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first lvl5 with 3g


Okei.my english is not very good but ill do my best..This is my story when i got lvl5 trip with only 3grams.I have done shrooms before and eaten bigger doses but this was different.like real madness.we actually didnt eat shrooms, we had tea –with my bud P.It was Saturday and almost midnight.i dont know why we had such idea to do shroomys.okei. clock showd almost midnight and we drunk tea.it was like 5min when i started to feel funny and asking my bud to do smoke outside.smoke was a bad idea because the taste was horrible.then i dropd my smoke to can and walked  behind the house.then the visual breaks in. Okei all good because i have felt this feeling before.then i asked my friend to go iside because the tree what was i looking was f.ng scary.Okei we wnet to his apartment at all was o k.time was midnight and then i had this infandous feeling.i sit down and i watched pc screeen.there was many little red tots and this feeling in my head.it felt like i was going crazy.i coulnd sit down anymore and i had to lie down.then i feeld very cold.like i was outside.then i asked a blanked.but it didnt helpd at all.okei i had almost normal thinking but around 12:15 i wasnt myself anymore.it was impossible to think about the past or the future. I didnt know who i am anymore.i rememeber almost anything what my eyes werw seeing.it wasnt normal.depth wasnt normal ,like room hasnt corners anymore and the sound.every fckn word repeaded three time.it was so scary because i think the whole world will crash likes when you PC overheats and then comes this wierd one tone sound.so. i wanten to bee normal but it was impossible.then my bud asked mme to play xbox360.okei i bearly answ but who cared.i relly hoped that im not going craqzy. I told to myself that im just under shrooms and thats it.then the game is on.i watched the screen.actuallu i didn understand what was it.i did know it was forza 3 but whwn i watched the screen it was like hole mess.imbossible to understand with eyes what was going on.the visual was so freking high.i tried to play but i crashed in first cornen becouse i didn quite see where the road was.and it was strecing like hell.so there was pointless to watch or even play the game.the P turn tv on and omg.then i felt the hole world going crazy.i wasnt abel to understand human motion.it was all blurry and shuttering .veery scary.i had to close my eyes because the sound was  only real thing.it keept me live  figufigurally speaking.and there i was.laing down middle of the room.then the bud went to talk to his gf.i turned the music on becaouse their went another room and i relly wanted to listen someone to speak.becaouse they was humans and it relaxed my somehow. Okei. When stand up to my knees the room was like huge and i was liittle somekinda thing.2 meter was like 10 meters.it looked like scary nightmare. I turned music on. And laid down again.but it was like someone tuned volume higher and higher and that was really annoying.i stood up and damn the depth perception was so mess.it was very hard to reach volume button.but finally i tuned volume down. I didnt know what the time was.i watced clcok many times but it didnt make no sense.it like there wasnt no time around me.it is imbossilbe in reality but shrroms is like fiction.so there i was again middle of the room.it was like all things started again and again(and somekinda light is glowin around the corner).then crazy thoughs comes to my head.what comes tomorrow.is it real life?do i wake up tomorrow and be who i was before the trip?and there i was, again.middle of the room freaking dejavu.my friend comes and asked how am i.my only anw was- Iwant reality back, like seriously..but finally about two hours later after midnight i stood up i felt like normal lvl3-4 trip and understanding reality was good. Actually reality was so simpel.what is the role of homo sapiens and what is the meaning of the life..it was so easy to understand but now.i can never think like this when im not poisoned by the shrooms:P -so there we were.talking about the life and it felt amaizing.the body tingeling and the music.omg it was good .and the crazy trip was behind.visual was like very high and depth was okei but music sound like god.my bud had also crazy trip but not so intense.he walked around the room and i doesnt reali remember what he was doing.we talk a little(maybe more) when i had lvl5 but i really doesnt rememeber what it was.then i drove home (still very hig) and went to sleep( i think i was high like 4-5hour).thankfully i woked up next day with massive headache and felt like i am normal me(i think).but i really dont want this kinda trip again.and best way to describe it when youl do it yourself :D


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