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Level 5 trip, or something else?



The night started out normal, nothing to do...a friend of mine ended up calling me around 9 930 and said he found some shrooms...i had tripped a good 12 times before this and loved it every time so of course i was down to do them...i met my friend at a mobil parking lot in town and gave him a bunch of money for me and the rest of my boys to get shrooms, probably like an ounce or so...about an hour later my friend returned with the shrooms and we went to my friend mikes development to walk around and have a good ol' fashion mushroom trip...i took an 8th and a quarter of an 8th...like 4.0 grams nothing to serious, figured id be able to handle it...the night started off awesome another friend of mine had taken the same amount so we were just chillen together for the night, after we both took a few puffs from a blunt we felt the effects instantly, pretty weird because every other time it took a good 30 to 45 minutes to kick in...at first my trip was awesome, intense body high..awesome visuals and about 8 of my good friends feeling the same way, it was gonna be an awesome night, about an hour to an hour and a half goes by and im feeling great, all of a sudden my friend luke is walking up the street towards us, totally forget i had an 8th in my pocket for him and that he was comin, the only problem here was he had a big plans with his girlfriend and left her to come trip with us (lol).  so we run down the street to greet luke and all is well, luke eats his shrooms, almost pukes, but holds them down, what happens next is very hard for me to put into words, but it starts of pretty easy...to make a long story short something happened to all my friends and it ended up just being me and luke, he was now on the phone with his gf who was trying to make him have a bad trip and i couldnt get him off the phone, so i sat and stared into the sky leaving me time to think, a little to much...i start thinking about my life, what it would be like if i had so much money that my friends and family never had to lift a finger again, if i had the most perfect girl in the world, if i could have literally, whatever my heart desired...i went so deep into thought that i literally believed that this was now my life, eventually my friends pulled up in the back of a pick up truck and i tried to explain it to them, i was literally going crazy but as i tried to explain they didnt understand or made gestures that made me seem like i was still okay, my mind was playing games on me and it was eventually going to send me into the craziest experience of my life. next thing i know were behind some office buildings a little ways down the street from mikes development, at this point i felt like nothing could harm me, i couldnt be happier, my life was perfect, I was PERFECT. my body high was like nothing i had ever felt before, i had then asked my friend mike if i was going to stop feeling like this because i thought i had an epiphany, but was screaming i had an epitome lol, he was tripping to so he must have just thought i meant stop tripping anytime soon, his response was "you see i dont know" my mind thought he knew what i was going through, i was now convinced everyone knew what i was going through, that my boys knew all along that i was going to become this perfect being and they were all waiting around for this day since i met them...next thing i know im on my way home, im in the passenger seat of my friend colts car, he was a trip sitter, lukes in the back seat...im just rambling and rambling " my finger nails are perfect, hows my hair, perfect, im rich were rich, where do you wanna live ? hawaii, i have to tell my mom, get me home" thats not even the half of it i just cant remember, keep in mind im barely in control right now, not in control of what im saying at all, and on the verge of losing it all....on the ride home apparently i thought since i was this Mr. Perfect, i believed i had found the cure for cancer and aids, and that i was meeting the president tomorrow, i got home jumped out of the car and started running around and screaming for someone to knock my house down and build me a mansion, screaming for my neighbors to wake up and rub it in there face because they all hated me, i ran up to my mail box and tried to rip it out of the ground, but that didnt happen haha, i then ran up to my front door and started banging on it screaming for my mom to tell her, because i thought she was waiting for this day to, another thing to keep in mind is that even if someone grabbed me by the face at this point and smacked me and said i was tripping, this is hard to explain, i would have thought that they were telling me to shut up as in like dont say it yet we already know! whatever someone said to me just sounded like they were on my side, in my head, knew what was going on and that this was supposed to happen...my mom opens the door and i start screaming about the cure for aids and cancer, that im going to meet the president tomorrow and start trying to rip picture frames off the walls and throw them down the stairs, because we were rich and perfect now, my friend colt who had driven us there hadnt been far away so before i could destroy anything upstairs he grabbed me and picked me up and brought me in the basement, this is where things got completely out of hand, this is where i literally went on a fucking trip, last thing i remember is him letting go off me for a second and i went nuts, i started destroying my basement, before i could go any further he grabbed me again, at this point, i am not incontrol of my body at all, what i should have been seeing i was not seeing, i completely lost my self to the drug, i was not me, i was trapped inside a drug, it ended up getting to the point where i stripped down, yes naked, and jumped onto a table screaming literally in another reality, you have to experience this to understand it fully, the only thing i can say to try and describe it was another reality it was so unbelievable, i was pinned down for 4 hours screaming at the top of my lungs, my mom brother and colt had to cover up the windows i was so loud they didnt want people to come up and look...there was nothing that could snap me out of this, i was stuck until the trip wore off, i was in a world where i was mr perfect, my friends and family were worshipped by everybody, i had the girl, car, house, and life of my dreams, i was literally living this life inside my head, it was to intense, and then all of a sudden i thought i was about to go through the worst pain of my life, crushed by nothing, streched out by nothing, beaten by nothing, then i was convinced i had to die for everyone to life this life...i accepted death after thinking about it for 3 seconds, right when i thought my life was over, i opened my eyes and saw my brother, looked around my basement, had no idea what was going on and then realized, WTF that was all a trip, been trying to figure out what happened, i thought it must have meant something, that wasnt even the full story, but i dont know enough to explain it all, this trip did change my life completely, in this trip i was at the point where i couldnt be happier, but when i came out of it it dawned on me that theres no reason to live with regrets or be unhappy because everything isnt how you wish it was, be happy with yourself and you WILL be happy, it so much to wrap your head around but at the sametime it makes sense to me, the only thing i found was the description for a level 5 trip, and satori enlightenment sounds kinda like what happened...help me out!

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