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Pure Bliss- 2 Tabs and One E Pill

It was a hot August day, and about two days prior I had come into about three ten strips of acid. Me and my girlfriend decided to try candyfipping. I traded my buddy 2 tabs for 2 pink monkeys (mdma based e pills) and the following day was when I planned to drop.

Me and my girl met up at around 11 am at this huge open field near my town and dropped. I dropped 2 tabs, she dropped 1. We let the acid kick in, and smoked a blunt and were having a very, very good trip. We both decided to eat our pills after about 2 hours of tripping. We were just sitting and kissing and talking about love, society, and the natural beauty of the earth and other such random topics, when out of nowhere (about 25 minutes after pill ingestion) we were smacked in the face by the hand of bliss. To this day, I have never felt happier then I did in that moment. Me and my girl were permagrinning and laughing at absolutely nothing. The visuals intensified so much.

The kaleidoscope patterns in the sky were rapidly moving in and out of each other. The forest around us was bumpin, trees were literally jumping up and down, flowers were blooming out of the grass, multicolored fireworks would burst up from nowhere, and these motions repeated in a cycle. We were in our own magical fairyland.

I looked at my girlfriend's face and to my amazement the only thing I could see clearly was her beautiful blue eyes, her face was stretching and contorting and her hair looked as though it was growing and growing. She told me that my beard was growing, and then it would shrink into my face and id be cleanshaven, and then it would grow out again.  I could not take it, I felt too perfect. I got up, I couldnt sit any longer...and I ran across the field and watched everything in front of me mesh together as I ran, I felt like I was running through colors. I felt like a demigod. My girlfriend was spinning and dancing and laughing as though she had just won the lottery.

After about an hour of just silence, dancing around in bliss and experiencing mania at its fullest, we calmed down a tad, enough to smoke our second blunt. After this, I could not move. We sat and talked about random topics that I can not remember...and then we made love in the middle of the field. Now, i do not care what anybody says, sex while candyflipping is the greatest experience one could ever have. I could feel the love emanating from her and myself.

We each had our own colored auras glowing around us, mine was blue, and my girl's was pink. As we made love the colors were mixing into one another. It was incredible...inexplicable. After that we just laid in this field naked for hours watching the clouds. I watched little scenes happen in the clouds, I saw two men shaking hands and smoking cigars...I saw a bull fight a lion...my girlfriend said she saw spongebob and patrick dancing haha.

After what felt like an eternity, we finally started to come down and stayed in that field until we were completely done.

I must say if you are wanting to experience what bliss truly is, then try your hand at candyflipping. It was to this day one of the best decisons of my life. I appreciate every little thing in life so much more because of it. This is mainly why I occasionally do psychedelics. I love experiencing the natural beauty of this earth before it was infected with society.

Hope you enjoyed my trip report!


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