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The most enlightening night of my life...

Reality was bent, new worlds explored. Fantastic trip.

My first experience with shrooms came about the same way as I discovered weed. Out of pure curiosity, to experience something else with my friends and to attain different view points and ideals, and we did so with great enthusiam.

Me and my two mates; Yagan and Jack. Are very big fans of weed, the first time we decided to take it was months prior to when we first tried it, and it was great! I loved every minute of it, but our realisation that there was more out there was during September, and shroom season had just begun. Yagan's dad is a very experienced user of these shrooms and guided us as we picked them in the horse fields. Within the hour we had picked well over 2000 shrooms, and later would have about 4 fantastic trips. We got back to Yagans place and smoked cigarettes in the living room with his parents, talking about music, religion and great movies. It turned 9pm and they decided to go to bed, but with Yagans dad knowing fine well what we were about to do, he assured us, including Yagan, that he will keep her 'preoccupied' and make sure she sleeps heavily tonight. After we laughed about that, we gathered our shrooms (about 100 each) and dumped them in the pot and boiled them. Me and Yagan had a cup of tea and Jack had a cup of coffee, and I really enjoyed the taste, tasted fancy. We then go to finish our cuppas in the sitting room, which is our base, our safe place and haven for the night.

20 minutes pass and I'm feeling pretty spaced. Jack is looking around the room but Yagan doesn't seem to be feeling anything. I attempt to light a cigarette because I'm dying for one, but no matter how hard I try, I can't have it, I felt as if I wasn't doing it right, like the lighting of this cigarette should be a brilliant occasion, and I'm not doing it right. It felt like forever, and in reality it was only about 5 minutes, and my mate has to help me light it, and still ultimately feel disappointed and that I rushed it. But suddenly, I discover something and I tears my thoughts away from the cigarette and to the light fitting on the opposite side of the room. The wallpaper is cream on one wall and red on all other sides, the contrast is beautiful! I then realise that something doesn't add up, and notice that section of the wall, leads elsewhere, to another world, I can barely describe it. I tell my friend and he notices it too, and this was the first and only time that me and someone else noticed the same thing at almost exactly the same time. I wanted to stand up and check it out myself, but the thought was very daunting, and my mind was spinning with ideas on how this is possible, and what lies there. The shadows start to spin across the room and everything seems more distinct, noticable, tropical. His plants around the room grew bigger, and everything felt warm, soft to the touch. Sooner or later my friends decided to stand up and explore, I didn't want to but I was open to being convinced, I wanted to explore but needed that extra push! I was lifted up and suddenly everything felt small, I felt like we were 3 big giants in the middle of the world! We grabbed each others shoulders in a triangle and discussed how great this is.

All the time this is happening, we are playing an 'Ozric Tentacles - Erpland' album, and it makes everything so much better. From experience, music dictates everything I do, every emotion I feel, and leads me onto my next own personal adventure, which I often experience. I have tripped with 5 other people, and I still always go off to explore by myself and discover new things, ultimately reuniting with my friends. I tell you guys, there is nothing better than talking to your friends while on shrooms along to trippy music, then having everyone realise that the song they are listening is directing the tone, feel and ambience of the conversation. I had no concept of time, I never cared to find out, nor did anyone else, and this I was thankful for, I felt this great feeling I had never felt before, pure happiness. My friend turned on Babestation on mute, and the colours in the barely lit room contrasted with the walls and the music, If I tried to describe the feeling, I know I couldn't do it any justice, it was pure bliss, I was so happy I did this. I sat on the floor looking up at the ceiling, the ceiling jumped at me, and the music controlled the way it moved and the colours that flashed in my very eyes. The music began to get intense, strong electric guitar and tribal melodies, it was amazing. Whenever I closed my eyes, the patterns were so intense that I had to open my eyes. A electric guitar sprung from nowhere, next thing you know I'm on the floor with a huge grin on my face and I compell myself to light a cigarette. I scream with Joy at the ceiling, I feel as if I'm lying in a lake, and I feel it's all too familiar, as if I've done this before, it felt right. I suddenly realise what I'm doing, and try to make sense of it all, but before I can, I stand up slowly, and I'm in a beautifully lit forest, with flowing streams and sparkling trees with what I remember as the most beautiful shade of blue I have ever seen. I begin to explore this brilliant new world for what felt like weeks, unaware of my friends presence. I walked through the grassy planes and still remember the feeling of those beautiful leaves, I felt so content with the world.

I snapped back into reality, and saw my friends talking... How long had I been away in my own little world? Little did I know that my friend Jack had been feeling incredibly great, his sense of freedom was obvious and I felt happy for him. He stood up with his shirt off while I lay on the floor. The lights in the room masked his face and he looked like a giant of a man, like a cave man, I felt intimidated but amazed at the same time. He walked into the other room. I began to think of this room as another reality, another state of mind, and that he just stepped into another... So I followed him. He lay on floor in the dark, completely unaware that I was there, and he stripped naked and just lay on his back, I couldn't even comprehend what was going on, I was in another dimension, I felt like a lingering entity, observing life in the forests... Like Mother Nature? I felt omnipitent, god like. Was this good? Of course, it was amazing! I began to question why I had to question the feeling at all, so I went back to my alternate state of mind (the room), and sat down.

I lit up a cigarette, I was smoking quite a lot but it felt like a life time since I had my last once, and it was a brilliant cigarette, I felt invigorated, very relaxed. I noticed the cigarette burning down... It looked so much like a caterpillar, it began to riggle, and I always remember that moment that I felt emotionally attached to that caterpillar, I watched it grow for what felt like days, I explored the floor, and sat with it in different spots around the room, I really loved this caterpillar. But I ultimately new I was in this tropical world to enjoy it, and that this caterpillar's sole purpose was to let me smoke him, and would ultimately make him stronger. I did, and I showed my friends, and they were amazed at what I saw. Afterwards, I sat infront of the television, unaware of what was on, and above the television was an orb of some kind, it eventually turned pink as the music began to become more calm. I really wanted someone new to talk to, and believe it or not, a pig appeared from this orb, and began to speak to me. I can never rightly remember exactly what that pig said to me, something like "What's it all like?"

I looked at this pig, and all I said was "Wow, hey.", I completely ignored his question, and he told me. "The grass is ----", I can't remember the last part, but then I decided to roll a joint, and I did with minimal succession, and it took me roughly 40 minutes in real time, but my mate me this the following morning. He did it for me, because it soon became obvious that I was the most tripped out, I had effectively been on a huge adventure. It felt like an eternity, but afterwards, it didn't feel like enough.

Never have I felt so alive and happy, these little mushrooms opened my mind, the demands of reality don't seem so daunting now, I feel as if I can tackle anything, and haven't stressed myself out since.

I had my shrooms with the thought of "This is going to be brilliant, nothing can go wrong.", and I finished with a fantastic story and experience. It just proves that with the right people, the right setting and the right attitude, shrooms can be one of the best experiences of your life.

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