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Gears in my mind

me and my friend T.

me and my friend T. just got a hold of 7 grams from a friend. So we went to a movie store ( it starts with block hehe ) looking for good movies to watch. We rented 2, then went back in the car a ate the shrooms. We drove to his house waiting with graet anticipation. about 25-30 min after being there, it started. I was sitting on the bed looking at the wall whil the TV was on, the shadows from the TV made the wall seem to morph and take the shape of different birds ( odd). I would watch them fly and land again. It seemed like I was wtching the wall for an hour though I wasn't, then out of nowhere T. said this is awesome!! I suddenly realized that he was also in the room!! Then he asked me if I wanted something to drink and I said yes. What seemed like an hour later he came back in the room and gave me a koolaid milkshake ( soooo goood!!!) Then we decided we wanted to go walking. So we went to a grocery store. We fallowed a brick wall on our way there, it would bend and splatter on the road as if it was made of liquid. We got there and didn't know what to do so we bought some drinks while the clerks looked at us funny and laughed, then headed home. My friend was stumbling over himself acting very odd, then some people from accross the street asked us if we were drunk, at least thats what I thought they said, I guess I will never be sure. When we were almost home I told him to stop and look at the night sky. I watched the beautiful clouds almost cover the moon and flow from side to side, and the stars glowing brightly, slowly twisting in space. Its was awesome. Thewe arived back at his house, went up to his room and sat on the bed. I would randomly close my eyes to see gears twisting in my mind like a factory,then when I would open them the gears would be on the wall and be turning, for the rest of the trip the walls did this! Then i felt the urge to go the bathroom, so i got up stumbling all over and right as i entered the room everything got sucked in the toilet, the towels, the paper the rug and suddenly the was just black, Then I realized I had started to urinate!!! Then everything seemed to come back in perspective, the walls and towels were back in place, the whole room was back to normal ( exept for the gears!!) I went back to the bed and T. had put on gallager, wich was great, so funny!!! By then I was coming down, so I played video games for the rest of it ( very fun ) Then I drove home and went peacfully to sleep at 4:00 in the morning and reflected on the trip.

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