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6 Grams P Cubensis(Dry)

My Awakening

This was not my first time taking shrooms, I am an intermediate user of Psychedelic drugs, but this trip was by far the most intense. It all began A few months ago when a good friend of mine, also my dealer said he got a shipment of extremely fresh and potent mushrooms, and him knowing me knew I'd be super excited and buy 100$ worth, and thats what I did.

A Thursday night, around 9:45pm I ingested all 6 grams chewing them thoroughly, since I enjoy their taste and I downed it with 8oz of orange juice.

30 minutes in: I started to feel that intense Euphoria come on, I was a little nervous but settled down as soon as I lied down.

45 minutes in: I was tripping balls, My room was an Aztec temple, It had floating glowing hieroglyphs, 3d Spiked vines that wrapped around me, my room also became enormousness, I was almost scared at first when It seemed like my room was never ending. Each time I looked away from one of my walls and looked back It changed slightly, Like progressing farther and farther into the future. It started out with simple morphing stone, and ended up with gold and platinum walls that seemed to move with the sounds around me, I was in shock and complete aw, because I've never had a trip like this. At this point my sense of time is to distorted to even guess what time, but after that  the trip began to move incredibly fast the walls were changing so fast I couldn't keep up, and my CEV's became OEV's and they were all shooting past me, and blinding speed. After awhile I lost feeling of my body, and let go my mind went insane, and everything de-atomized before my eyes breaking down and leaving me in blackness, but soon there were these colored lights in the distance, speeding toward "me" When they got to me I saw they were the most beautiful complex 3d structures, made of pure energy and they wrapped my body in warmth and I felt like the most powerful being in the universe, shortly after I started coming down. Then snapped back into my body jumping up only to fall down. When I tried to stand again My body was at a two different angles and it felt like I was being pulled down to the ground. I could feel my hands in my head and my head in my feet. I could taste everything around me, and I was oddly amused by this. I dragged myself up to my mattress, and drank some water that was resting on my dresser,  The water felt like a rock hitting the bottom of my stomach and I put it down. At this point I got up I could walk a little better but my body was bloated and portioned wrong, it was freaky because I actully thought my body would stay like this but I was to, amazed by the visuals to take to much notice to it. I made my way outside and sat in the cool grass, which was the best feeling I've ever had in my life I felt at complete peace, and I spent the rest of my trip watching the stars morph into color geometric shapes, and pondering all the questions I had about everything, I came out of this trip wiser and more understanding to everyone, It bettered me, and strengthened my mental stability, I also believe this experience helped with my ability to solve and understand problems.  

Happy Tripping and be Safe<3

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