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My First Shroom Trip

Eighth to the face

So, when I turned 18 I began to really want to delve into the inner workings of my mind and persona. So I started experimenting with harder drugs, having been just a straight stoner since 15. Prior to doing shrooms for my first time, I had tripped acid three times and loved it, and also rolled face numerous times and loved it. The next step was mushrooms.

Now, I guess I just dont know enough people but it was really hard for me to find boomers in my area. (Ocean County, NJ) I finally lucked out and got them from a coworker who was very into psychedelics.

Me, my girlfriend Amy, and my two friends Dick and Mike each faced an eighth of some (mind you I dont know strain names) gold cap, blue stem shrooms. They were dried, splotches of blue all on the stems and purple spots on the caps. As soon as we picked up the half, in my car, we started munching on our way back to my town, just ate them straight up. I knew it would take about 20 minutes before I started to feel anything so I didnt worry about driving.

I parked my car on this residential street and we all got out and walked to this playground. We sat down in a circle under this rainbow dome attached to the jungle gym and began talking and smoking cigarettes. We started to feel the goofy and dopey come up. Dick and Amy felt nauseus, but me and Mike were on cloud 9. Another 20 minutes passed, and we began to feel the true strength of the fungus. Ill never forget this moment, I was sitting in the same spot under the dome and I looked out to the left and saw the sky, the colors were so vivid lmost cartoonish, and there was much more brightness. I was admiring this fat poofy cloud, when all of a sudden, I saw the cloud melt. It was incredible. Any object I focused on would twist and contort or melt. I stared at the open blue sky and saw crazy kaleidoscope patterns fly through the sky in a diagonal motion. Realizing I was lookin at the sky with my mouth open like a dumbass, I looked at my tripping group, and realized they were all doing the same thing.

It was safe to say we were all trippin balls. But not to the max yet...about ten minutes later passed and thats when we really peaked, I felt so out of my head it was rediculous, I forgot where I was, what time it was, everyone I was with, what day it was, etc. I went to go check my phone because I thought it vibrated and I dug into my pockets, and realized there was nothing in any of my pockets! I bugged the fuck out.

After 5 minutes I finally yanked my pockets out and saw my phone and car keys come out. It was so crazy, the texture of everything felt the same and I thought there was nothing in them. Now this is where things get nuts..

Were all now just tripping out, and being loud and obnoxious and having a seemingly fantastic trip. All of a sudden, 3 white pick up trucks pull into the parking lot. They were electrical workers. About 6 guys came out and they didnt pay much attention to us and started working on these transformers by the playground. Now, Mike at this time was a pot dealer. And people were coming to the playground and buying off him. He made about 5 sales, and at the final sale, he thought he lost the bag he was going to sell and he bugged out and without thinking just told the buyers to leave and that he couldnt find anything, as they were about to turn onto the road off the parking lot, Mike, distressed, flung his pocket out and found it....now...at the top of his lungs he SCREAMED "WAIT! I FOUND MY POT!! WAIT!!!" and proceeded to sprint to the car and make his sale. After this, those electrical workers started staring at us and talking to each other. I was the only one that noticed, and I realized the gravity of the situation. I waited about 3 minutes before talking because it was so hard to finish a thought process, and I said "guys...we gotta get the fuck outta here, dont ask why." Surprisingly, I had no problems, and we all left and ran to my car. Now I realized, oh fuck, I have to drive...I didnt plan on driving far, just far enough to be safe. 

Ive driven shitfaced, stoned, on acid, ecstasy, you name it. And I drove fine. Believe it or not some people are gifted. Now shrooms...I could not drive well on. I started my car, and then my girlfriend started to bug out saying she lost her phone and she thinks its at the playground. Me and Mike get out and sprint there and look around like psychopaths. 2 minutes later Dick comes over and says it was in the car. We return to the car...and sit for another 5 minutes like confused little infants.

I accelerate...and this is the only way I can describe it, because I know most of you reading this would not drive on shrooms haha. Whatever I was seeing through my front window, would burst at me like a flipbook..and it would go faster as I accelerated more. I saw the same image of the sky and the trees and the road and the kaleidoscope patterns come at me again and again, like the same image was being peeled off and the same image would still be there. Whatever was directly in front of me as I drove, came at me dozens of times. I could not feel my car connecting to the road, it felt like a hovercraft if anything. I drove about a mile, scared for my life, and crappily parked by the edge of these woods.

We all  get out of the car, and stand there silently, all kind of buggin out, and everybody is staring at me...guess I was the leader. We sat there for at least 4 minutes just lookin at each other, looking cracked out beyond belief. And I say "Go...in the woods...NOW!!" We all run into the woods down this trail to this clearing in the woods called devils hill. Its basically a 100 ft wide sand pit with trails leading into it from 3 different directions and there is a steep dirt hill for which it is named there. We all go sit at the top of the hill and stare out into the distance, all we can see is trees and sky. And it was beautiful. I felt in sync with every particle of life around me. A helicopter flew by and I swear to this day it was the loudest noise ive ever heard. I watched as the trees danced and melted and overlapped into each other.

All of a sudden...my phone rings. And its my mother. I had already been ignoring texts from her so I had to answer. I ran down the hill away from everyone and answered the phone. I was so fucking scared. Somehow though, I pulled it off and went back to the group. It was such an odd experience. It didnt even sound like her voice.

About 2 hours pass and we all basically just sat in a circle and talked and fiddled around with rocks and sticks and sand. It was the most amazing thing ever. I cant even explain why. My girlfriend was busy digging a hole the entire time we were there, and all of a sudden she starts crying. I go "whats wrong?!" and she says "nothing." I believe her because shes smiling at the same time. She was so happy she was crying...

At this time we decide its time to let mary jane grace us with her presence...we spark a blunt and take about 30 minutes to finish it. Once the high set in, my mindset changed so much. My brain was just infinitely questioning everything. I was the most confused person alive...me and the group just laid in the sand for hours, relentlessly tripping balls and just asking questions..."Why does the word stuff have two f's?" "Why's this called a nickel?" etc. etc.
The visuals also intensified greatly. We saw an eagle fly by and it looked like it was made out of cardboard. We looked at our hands and feet and could see every little particle in them, and all of our feet were dirty and oddly colored because of it. It was like a bluish gray tinge. Everybody's face looked like it was made out of clay. We all were hearing noises that werent even real. I felt so perfect. Like even though I was questioning life and everything about it, I felt like I belonged in that spot and that it was my destiny to be there. Everything was so wrong, but it was right at the same time. Finally, after 2 more hours, our trips ended and we went to our homes that night with a wonderful experience replaying over and over through our heads.

Even though there were many crazy situations that day, I felt like they were meant to happen in order for us to gain what we did. It was a beautiful trip and beat acid by a mile in my book.

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