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One Saturday Night

Earlier during the week my older bro and I got hooked up with an 8th, each, of shrooms.

Earlier during the week my older bro and I got hooked up with an 8th, each, of shrooms. Well by the time I got em out and started eating he had already been tripping for at least a couple hours.

So after I consumed all of the mushrooms, we decided to go in, grab our coats, for it was a cold night, and headed out toward the barn by the woods. After waiting for 30 minutes, I was becoming disapointed and anxious i guess, but then I soon had this tingling feeling in my legs and hands. And about an hour later, I felt like my mind was free, I could think about things in a new light that I couldnt before. Everything seemed as if I wasnt a part of the world almost, like I was experiencing things no one else had before.

Soon after that, I would begin to look around and things were popping out, like for a few seconds there was a massive rock that seemed to be coming closer and closer to me. And the trees in the woods had eyes and the leaves were reaching and stretching there limbs for me, at one time or another a feirce animal would suddenly appear in front of me as if I was intruding on it.

After all this, while i was still trippin, my brother and i took off to pick up some friends and head out to a party for the rest of the night. When we got 4 of our buddies, things really started to become more intense, like things seemed blury and far away. The music was pounding in my head and all I could do was sit still and take in everything that was going on.

But soon I would be very lucky, for we were pulled over by the police for running a red light. And we were each asked a series of questions and the car was searched, when it was my turn to talk to the officers, I had trouble just thinking about how to answer, for i would be coming to the end of my trip, but i just remember the police thinking i was drunk, and eventually i remember we got back in the car and took off to one of the friend's house that we were with.
How this happened i still have no clue, and my brother cant remember much either.

Since this i have increasingly used shrooms and even taken a little more after every time i took part in eating them. just a little advice, be as far away from the police or authority as you possibly can while tripping on mushrooms.

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