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11th or 12th trip

realized that as human beings we make a lot of mistakes

some background info:
-tripped about 10 times before
-junior in college
-slim, 140 lbs and 5'9 ft
-drinks weekly, smokes pot ocasionally

This would be my 11th or 12th trip, I'm not sure. It would take place at my friend's house once everybody in his house went to sleep, which was about midnight. we've tripped on a half of an eight to a full eight each before. this time it will be half of an eight each. Finally at 12am we eat em with grape juice. we then went to my friend's room to watch some tv. Within 15 minutes i started to shake a little, as if i was cold. This is caused by the anticipation and anxiety of the upcoming trip. My friend told me to chill the fuck down and i just ignored him because i wasn't in the mood to explain shit (for i was about to trip soon). 25 minutes later i started to trip.

The show that we were watching (some ecuatorian comedy/soap oprah, mind you we're from ecuador) started to get really bright during certain parts. The colors brighter as well (very common) and all in all, all the familiar symptoms of when the boomers start to take effect (body high, kinda like weed but not quite). Then after that was done (30 min) we started to watch dragon ball z. We watched our favorite episodes from when goku fights with vegeta for the first time (we've liked this show since we were kids). At first the bodily high was weak, and I thought "good, because we only ate half of an eight so this is normal". But then as the episodes progressed so did the trip.

I started to hallucinate colors (we were in the dark watching this on a laptop). Then I experienced a very amazing and at the same time somewhat of a scary hallucination. I saw another person, made out of green neon light, watching dragon ball z with us. Then all of a sudden the laptop turn into a bonfire and all 3 of us (me, my friend, and this made out of neon green light guy) were inside of a tent (also made out of neon green light) looking at the bonfire (the laptop). I imagined hippies as i kept on watching into the laptop. Cool tall hippies who were probably high as motherfucking kite. This was cool but in no way relates to me (at least not conciously) so it also freaked me out a little (just a little, enough to just ignore it).

So i kept on watching dragon ball z, and as i did this, i also started to make gay connections between the characters. Now I'm straight as they come, but almost everytime i trip i experience gay imagery. I'm in no way an homophobe either, but when you're straight (and maybe when you're gay also, i don't know) to make this kind of connections (gay connections between the characters of the show, or to experience gay imagery in your head) becomes unfortable to a certain extent.

but whatever, as well as the earlier hallucination, i ignored it and kept on watching. That was probably the hardest part of the trip. The other part of the trip focused on how i want to be able to be a decent human being. How i want to help my family and those who care about me (which are not that many, but there is some) and how i want my loved ones to stay away from drugs (such as hardcore drugs) and other things that could harm them. I realized that psychedelics (and other substances) can be very dangerous if you use em irresponsibly. Part of this lesson i had realized during my last trip, of a full eight of boomers, in which i realized that you never really know what you're getting yourself into (with psychedelics) and that as experienced as you might be, these are very powerful instruments and that can cause you lots of trouble in the wrong setting and with the wrong friends.

That one time, i was so fucked up insane out of my mind (not literally, because i was relaxed, but on a sober person "terms") that i thought, "gosh, if there was an emergency right now, if i needed to do something right now, i wouldn't be able to do shit, how could I? when you're this fucked up you can't do shit". I realized that as human being i make lots and lots of mistakes but that i also wanted to follow the path of a decent human being, towards good.

All in all, it was once again a "hard trip" (as well as my last one) but fun at the same time. Half of an eight is good because on a full eight there is so many things going on in my head that it is easier to get confused and lose touch with reality (which it is the point i suppose, but it can get scary if not mentally ready). The gay imagery and toughts are always there for some reason, i read that it's because the vision are both females and males at the same time but who knows. I've also learned not to get caught up on the visions (hallucinations) as well as to not get caught in feelings of amazing superiority (grandeur); keep humble, but be also strong while trippin (this is very important).

I consider myself lucky for having had easier and harder trips and i can tell you that what i just said its a good thing to remember. also, as much as you feel that you've lost your sanity, you will come back, four or six hours later, you will come back.

have a good trip,

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