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Closed eye journeys

This was my second trip with mushrooms.

This was my second trip with mushrooms. Approximatly 2.5 to 3 grams of home cultivated Psyliocibe cubensis. It took place at my house during the day, around 1pm, along with my good pal who we'll call R. He consumed slightly less than myself but also had some 2CT2.

Anyway, on an empty stomach, I had barely any effects at T +1 hr, except for slight nausea. Food normally settles my stomach, so I went to the kitchen and made up some chicken noodle soup - which tasted lovely! Back in my living room literally 2 mins after, things started moving.

The shadows of the wall clock started to move in a circular motion, almost as if the sun was rotating around it. (I only have one window/light source in the room). MTV started to sound 'wobbly'. My ceiling started to swish and sway, almost wave like, and gradually disappeared leaving all but fine mist or gas. And the walls changed colour from pale brown, sparking with instense spangles of stars and all bright colours of the spectrum.

R suggest we go outside to my back garden. Sounded like an interesting idea :). We was out for only a few minutes admiring how beautiful everything was, when R said he could see my neighbour at her window. (Her garden backs onto mine)She was only doing he dishes apparently, but this sent me into a panic spin, and somehow I was under the impression she was going to call the authorities to report two 30yr old men acting strange.. Over-reation I know (now!) but I had to go back inside and try and change focus..

I was lying, just in awe, relaying my views to -R, who was in a slightly different place to me. I found it hard to look directly at him. His face would darken and stretch leaving him looking bruised, almost as if he just got a good bashing. He was quite frightening! However, I still knew it was only the shrooms doing this.

I decided to close my eyes and look for any CEV. Wow! Brightest 3D globules of melting wax, all in wonderful 3D and I could navigate through them. Very very bright.. I felt myself wanting to put on shades, then laughing uncontrollably realising it wouldn't make a difference.

We had rented a movie from Blockbuster, and R suggested we watch it. I tilted my head back and again closed my eyes, the OEV were making me dizzy. I remember mumbling something like I'm in no state for doing 'anything' normal and felt I was sinking into the couch, at which point I no-longer belonged in my living room.

I was in another place in my mind. Inca like, inside what seemed like a pyramid. Something like you'd see in say, an Indiana Jones movie! It was dark, and I swear I could even smell the dampness in the air. I was walking about just staring at these high statues when I shuddered.. Opened my eyes and was back lying on the couch looking at -R!

I told -R what just happened, he just looked at me and said 'anythings possible'. I laid back and tried to return. This time I went somewhere else. Deep, Deep underwater. I felt like I was swimming, looking up far away I could see the sun shining bright on top of the water.. and I could almost make out the bottom of what seemed to be either a liner or some kind of submarine. It was quite far up. I tried making my way to the surface, but it water felt very dense, almost like swimming through jelly or gel. Not frightening though just awesome! A shudder, I blinked and sat up... "Oh my God! I remember telling -R.. "I completely lost myself there". I wasnt me as such. Just some being floating around.

Things gradually slowed down after this. The visuals faded.. and around T+4 we even tried playing Grand Turismo 3 on the Playstation2. Hehe! Which we gave up after 2 rounds.. not being able to concentrate on whose screen and cars etc were whose! It was fun though..

Around T+6 I was back to baseline. R carried on a little extra.. I just sat there for the next 2 hours (probably with my mouth wide open) amazed at the afternoons activity!
Great fun.. not to hard but overwhelmingly profound!

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