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My first few SALVIA experiences..

One negative, one positive. :)

About 30 minutes ago I tried salvia extract for the 2nd time. I smoked some weed afterwards, to calm my nerves and because I always smoke weed after everything. :/. So i apologize if I am rambling.. Anyways, my first time was done in an extremely bad setting and I ignorantly took WAAAAY too much. This time and I now consider it to be a pretty awful setting, and I definitely want to move my salvia trip to a much COMFIER location.

This 2nd salvia trip was done 30 minutes ago and outside in my backyard in a shed I have. It started out with me going, oh wow I remember this exact feeling.. And the words "Your back.. Your back.." chanting in my head. This time I felt much better about my dosage and the place I was at, and felt like I had shown a lot more respect towards the "Salvia Gods". I kept telling myself, dont fight it, dont fight it. As I have a tendency to want to fight the odd feelings.. The seemed to be telling me that I was doing much better this time and that they would show me more. I closed my eyes and I completely forgot where I was or what I was doing, I felt like that was the way I really "was" in reality. It's a hard thought to explain now that I think about it. (THEN A BUNCH OF CRAZY SHIT HAPPENED I DONT KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN AND I SORT OF FORGET AT THIS POINT. IT FELT LIKE I WAS ON A JOURNEY AND THINGS WERE JUST HAPPENING SO FAST I COULDNT REALLY GRASP ONTO ANYTHING TO SAVE IT IN MY MEMORY. All i remember is family, friends, people, ideas, and pictures in my head that I can't really describe to you). Then I felt as if I was slowly falling backwards and that a big hand had caught me and was slowly closing around me and holding me, I felt like i was curling up like a baby in her hand and the entire time the word "Love" was being chanted in my head. The word would NOT leave my thoughts. I remember thinking, is there anything else but "Love"?! and there was a strong feeling of euphoria and.. well love, running through my body. And at one point it got so intense that I thought, I don't know if I can handle this.. At that point I pictured people in my life and it seemed to remind me of myself and that I had just taken salvia. I was then able to open my eyes and there I was back in my shed and aware of what was going on.. At this time I felt relieved and wished I was experiencing this from the comfort of a couch or my bed. I closed my eyes trying to go back, but it wasn't the same.. But I still closed them and held onto the feeling as long as possible.

I'll be piecing this experience together in my head for quite some time.. Also, before I took the hit I remember hearing an airplane and when I started to take off I could hear some weird sound I didn't recognize that was clicking throughout my body. It wasn't the sound a plane makes, but I'm almost positive it was the plane.. It seemed to last forever though..lol.

This was my first positive experience with Salvia and next time I think I'm going to do it in a more comfortable environment.. Also, I'm interested in removing all worries from my mind before taking Salvia.. as I felt some of my worries and fears were brought up at the beginning of my salvia trip.. I assume this will come with growing comfortable of the salvia experience?

I look forward to trying it again.. But now I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle the intensity of DMT.. I guess it would be ignorant to assume I could in the first place, anyways, eh?


EDIT: I told my buddy about my experience and I was reminded that I mentioned a hand from my last Salvia experience (the bad one). And this reminded me of what I remember of my last Salvia experience and how the 2 experiences coincide with each other in sort of an eerie way. My last experience was done outside in a chair with 4 people watching me. I had filled the water pipe with water and filled up a HUGE bowl with 17x Salvia Extract. While walking over to the chair I spilled some water out onto the concrete because it was filled too high. I remember taking a giant hit and holding it in as long as I could. Also, imagine I am sitting in a chair looking at 4 of my friends watching me take Salvia. (HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, STUPID IDEAS I KNOW) Anyways, crazy stuff starts happening and I think im stuck in this new world and I look and see my 4 friends and they look like 4 fingers on a hand. And I look like the thumb.. Then this hand starts turning and curling and sort of tearing the world apart. And the water I spilled looked like the tear and I was freaking out cause I didn't know why there was a tear in the world (I guess i forgot I spilled water there?). And the experience sucked, but I just realized in my 2nd experience.. I was comforted by a hand.. Kinda cool, imo. I bet my next experience involves a hand as well. Smile

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