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First Big Trip-2.5 grams

Golden Teacher

Ok so I had always been kind of interested in tripping on mushrooms at some point in my life. I smoke marijuana every day, smoked DMT once, and did a half gram dose of shrooms twice (but of course never really tripped). I had done research on them for about a year and a half when my friend came to me with the idea of growing. I live by myself and after he explained all the science behind it to me (which was really interesting) I decided to give it a try. We got a syringe of golden teacher spores and once the first flush was done we got to business. Myself and a different friend, “Jake”, both took 2.5 grams while the original friend, “Dave”, took 2. We ate them at 5:30 with some peanut butter and a tall glass of orange juice and went into my room to listen to music/chill. By 6:15 Dave was definitely feeling the effects (keep in mind he had never tripped on anything before). He was really full of energy and looked worried. So I asked him how he was doing and told him everything was cool. By 6:30 Jake and I still were not tripping (body high but nothing intense or visual) so we went down to my garage and started smoking. The weed seemed to trigger it because within 5 minutes shit started going down. We were in a big circle smoking from a hookah I made and as I looked around everyone started to look slightly cartoonish. Their faces seemed to have a reflective coating and kept ebbing out of the boundaries they rightfully should have been in. From this point on my thoughts were extremely difficult to follow. It was as if I had two streams of thought. One was following the conversation and everything that was happening in the room, while the other was being flooded with all these different thoughts and information. It was super hard to keep up with and took up my main focus. The odd thing is that I was still participating in the conversation without realizing what was going on.

 My garage is really brightly lit with warm lights and has a bunch of crap in it and it felt very safe and comfortable. The walls were breathing slightly and all the tools hung up on the wall were vibrating. Every time I took a hit I would look at the end of the hose for like two minutes, just examining every little detail. It was so brilliant and the closer I brought it to my eyes the more amazing it looked. After a while I sat on the back of the chair and let my dog sit in the seat. Every time I would look at the dog his hair and the threads in the chair would melt together and start flowing towards me.

At one point I had to go up stairs to get something from my hall closet. The journey up there was really cool because I have lots of mirrors in the house, but when I turned on the closet light and opened the door it felt like something was trying to swallow me up. Needless to say I said fuck it and went back to the garage. We continued smoking for a while and invited two friends over. At this point I was beginning to feel kind of sick and uncomfortable with the situation but as soon as they showed up the trip became 100% positive. We smoked some more and I was still tripping when everyone left at 2a.m. so I went outside and looked at the moon. At first I was a little worried but then my dog came up to me and it was all good. I looked at the moon, which seemed enormous and as the sky seemingly expanded I saw lines shooting out the sides of the moon, like latitudinal lines. I felt as though there was a connection between myself and the moon and had a wave of indescribable emotion similar to the one I had when coming down off DMT. Eventually I went back inside and passed out. It was definitely a worthwhile experience and I know that the comfort extensive research provided played a big part.

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