting, and my senses (particularly touch) were significantly more sensitive. I had been reading some of Chaung Tzu's writings, and was able to contemplate their meaning much easier. I noticed that I could clearly read the words on the next closed page through the paper. Visual distortions were almost undetectable: if I looked at a window for a long time, I could see it warp ever so slightly. Based on other trip reports I've read, I knew the peak would be pretty relaxed. I figured that I should have a more powerful trip to get a feel for mushies, so I ate 2 more medium wet ones. I would guess this was 10 grams wet too, making 20 in total.

10:30: The visual distortions were fairly strong now. Everything “breathed:” walls, fabric, even my skin. I was still reading Chaung Tzu, and could easily think about many things at once. Reading was a little tough: the pages kept turning green now and again. I looked at my hands while I was reading: one looked youthful and smooth, and the other like a dried corpse. I rubbed them together and they went back to normal. I realized that the room I was in needed more plants (there's only 2 or so plants in the 20x30' room), a decision I now agree with. I wished I had another person or animal to talk to, or just be with, but I was alone. I decided to go see how one of the plants was doing. I can't really explain how I communicated with it: it was more a series of pulses of thoughts than visual inspection. I decided it need more water and a warmer area to grow, so I watered and moved it. Then I ate half a large fresh shroom and took a shower. The shower walls kept collapsing in and out, and I felt like I had more than two arms. I brushed my teeth and looked in the mirror: my pupils were very wide, and Edgar Allen Poe's face was inside them, just staring at me.

11:30: Now in bed, I started having amazing closed-eye visuals. There were multi-colored designs, arranged like fractals. My mind split from having one “point of view” to many: at least four, who all had different personalities, who were all me. That was a bit crazy. I had lost all sense of time. I fell asleep around 4. I think.

The next morning I felt fine, I wasn't tired or anything. I had a fine trip. It was mostly euphoric, although I was a little dismayed at how confusing taking a shower was. From what I experienced I can easily see how a stressful setting could give one a horrible trip. This is something I'll certainly try in the future.

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