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2nd trip gone wrong

Not a bad trip, but alot of negativity around me.

Hello everybody, this is my 2nd trip report on this site. To let you all know this wasnt my best trip and if you want to read up on my other one, which is more interesting, heres the link;  https://www.shroomery.org/11084/First-ever-amazing-trip .
Anyways back to my trip:)
It was september 19th/10, 6:00pm when me and my friend decided to eat 14gs of dried shroom stems. Before I get into greater detail to let you all know I purchased these shrooms 2 weeks before actually eating them, so they shrunk alot and I dont know if keeping them that long reduced the effects. Anyways as I was saying me and my friend eric decided to eat 14gs of dried stems at 6pm on sept/19/10. We were with a bunch of people at this park called allbion hills. Me and eric where the only ones who ate the shrooms and they tasted like athlets foot! This was my second time eating the shrooms, and it was erics first. So i knew what to expect from my lAST trip, as my friend didnt. After eating the shrooms me and eric decided to sit down on the grass turn on the radio and listen to some bands like; Shpongle, Entheogenic, Ott, Binah, and Hallucinogen. All very trippy beats to let you guys know, if you never herd of any of these guys I recommend for your next trip there a deff good choice to trip to. About 45min into listening to the music, eric starts to laugh. I could tell the shrooms where starting to work. He was telling me he was full of laughs and that his body was tingly from the top of his head all the way down to his feet. When he told me that I knew he was on the right path. An hour goes by and eric is already starting to feel the effects of the shrooms but I have not? I was wondering if it was becuase I bought these shrroooms 2 weeks ago or if from the last time i took them my body was just not used to the amount i took, becuase my frist time I took about 6gs and this time i took maybe 4. Anyways an hour and ahalf goes by and I start to feel the shrooms kick in, I got a little body numbing and a little visuals, but nothing to serious. My friend was tripping the fuck out, he kept asking what day and time it was every 3min. So we all decideed to leave and take a drive, as were walking to the car everything but the car itself started to move in rapid speed as i was racing or sokmthing. That visual lasted about 4sec until I whiped my eyes and realized it was just the shrooms doing there thing. After that happend, that was the last visual i had all night for the rest of my trip. So we start to drive around and its about 8pm, eric once again asking what day it was and we all ignored him. Were driving around and we hit this big rock of some sort on the road, so we pulled into a tim hortons parking lot to see wat had happend. Now for me it was ok , but eric triped out hard becuase it was his car my friend was driving! So right after that happend eric started to have a bad trip. We call one of my friends, Mike, to pick us up(Mike was the other guy in my first trip report I did shrooms with)  fand drive us around because some cops pulled into tims to grab a doughnut or somthing, so we wanted to get out of there. So we get in our friends car and we drive to harveys for a bite to eat. Eric wouldnt get out of the car, he was white as a ghost and we didnt know why. So me and mike go into harverys and as soon as we got inside I started CRYING! Not becuase i was sad, only becuase it was so bright inside and the music sounded so magestic, it really touched me. We sit down in the restaurant to eat and im just sitting down enjoying everything around me, Mike asks if im going to eat my burger, and for the life of me I didnt know if i was hungry  or not......I called a friend to ask if i was hungry....who the fuck does that? Like i was fucked! So we head back to mikes car and eric is still sitiing there but not white anymore, just sitting there all relaxed. I ask eric what was wrong, and again he asks what fucking day it was! So right there I knew he was not with me on this trip, he had lost reality for a while. Its now 11pm and mike didnt want to dive around anymore, so we turn to eric and ask if it would be alright to head back to his place, even tho me and him were both fucked he said ok i want to sleep anyways...so we drive to his place. Once we get there eric had to of undressed and dressed back up 6 times claiming he was ready for bed...he was so fucked! I start to walk in the kitchen and of course erics mom is standing there.....man I couldnt tell you how lucky i was but i managed to keep a half hour convo with erics mom so she wouldnt think I was fucked on anything. While im talking to her the who;e house seemed to have like vibes everywhere? I cant really explain what that means, but it looked like the house was alive and it tripped me out. 1am comes around and I start throwing up everywhere, like the trip was done, so I go to see how eric is and he was still tripping hard! lik I ouldnt belive it, he was tripping out until 2am and then he just crashed. So the morning comes and I wake up kind of dissapointed from my trip because it wasnt as spiritual as my last and I didnt know why, so if  anyone can explain to me why i didnt have the same effects as last time, that would help alot. Just read my other trip report to compare. Anyways to end off this report i asked eric the next day how his trip went, he looked at me and said some voice was telling him he would never leave the state he was in while on shrooms and to get used to this feeling forever! which explained why he asked what day it was all the the time! So after talking to him i realized he had a bad trip after his car broke down. So that will be the last time eric will ever do shrooms again! But not me! Im going to keep doing them until I reach that trip i so crave to have. Anyways comment and please read my other report!

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