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1st big trip.

Long but worth it.

Okay so I had been meaning to write a trip report for about 5 months now. Haha. But I'm glad I waited, because every so often memories come back. And now I have some free time, so nows as good as time as any. 

Before this I had eaten shrooms twice before, but only about half a gram each time and I had no visuals. It's now the end of summer and my buddy, we'll call him Bob, calls me and asks if I want to trip with him and a couple other friends. We'll call them Brent and Jerry. Now Bob is an average looking guy, while Jerry is a ginger and Brent is about 5 foot 5, about 200 pounds and has a receding hairline. Jerry and Bob wanted to go all tribal for this, so they bought some body paint and Bob made a loin cloth. Hahahaha. Bobs parents are out of town for the weekend so we decide that his house is a perfect place. Plus it's kind of secluded and there is a pond about a quarter of a mile behind his house that we had planned to go down to. So me, Bob, and Brent are waiting on Jerry to get off work so we can get this day started. We're drinking a couple beers in the pool just killing time. Finally Jerry shows up around 3:30. Bob had gotten a half and we were just going to split that. I didn't want as much as they did, so I ate about 4 grams and licked the bag. They ate about 5 grams each I think? 

It's roughly 4:00 and we down them with some orange juice and wait for everything to happen. Jerry was kind of concerned that the shrooms were funny looking, but we told him they were fine. Which in retrospect is a bad idea to eat shrooms with the thought of them being bad. While we were waiting Bob and Jerry started painting their faces and chests with some crazy designs and I was filming. That's when Brent wanted to join so they put a huge black handprint on his face. We had The Doors playing and everything was great. 

At about 4:30-4:45 I was starting to wander around in my mind and I left the bathroom, turned off the camera and turned on Riders on the Storm by The Doors and lied down on the floor in this cool looking living room. There was a big open window with trees and an open field beyond that, which was pretty cool. I was just staring at the ceiling when they yelled at me that we were going down to the pond. I didn't really want to leave the A/C, but I didn't want to be alone. So I put on my sandals and went outside with them. I sat on a 4-wheeler and Brent started pushing me around, which was great! But we kind of sat down on the ground and we looked around and decided we didn't really want to go. Hahaha, so we went back inside to his den. That's when things started getting interesting.

I'm not sure what time it is from here on out, so I will guess that it's about 5:15. I'm sitting on this recliner and I started leaning back, then I thought I was going to fall. So I leaned forward, then I leaned back again and felt like I was falling. I'm pretty sure I did this a good 8 or 9 times before I finally stood up and saw that everyone else was looking at me funny. Haha. They had this rock band drum set thing set up, so I kinda beat around on that. I turn around and Brent looks like I'm looking through a pair of 3-D glasses without the 3-D movie and I just thought that was kinda cool. Hah. My feet were freezing. So I went to Bobs room to get a pair of socks. I made a pit stop to the bathroom to pee. I have to say, bathrooms are one of the coolest rooms to trip in. But when I got in his closet and just kind of stood there for a little bit. Just looking around. It was so amazing. All this cool little trinkets just there. He had one of those cork cap gun things (later referred to as the "fun machine") that was on his floor. So I picked it up and set it on his desk. (I never did get my socks) Then I sat down and played some Peggle on his computer. That's when I kind of felt like laying down. So I laid down on this blow up mattress. Now I think I might have fallen asleep. Because the next thing I know Jerry is banging on the window from the outside and I scream and Bob is in his bed next to my blow up mattress. Bob leaves and my trip feels like it's in full swing. (LIttle did I know what was about to happen) The walls are breathing and I have closed eye visuals. Most people say that they just see different shapes when they close their eyes. But for the most part I saw multiple Marge Simpsons and their heads were rotating around in this circle. Then I got up to go explore this new place that I'm in. I get to the kitchen and Jerry is screaming about how we have to go outside and play with this boomarang with him and he's just screaming about some fun machine that he had found. But nobody listens to him and finally he goes out by himself. He's just running everywhere having a great time. Everyone, including myself, is talking in gibberish and I can't figure out what anyone is trying to tell me so I just go back to the safety of my bed. I got to my bed and there was a huge picture of Jim Morrison. (This was a VERY Doors themed trip). I stared at that for what seemed like hours with Doors songs playing. (As it turns out, they were just in my head). He was a god and the most powerful man ever. I felt like I was now in the 1960's and was stuck there. Which kind of freaked me out, but I was okay with it. 

I think I might have fallen asleep again, but I'm not sure. When I came back from my space out,I thought I had peed my pants. Everything felt wet. But upon further examination, it was just in my head. I had read that a "wet" feeling was normal. But when I laid back on my stomach I thought I could pee at any minute, which scared me. So I ran to the bathroom, but didn't pee. Instead I looked around and was amazed at the simplicity of everything in there. I turned on the shower and it blew my mind. Then I washed my hands and stared at myself in the mirror. The water turned blue when it was cold, then red when I made it warm. So I figured that was a good time to leave. Jerry had written on a post-it note deal and slammed it on my chest. I laughed and took it off. I started talking to Bob, but he wasn't making any since and he was disappearing and reappearing right in front of my face. Which freaked me out, so yet again I ventured back to my bed. Every time I would walk down this hallway, I would drag my hand across the wood. It had cracks in it and me doing that made me feel safe. At this point I was getting a little nervous. Not sure that I really wanted to be tripping. So I went to get on the computer and saw that the song on itunes selected was "Be Calm" by Fun. That made me feel loaaaaaads better. I'm not sure how it got there, but it was amazing. So I laid down to gather my thoughts. I started freaking out again and Jerry came in the room and I practically screamed at him that I didn't want to be tripping. He just told me that that's how he felt the first time he tripped and everything was going to be okay. I said okay and spaced off. Next thing I know Bob took Jerrys place without me noticing. I was still not having the best time, so I made sure we were okay. He told me to calm down and everything was fine. Then he left. They had the music turned up full blast and were yelling strange things that they had already said throughout the day. (Like when Bob killed a wasp earlier, he was screaming "Kill that wasp!!") I sat on the edge of the bed tried to block them out and looked at my leg and saw that bugs were crawling throughout my calves. I just looked away and see the Joker from Batman. Which was weird, but then I went to the livingroom to see if I could calm them down. But to my surprise, there was no music and Jerry was laying silently on the couch staring out at the woods and field. Which had the most beautiful and calming orangish yellow tint to it. Which made the whole room calm and quite. So I told myself I was fine and went to the livingroom to find Bob and Brent. Now I never found Bob. But Brent was in the other bathroom (which I didn't know about until just then and confused me) and he was taking a dump with the door wide open. Hahahahaha. He had looked red and I thought he was a troll. Which made me laugh. So I went to the kitchen where I found Bob and Jerry. At that point I think the thought of bad shrooms had came back to Jerrys head. He was going crazy, trying to drive his car which scared me so I went back to that room and stood there for a second. I turned right back around, went to the kitchen, grabbed the first keys that I saw and screamed that I was going home and ran back to my room. At this point Bob had thrown up and we knew he wasn't tripping very hard. So he was just trying to keep everyone, basically just Jerry at this point, in line. I'm not sure how long I was in that room, but it was long enough for me to lose all touch with reality. 

Everything was melting, including myself and I thought that I was going to be stuck like that forever. That really started scaring me and I just started wandering around aimlessly. I saw that I was walking on the floor, but I was scared that I was walking on the walls and was ruining their pictures. He has a wiener dog and it was going in one door, and coming out from a different room. I thought he was walking on the ceiling. There was a HUGE mushroom outside, I thought that was pretty ironic and made me laugh. Brent was still in the bathroom. There was a weird looking creature on the floor of the living room. In his living room on the little pull string for the fan he has a humming bird deal. It was so amazing and real. It felt like it was right in front of my face. When it was actually about a foot above my head. Among all sorts of other things that I can't seem to remember now. I didn't feel real, I was completely numb. Jerry was having a bad trip and trying to go over to the next door neighbors house so he could throw up the bad shrooms. We couldn't convince him that we had a bathroom in the house he could throw up in. So he is sprinting across the front yard and Bob is begging him to not go. I try and grab him but that was a bad idea because that made him more mad and he pushes me out of the way. Then Bob just told me to go inside. I go to the house and Brent is standing on the front porch just cracking up. I make my way back to my room. (Apparently sometime while I was in this room Jerry had called his mom and she came to take his truck so he didn't drive. I ran outside because I thought he was driving, but it was just his moms boyfriend and he did not look happy and almost ran me over) Reality is coming back so I decide to listen to some Grateful Dead. I can actually feel my Ipod, the first thing that has grounded me in the past few hours. So I turn it on and everything is so incredible, but I can tell that I'm coming down. I think I only listened to one song. Maybe two. 

So I go to the kitchen, I'm the only one in the house. I don't care where everyone else is. I'm just thirsty and hungry. So I stand in the freezer door trying to find eggos. Which I never find. Then I look for a cup to get some water. Which really confused me because I looked in every pantry, but still no cups. I go to the front porch, where I find Jerry, who has finally calmed down. I'm just seeing things in complete clarity, nothing special. Just bright colors and the 3-D effect. When I see the dog eating a little humming bird. One that looked exactly like the one hanging from the ceiling fan. That made me sad, so I picked it up and put it on the porch.  By that point me and Bob were on the same level and I was just having mild visuals. All of the body paint they had put on was now on the carpet in the living room. The mushroom I saw outside was a weed-eater. The weird looking creature on the living room floor turned out to be a vacuum/shampooer to get the stains out of the carpet. I tried to help Bob get the stains out, but the carpet was still moving and made me dizzy. That's when Brents bad trip started coming on. His grandfather had passed earlier that year I believe. Jerry was sitting on the couch and Brent was convinced that he was a grandpa. So we took him to the other room, and he had no recollection of his grandfather dying. So he was asking where he was and he convinced himself that Jerry was his grandpa. So Bob took him to the other room to talk him down. Jerry was still tripping but was having a good time now. 

At about 10:00 everything had calmed down, I was completely sober. Just in complete awe of what had just happened to me. I didn't sleep well that night, my mind was trying to put all the pieces together. But I couldn't do it. I couldn't do it for a long time. But now when I smoke high quality weed, I have mild trips. Which brings back the memories of that night and plasters them in my mind. I went into that trip unprepared and unaware of what was about to happen to me. But I wouldn't trade that borderline bad trip for anything. It was one of the greatest things that had ever happened to me. I haven't tripped since then, but I plan on tripping with a close friend this coming Winter Break. This time a little bit more aware of what is about to happen.

Now if you're still reading, I'm surprised. But thankful that you actually care enough to read about me and my adventures! If you have any questions about my trip I'm more than willing to answer!

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