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A full day o shrooms

Oh my God.

Oh my God. They are everything and nothing I expected them
to be. I have a new best friend.

So let me give you some history. I have always been
interested in psychadelics. Even when I was in the 6th
grade, I became excited when I heard about LSD. But I got
turned off because of horror stories about "bad trips". I
heard from several sources that if you had a bad trip, you
would go permanantly insane. My mom claimed she knew
several people who had permanant bad trips. So I rejected
the idea of psychadelics until I was about 16 and a half.
That was when I first tried weed - and found it to be
strangely psychadelic. I got back into the lycaeum, erowid,
and finally shroomery and found more info on various drugs.
The next thing to do was to get some shrooms. I tried for
literally 6 months to no avail. My weed dealer (im not an
excessive smoker - only once or twice a month) couldn't get
any, and I kept getting false hopes from a girl at work.
Well, finally the girl came through and I bought a quarter
ounce for myself (but then sold half for 45 bucks :D) and my
friends L and M each bought an eighth.
My mom is going out of town in a week, and we planned to
wait until we had an empty house to trip in. Sadly, neither
M or I could wait and last Friday we both ate a few shrooms.
We both got very low effects, and we weren't too impresses.
I'll start friday night.


I get picked up from work at 11:00 PM, and my mom is not
home. I decide, "what the hell" and I eat 2 stems and a
cap. I start playing skate or die 2 on nintendo and in
about 20 minutes I can feel something - I just don't know
what. So I put on Aladdin (for the desert landscapes) and I
kick back. Eventually I start rising and it feels a like
like a weed high, The room starts swimming and i get some
mild CEVs. This lasted about 20 minutes and then after I
just felt "altered". I was prepared to trip for 6 hours and
was dissapointed when it ended. So I watched Aladdin and I
noticed Jafar's face was just weird. The facial expressions
were twisted and distorted. This was the only real
difference I noticed. I then put on PeeWee's big adventure
and that was some weird stuff. PeeWee's movements got
extrememly jerky and I got the idea that he was a big
tweaker or paint huffer. For a while his eyes looked like
snake or cat eyes, but that wore away. Half way through
this my mom got home and I talked to her normally. Finally
at about 1:30 it got boring so I took a melatonin and went
to bed to a very interupted sleep.

Wasn't too impressed.


The next day I woke around 10:00 and went on the computer.
I felt like I had been shown something cool but only allowed
a brief glance of it. I wanted to trip again right then.
So at about 12:00 I ate about 2 stems and 2 caps and left my
sleeping mom a note and walked outside. I live in a very
slow neighborhood with hills and wilderness about 5 minutes
away. I walked for about 45 minutes and could not detect
any difference so i decided to go home and put shoes on and
get more shrooms (I know i've been told not to eat more
within an hour an a half but I also know about the strong
tolerance thing). So I snuck in without my mom knowing and
snuck back out with my baggie o shrooms.
I went down the block and ate a few more stems. I then
walked down the block some more and found a table giving
away free stuff and grabbed an aluminum pole. Then I went
on a trail and saw a cool side trail. This is when I
started to feel them. I ate a few more shrooms and some
shake and then decided to not eat anymore because I was
finally feeling it. I was walking and everything started
looking really cool. I would spin my aluminum pole and the
gleams in the sun looked really bad ass. I walked to this
big hill and walked up it. When i got to the top I was
really feeling it, adn felt euphoric beyond belief. I was
just so happy to be alive, and I was laughing to myself and
smiling at the passing walkers, just content out of my mind.
I started to walk down the hill. That was when I noticed
that everything was very bright and colors seemed new and
vivid. I noticed colors in plants that I see all the time
that I didn't even know existed!
I went into an underbrush growth and sat on top of a dirt
mound. I undercovered some leaves and I sat there for a
while just feelin it. I had thoughts racing through my mind
the whole time, I don't remember most of them, but it was
just intellectual thinking and theorizing. THen I went to
the park a few minutes away and I took off my shoes and
layed in the grass. This is when I noticed the swirling. I
would look at the grass or a tree and it would seperate into
four parts and each would start swirling. I didn't even
have to squint my eyes like on weed!
I only got one real halucination. I was laying face down on
some grass and my head was resting on my arm. Well I had a
scrape towards the top of my arm and when I looked at my arm
it looked I was in the dessert. My arm was the sky, the
grass coming up over my arm was the desert vegetaion, and
the scrape was the red Nevada sun. Really kick ass.
I then wanted to look at the lake. When I got up I asked
myself I question that confused the hell out of me: "why is
this state illegal?". I couldn't for the life of me figure
out what I was doing to harm anyone or anything. If
anything I was helping out myself and others because of the
beutiful things I have learned. I could not come up with
any reasonable explaination as to why mushrooms were
So I went to look at the lake. It turned out to be the
coolest damn thing I saw all day. The water appeared to be
flowing like a river and the water, even though brownish in
real life, was the most beautiful blue. I felt an even more
intense euphoria then before. All was right in the world.
After I did this and layed in the grass some more, I got
really hungry. I started walking home to get my wallet
(damn I knew I should have brought it) and started speaking
in reggae rhymes. I was singing in a perfect reggae voice
about how I don't need the green stuff, I need the good
stuff (that being food and shrooms). I was pretty out of it
:D. I didn't want to go home but I hadn't eaten and I was
pretty hungry.
I stopped by my friends house and looked down. Wow. The
pole was still with me, I vaguely remembered carrying it
everywhere I went. I seem to have a habit of befriending
inanimate objects while shrooming. I decided to leave the
pole in his front yard and i rang his doorbell. His dad
answered and said that my fried was at a magic tournament
and wouldn't be home for 5 or 6 hours. I said okay and
still decided to go home (I wish I hadn't but oh well). I
got home and the garage is closed so I figure my mom is
gone. I was wrong.
I go in and she starts giving a full interrogation. Luckily
I can BS my way out of it long enough to get into a shower.
The shower is a whole different universe!
I get in and take a really half assed shower. I get out to
find my pupils HUGE! I almost panic then, but then I
remember to play it cool and start shaving (i did the worst
shaving job ever). Because of my stupid mistake, I think I
would have been caught if my moms boyfriend hadn't come
over. So she asked me to go get her a soda since I drank
the last of hers the night before, and I said okay -
anything to get out of the house. So I get in and driving
is especially easy. I crank up the tunes and drive down the
street feeling completly different. Song I hear everyday
are diferent.
I got severe audio distortion. Anybody who has heard
Bjork's "hidden plains" knows that its a weird ass song
anyway, but it sounded like Bjork was some sort of insect
and she kept talking backwards. Finally I get to the
Chevron where I get 2 sodas and a bunch of candy. I waited
in the line and the guy at the register seems really fucked
up. He takes forever to total up my items and keeps
"glitching" his voice and scratching his head profusely. He
finally gets $4.25 out and I ask him for a bag. He then - I
think - offers me a cardboard cupholder for my drinks. I
heard it like this: "did... nt a carboard or... for
drink?". I said no thanks and left.
When I got home I felt a lot more down, but still altered.
I put on pink floyd and played some Super mario brothers 2
for the NES. That game was made to be played shrooming.
Finally I called up my friend L and asked him to pick me up.
After some convincing and room cleaning, my mom let me go
and I started walking down the street - the quicker I can
get away the better.
While walking I saw the weirdest thing I think I saw all day
(besides maybe the store clerk thing). I saw a guy walking
down his driveway and say "Im gonna get the paper". Then he
zipped backwards while making the rewind sounds and said "Im
gonna get the paper". Then he was talking on his cell phone
and it was making high pitched loud siren sounds. I decided
to get out of there when my friend picked me up.

Very ƒucking cool.


So I get into the car and Im talking a mile a minute and
saying "its everything you expect and nothing you expect"
over and over. Its obvious Im coming off of shrooms. But
he isn't as pissed as I thought he would be. We were
driving around and listening to music (all sounded very
different) and decided to go to M's house. He was getting
high on weed all day and when were driving up to his house
we found him running down his street (he likes to do weird
shit on weed). So we race hijm to his house and then we go
in. His mom is out for the day so we decide "what the hell"
and decide to all shroom early. So M breaks out his stash
and gives me a few caps and stems (i have to pay him back 2x
what I gave him [curse them for taking advantage of me while
high] when I get more) and we go to get L's house to get his
stash. M tried some the night before so he ate pretty much
the rest of his eighth on the way there. L picked his up
and we drove to the park I was at that day to wait to come
up. L ate his and gave me one cap at the park about 15
minutes later and then we waited about 20minutes and drove
to the movie theatre. Right when we were leaving a truck of
girls with green makeup and towels drove by. This really
happened because M and L weren't high yet. The world was
really fucking with me this trip. M and L started to come up
at the movie theatre, so we drove to an inconspicuous
parking lot and M started to freak out.
Me and L were having a grand time and laughing our asses off
when M was being bitch-slapped by the shroom. I felt sorry
for him but L was too incoherant to understand what was
going on. I went to get a milk shake at the Jack in the Box
and had a funny time talking to the lady and paying. I went
back and they all wanted food too, but didn't want to go in,
so we went through the drive through and got food. M was
ejoying the hell out of his food and L was trying to find
out why it was taking him so long to eat his food.
After we were done I wanted to walk to the movie theatre
since I hadn't seen bright lights trippin yet and I was just
starting to come up again. Sadly the other two wanted to
stay in the car. After what seemed like an hour we decided
to go walking, but not to the movie theatre. M got off of
his bad trip and started to finally enjoy himself. We went
out towards where I was the whole day. The next part lasted
forever in our minds but I don't remember a lot of it. Here
is what basically happened:

We started walking and we decided to go to our friend C's
house to see what was up. I took what I said would be a
shortcut but I really just wanted to take the scenic route
without them complaining about having to walk farther. I
found anoter inanimate friend code name Twiggy who was a 6
or 7 foot long stick when I first found him. On our way up
to the park we saw one guy and I was talking about something
really strange and Im sure we looked like crack heads (we
were really only shroomites :D). L said that he had no
We arrived at that same park and twiggy was now only 2 or 3
feet long. We decided to take a really spooky trail and
then we stopped at a bench and threw some rocks. I read a
trip report once of a guy who threw a rock and it turned
into a bird and flew away. I kept trying to do that but I
couldn't. The M tried and it didn't turn into a bird but it
never landed either. I tried it again and it landed and
then M tried it and it didn't land again! We figured that
only M had mega moon power and we got back on our way.
L found a big wall and he was convinced it was the great
wall of China. I decided to get on top of it with him and
when it was about 4 feet high i jumped off. My spine
snapped and it felt really weird (my spine didn't really
snap thats just what it felt like). When L was on this wall
he found a metal pole holding up a sprinkler which he pulled
up and named AXE. We walked up this hill and stopped about
30 feet from C's house. L kept talking about how the trail
was in between My house and Ohio and OZ (like in the wizard
of OZ). I was looking up at the sky and L just kept
talking. He said that I was the cowardly lion, He was the
guy with the AXE and M was the little girl. M wanted to be
a robot so we made him a little girl robot. We were about
to proceed to C's house when we realized we didn't want to
go there so even after walking a mile and a half to C's
house we just turned around and headed back to L's car.
We made a few more realizations on the way down and twiggy
was just a few 5 to 6 inch twigs (but I still had them). A
bunch of more things happened but there is just too much
stuff to write here. Among the notibles are:
2 Huge blaring firetrucks drove by us. (really happened)
L said "I negotiated that step well" after making a
potentially difficult step up onto a curb.
There were a bunch of high rise apartments in the middle of
the wilderness near my house that usually aren't there.
M looked like an old man on a bike because he ran ahead of
We developed a theory that there were "tree people" and
"machine people" and that we were the only three people who
haven't chosen a side. (this was actually a promintent topic
of discussion for a while).
and ten thousand other things.

After we got back to L's car the main effects were mainly
over. We ate a sampler platter at denny's and then decided
to go home.
I got to drive and the drive was totally cool. I felt oh so
good and totally refreshed even though I barely ever walk
and I walked a good 6 or 7 miles that day. We listened to
some Odelay and took M home, then I drove myself home and L
went home.
I just chilled out and took a bath and listened to

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