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First Amanita Trip

Mental images flashing at me!

This is my first trip report and also my first amanita muscaria experience. I ordered a oz. from bouncing bear, New Mexico Grade A caps. They came within 3 days which was nice. I baked my caps for about 40 min on 175 degrees. then smashed them into a very fine powder. I used 11g for my first trip just to make sure i would feel the effects and not get bummed out. then i added the powder to apple sauce with cinnamon to mask the taste. i ended up eating a shit load of apple sauce and i realized i should have used a lot less. it wasnt hard to eat becase of the taste. the shrooms were tasteless it was just a lot of apple sauce. took me about a hour to eat all of it. all of it was down by 3:00 pm.

finally it became a waiting game. during the waiting process i smoked a lot of weed. it took about a hour and a half just to notice the first effects, which was my stomach feeling very hollow and numb sending waves through my whole body.  during this first hour and a half music seemed to sound so much better. not really sure if it was the shrooms or weed doing this. I was listening to radiohead and it had a pretty good echo/reverb sound going on with it. around 4:30 I walked over to my brothers apt which was right next door and i told him i wasnt feeling much yet and he said , "wait about 30 more minutes man" laughing. while i was over there i noticed i started getting dizzy. the kind of feeling you get sometimes when you know where you are and what you are doing but you feel half out of it because of the dizziness. we both walked back to my apt and started watching Family Guy and smoked more weed.

Around 5:00pm is when things started taking effect. I was laying on my couch stretched all the way out noticing my legs were getting lighter because my stomach was still sending these waves through my body making me feel very lightweight. the first visual effects started taking place, it wasnt like a psychedelic effect at all that psyclobin/lsd/mescaline gives. it was like my mind was lagging behind. say i would be looking at the TV and then look over at my brother. the old image that i had been looking at would kind of lag over and still be there when i was looking at my brother, in a transparent type way kind of layered on top of eachother. Every single minute that went by this was getting stronger and stronger. One point during Family Guy there was a flashback scene in black and white, once the flashback was over the next scene was in color but my mind was lagging and the scene was still in black and white for about 2 seconds then finally converted over to color. every scene change in the show was lagging and i could still see the colors from the last scene on top of the new. Also the Audio was not matching up with the animation of the show at all.

after we watched two episodes my brother went back to his apt because i was just laying there not talking and just trying to keep my eyes open. i noticed images from family guy was flashing at whatever i was looking at every couple of seconds. i felt very tired and relaxed from laying there. so closing my eyes made it more relaxing. i didnt know what to think about images flashing over top of what i was really looking at. the next thing i noticed was i really couldnt walk very well. my balance was off a bit. and the first few hours of my trip i just felt really drunk. kinda the feeling you get when ur laying there wasted trying to make the room stop spinning. but i didnt have the mindset of being drunk. in my mind whatever i thought about would start repeating over and over until i forced a new thought into my head. then it would start repeating over and over. all of these feelings i was having may sound unplesent but it really wasnt that bad. just really confusing.

after laying there for i dont know how long. i felt like i was dreaming. i was pretty close to falling asleep at this point but i wasnt sure if i was really asleep. i was kind of right in between. the next thing i noticed was it felt like i was floating in the air with the couch. i could feel the pressure of the couch on my side but i felt like i was so lightweight the couch was floating with me. doesnt really make any sense. during this i was having weird mental images, images i cant even explain and there were so many coming so fast i cant even remember but only a few of them. at this point i started dreaming i believe. i could see the world from space and it was getting further and further away. and i noticed i could see the whole galaxy and then i seen this orb that was holding our universe. then i seen all these universe holding orbs moving a long in this factory on a converoy belt and a robot arm picking certain orbs up and moving them around. like i said i believe i was dreaming this. but it felt so real like i was there. i opened my eyes noticing the images still flashing but only more vivid now. i could almost see the whole image on top of what i was really looking at. i also noticed my body was twitching a lot and i couldnt stop it. i walked up to my bedroom and radiohead was still playing, I layed down to relax more.

this was probably around 8:00pm i remember looking at my clock. i had no idea what time was at this point. once i layed in bed i felt so comfortable like i had not been asleep in days. even tho i just woke up. images and this repeating cycle of thoughts were even stronger and the music was the only thing not repeating and it made me more relaxed. i could listen to it and i knew i was progressing in time and it would all be over sooner or later. then i noticed the music begain to start slowing down. in a good way. it seemed even more peaceful. the images flashing were anything from random faces and random thoughts from my past it was pretty strange. i dont know how long i was wake or asleep laying there because i know i was sleeping off an on. but when i was awake it felt like i was asleep and the only thing i could do to realize that i was awake was to move or feel some sort of pain. it was different from any other drug i have done. i couldnt control anything because as soon as i thought of something it would start repeating as if i was loosing my mind. the next thing i noticed it was 12 am and i jumped out of bed and it was finally over. i couldnt feel any effects anymore.

All in all this was a pretty different trip compaired to everything else ive been through. and i believe if i had never tripped before i could have possibly lost it and thought i was dieing and made it turn into a bad trip. but i stayed relaxed and calm, and tried to learn from what i was going through. if anyone has any questions about this trip or anything about amanitas id love to talk about it. i would do amanitas again i just feel like i need a break for a few weeks. it was pretty exhausting in the mind. certain things i could see in my head and certain images i could see flashing at me was deffinitely unique. certain images i was seeing i believe opened apart of my mind i had never discovered.. so i do feel like it was worth my time. and also does anyone else feel like these shrooms mess with your brain hemispheres any?

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