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Problems in public

It was the night before the very first day of school and me and two friends, J and Aaron decided we wanted to end the summer with a bang.

It was the night before the very first day of school and me and two friends, J and Aaron decided we wanted to end the summer with a bang. We didnt shroom all summer and just scored two ounces of the very best we could get. Our plan was to go see the movie Jeepers Creepers.

We were siting in J's room smoking some bowls when I decided that instead of selling this 1/2oz of shrooms I had we'd all
share in the eating of it, on me. Ofcourse J and Aaron were very happy to hear this and so we each eat a 1/8oz. I then sold the last 1/8 to J's next door neighbor.

We each ate it our own way, I personnaly cant stand the taste so I use yogurt to mask the taste. Once finished we all shared a fewl large joints and some bowls for good health. We only brought a couple doobies for the ride over cause we hate trippin' out in public with drugs on us. Before we left I had alreay begun to feel a buzz coming on, I knew then that this was going to be a long night.

While we burned the last few doobies on the way to the bank I heard someone yell "HI!" to us but it was now night and I could see no one. I asked if they had heard that and they did know what the hell I as talking about. I immideatly felt isolated.

After a few giggling fits we had arrived at the bank, which was closed, but I knew I could use the instant teller. We waited for the people in there to leave and I went in alone. I had not realized how high I was until I tried using the bank machine. When I first put my card in I forgot to type in my password and just hit enter. After deciding to withdraw 60$ the machine spts my card back out but no money or a receipt. Confused I repeat the proccess again with the same result. Frustrated I come back out deciding to just use the money I had.

We then try and find a pay phone to call a cab Aaron suggests we go back to J's house but we vote against it. Finally we find a pay phone, but it doesnt work frustrated we continue to our search now truly coming up to my peak.

It took sometime to get a cab because we didnt know where we were. Finally J find out a way to let them know where we were, so we crossed the street and waited.

Well waiting for the cab I noticed the sidewalk tiles were growing an shrinking in size. I enjoyed the spectacle until the cab arrived. Aaron and J got in the back seats and I sat in the front. I told the driver our destination, that was the last thing anyone said for the fifteen minute ride.

I was now at my peak. I melted into the car seat while the crisp night air massaged my skin. I could hear giggles from my friends coming from the back. The driver was jamaican and was listening to somekind of jamaican music. J later described it as a scratched CD being played backwards, which is what it sounded like. I loved the way the music played so different, so strange but perfect for a mushroom trip. As we passed by people, cars and buildings I was enjoying myself and considered asking him to not drop us off an just drive around all night. I was even willing to pay for it, it as that good.

When we arrived at the movies I payed him plenty more than I should have, got and said nothing to him. How strange we must have seemed to him, Ohwell. Finally. We were at the movies and we went to a instant teller to avoid humain contact. We get the tickets and head for cinema 8.

When we fin our way to the ticket stubgirl she tells us we must be 18 to see this and her fat bastard boss is there to inforce it. Damn one year away and I was too high to try my fake ID. So we go to find another movie to see. We unwillingly decide on Rat Race. Now we have to exchange our tickets, but then J has an idea: Rat Race is in cinema 4 which is on the other side we bought a ticket we should be able to get in. Nope. This girl says we MUST exchange our tickets ne exceptions Aaron pleads with her, but nothing. She didnt even have a fat-bastard boss looking over her to blame. Bitch.

We go to the counter to exchange tickets and the cashier has J sign his name. He sloppyly fills out the card and hands it back. We get the tickets and were in. Finally.

we quickly take some empty seats in the front. Safety. We soon deduct that were ten minutes early. The pictures they play between movies were trippin' me out all the bubble letters bulged out of the screen, I suddenly realize Im pouring with sweat.

Out of nowhere this fat little kid and his funny looking mom come up to sit next to us. Me an Aaron turn towards each other trying to hold back a giggle fit at the site of this mom. She definitley noticed cause we noticed her shoot use a dirty look When suddenly the father, a 6'2' 250lbs body builder comes over and sits with them. Heh.

By this time Im at that point after the peak where all you have is your thoughts. I think about life and what it means and just figure that life is what you make it. Still buzzin' during the movie helped me laugh my ass off the whole time.

Finished the night off with a quick cab ride home and a doobie before bed:)

If you ever have mushrooms and want to see a funny movie I would suggest Rat Race, I dont know how funny itd be sober though.

Keep shroomin'

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