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First time 4g

Little bit of everything

This was my very first trip i grown the shrooms myself.  I was with my two friends we drove around until we found a nice place (or so we thought) with lots of green around, we parked and after hiding the keys we ate the shrooms, about 4g each, i was the only one who liked the taste.

After roughly 15 minutes i started laughing uncontrollably for no reason, it started a chained reaction and we all laughed until we couldn't breathe then it stoped we just looked at each other not understanding what just happened.

Soon after we saw a woman watching us from behind a fence few metres from us, we shifted our atention to her and she quickly went away, we had no idea someone had a house there but it was too late to move the car.

Maybe 30 mins later we thought the shrooms aren't working we didn't feel or see anything, just as i was starting to be annoyed i saw a line of giant trees that were near us and of the trees reminded me of the tree from the movie predator
the on which the predator was standing on when the black guys were trying to ambush him, seriously it was just like that tree and then i knew the predator was up there watching me i couldn't see him but i could feel him, i was trying to look around while i was still keeping that spot in the corner of my eye, when i looked back on the ground i saw a man made of smoke he walked around and then turned to me and just vanished.

I registered my mates talking they still didn't felt anything a told them what i saw and they thought i was joking, i had to take a piss so got out the car and after i was done i noticed the small part of the road next to me was paved, very old and unkept but so veird in middle of the nature i walked on the path and i saw it change suddenly grass grew from under the pavement and that grass changed color it was beautiful then i reached the end of the pavement and turned around it was normal again i walked to the start, turned around and the path changed again this time glowing green lianas grew thru
the pavement i was amazed more and more, again back and forth next i saw small golden bushes rise from the ground but before i could finish the walk my friend finaly realised i was taking long time for a piss got out from the car and asked what i was doing i couldn't explain i tried but it was so awesome and beautiful, every word that formed in my mind seemed too small and disrespectful to be used to describe it.

My friends still didn't felt or saw anything i was beginning to be a little suspicious, they wanted to go to a pub in a village nearby i didn't really felt like it but why not, i took my jacket and  as soon as i stepped on the path to the village i knew it was a bad idea i remembered the beautiful pavement behind us and i looked under me we walked on a dryed mud with lots of cracks and noticed a lot of dead rats on and around the path a told the guys a cant walk on that path i had a very bad feeling, nothing good could come out of it, they were pissed but after some arguing we turned back and noticed a deer stand at the end of my path with the pavement, it was very far but we agreed a little walk could only help to finally get into it.

As we were nearing the pavement i was full of anticipation but nothing happened, i felt dissapointed but after what the pavement showed me before i thought it needed to rest so i was ok with it. Just after the pavement we saw there was a swamp/lake and it looked horrible we all thought it looked like a piece of rotten land in middle of the green nature and i swear i saw something moving under the lake and it was gigantic, we moved on and we pasted a small illegal dump near the patch and like before on the path to the village there were lots of dead rats lying around suddenly i had a vision of a rat war (not kiddin) and i was sad i had no idea why they were fighting i just saw the carnage, i told my mates to move a little faster i wanted to get away as fast as i could, then i just felt good for a long time no more dumps and swaps the road was in middle of two wheat fields i was chating with the guys still nothing on their side, i was kinda bored so tored off one of the wheat heads then i looked at the Spikelet in my hand and i thought they are like babies of the wheat, i looked back at them and i felt like i was holding i handfull of miniature fetuses i threw in on the ground and moved on i didn't even wanted to think about what happened, we were finally almost at the deer stand when i noticed a small pool of water in the field on the left and it reminded me of the rice field in vietnam and i had a small flashes of people working in the pool i heard a loud sound from the right i turned and saw and vietnam war era american helicopter closing in i was scared for the people in the pool i turned back to them but they were gone and so was the helicopter.

Finally we arrived at the stand, in was much smaller and shorter that it looked the three of us could'n even fit in together so i started climbing down then i heard one of my friend (lets call him P.) yelling that he wants to jump down I thought he was joking but the other friend (F.) stopped him at the last second it wasn't that high about 3 metres but still he scared me a bit, after F. calmed him down they climbed down and we went back to the car at the time we couldn't figure out why we went to the stand in the first place, the way back was much more peacefull i didn't saw anything but i started talking in some strange language and i freaked my friend i was confused why they were looking then I realised that i was talking differently but i could understand it so didn't payed it much atention and slowly my normal language came back, we neared the car and i saw that tree again the predator was still there waiting for a his chance.

Back in the car F. played some music (Hip Hop), I thought it was awful so i just blocked it out. I noticed that woman was back behind the fence, this time she didn't walked away actualy she opened a little gate on the side and went out with a lawn mower, we couldn't believe that b*tch, she turned it on and walked near our car, looking inside as much as she could she was almost pressing her head on the windows, my friend in the front lowered their window and made fun of her loudly i wasn't in the mood for jokes i lovered my window and loudly (so she can hear it) told the guys that she is starting to piss me off and asked them if they think i should get out and beat her up, she heard it turned around and very quickly got back in her house, that was the last time we saw her, it felt great that the anoying b*tch was finally gone, then i asked the guys if they are finally feeling anything they only had small distortions of vision and very mild visuals with closed eyes, when i tried to close my eyes the visuals were so intence i had open then immediately i was breathing heavily and i felt great pressure in my whole body, but it soon passed and i talked with my mates again and it turned out they didn't chew the shrooms (or only very little), because they didn't like the taste, i didn't knew if i should laugh (it seemed cruel), but i had to, i really didn't think i had to tell them to chew the shrooms, they were pretty pissed and we decided to get out and take a walk.

We took the last path available and it turned out to be the best, at least in the beginning in was grass road with green trees everywhere around, as we walked i didn't saw much but again I felt great. Next we crossed a highway so we went along it, a lot of cars drove by us and everytime i was scared one of them will hit us and i walked as close to the ditch as possible, also 3 police cars passed in about 5 minutes that, that was weird
, we crossed a train track and after a while i looked around, there were just muddy field with small dirt paths everywhere then i noticed the small island of grass on the hill on the left with a single green tree in the distance, we walked toward it, on one of the dirt paths, after a while the road divided one of the roads lead to a small dump the other went around the hill, so the F. standed next to the dump path and P. next to the other, we didn't know which one to take then i realised that it looked like a picture, where were storm cloud on the left where the dump path was and on the right path there was sun shinning brightly, as the road was divided so was the sky and i felt like inside of a painting, while my friends were deciding where to go i was turning around as fast as i could, everything around me was suddenly awesome and i didn't want to miss anything.

After i stoped turning, i had to sit down, we didn't wanted to go thru the muddy field so we turned back, on the way back i noticed an old tree next to the road, i stared at it for a while and then i couldn't move i tried to move my arm and i swear one of the branches on tree moves instead, then i started to feel everything around me it was like i was part of the nature or i was the nature, as i saw my friend walking down the path i felt like they were walking on me, it is really hard to describe but my mates noticed i was missing and shouted on me to hurry up, then it was gone, just for a brief moment i could feel something above i looked up and saw some bird flying away it was like like part of me was leaving, i finally caught up with the guys and went along the highway again we passed some sign, we didn't talked much and it felt like we weren't talking for hours, we were just walking, my feet were hurting and i was exhausted i had to turn around to look how far we've gone, that sign was barely 4 metres away from me, i was petrified i couldn't believe it, it was like someone took the sign and followed us with it, i tried to forget about it and then i saw a blue pipe with some sort of meter on it coming from the ground, it was so weird in middle of all the mud, dirt and old leafless trees there was this bright blue pipe, somehow i knew it was responsible for everything that was happening around, i wanted to touch it but my mates told to leave it be, they had enough of the walk so we turned around and went to the car.

At some point on the way back i noticed i wasnt in my body, not in my real body anyway, i was looking at myself in front of me he was talking with the guys but i couldn't hear what about, i turned around and saw another me he was looking out for the cars everytime one of the cars was coming he warned the real me in the front, i looked up and there another me flying high above me also watching out for me, i was amazed and had no idea what to think of it, i was thinking about what my role was, but then i senced fifth me i couldn't see him but i knew he was somewhere around, wherever he was i knew i wanted to be there too, i felt like he was in another world/dimension, after a while i stopped trying to get there and just hoped that when we comes back he'll share his experience with me, then i heard a warning sound on the train crossing and slowly all of us came back together even the fifth one but he didn't show me anything that he did and saw, i heard a whisper telling that i have to reach that place myself he cant make it easyer for me.

I felt little betrayed but i moved on,i told the guys what happened to me (they didn't believe it for a second) asked them what was i talking about with them, they sayd we talked about friendship, religion, weather, weed and much more, also i asked them if an little angel and a devil would appear on their shoulders and started to advice them like in a cartoon, and i was one of them would i be the angel or the devil, they couldn't answer me they were just laughing.

Back in the present the train was coming and i was a little scared i wanted to stay away from the track untill it comes, i saw a great train made out of one giant piece of shining steel it was so tall it dissapered into the sky and so long that you couldn't see the end, then i saw the real train it was a small, old one vagon train that i could outrun with ease, i had to laugh for about 5 minutes, after the train was gone we neared the car and asked the guys if they finally saw anything during the walk, they both sayd they didn't but it was fun watching me.

In the car we listened to some radio and i watched i patern that was forming on the roof of the car, then i tried to close my eyes, this time i had control over the visuals it startes as a triangle that was changing color then i let it multiply and form a spinning circle after the circle was make of thousands or tringles i duplicate it and then combined then in a giant whirlwind or shapes and colors, after i was done with that we talked again about humans, religion, racism, evolution, money etc., before our chat was over the trip was gone, from one second to another i just felt normal, it was getting pretty dark and F. drove me home, i was very tired after answering some messages on the computer, i went straight to bed.

That was about two months ago
(i didn't knew about this site back then) i think i made the best of it, some might sounded scary but most of the time i was amazed by even the weird and bizare parts, recently i tried shrooms again but it was a waste, i'm never doing shrooms in the house again, compared to my previous experience it was just boring, not much better that weed.

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