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Barter Faire 2010

close to 6 gm's of mushies in a weekend

   A group of friends and I made the long haul to Barter Faire over in the Okanogan WA area.  Our first night there was the basic set up night.  I decided to take about 2 grams of cubes to feel good, an 8th is my usual full dosage.  I was a little concerned since I wanted to pop mushies the next night too though, my friend said just to take more the 2nd night and you'll be ok.  I wasn't sure if this was true or not, but I figured what the hell. The 2 grams that night did what I wanted, great body high while laughing my ass off the whole night...not to mention stumbling around all over. 

   My girlfriend and I scored more mushies the next day in preparation for that night.  We came across shrooms I've never even seen before, amazonian mushrooms, crazy looking. 

   Saturday evening finally hit and my gf and I pop our mushies down. My gf is somewhat new to taking mushrooms, a couple years now(so stoked she likes them), I've been taking them for about 5.  We didn't have a scale, I didn't like that too much.  Taking too many can flip your world upside down real quick...gotta respect the mushroom.

   After we gobbled em down with soup heated from the fire place, we smoked some THC oil that tasted like pure mint extract, awesome stuff.

   Here's where it gets good.

   Somehow, everyone in our camp fell asleep, except for our drunk friend who was out wandering around at the faire.  We felt the mushies sinking in while sitting at our firepit.  At this point, I'm curious how it's going to feel due to taking them the night before...never done 2 nights in a row.  I'm assuming I took around 3.5-3.7gm's and my gf around 2.5. 

   Our communication started to go sideways first, not really being able to comprehend what the other was saying or wanting to do while sitting around the fire.  I, for some reason, suggested we go into the tent to try and calm down.  It didn't work too well, the zipper of the tent got stuck and wouldn't zip up, just as it started to rain.  I'm shroomin out pretty good at this point and my tent not zipping up wasn't making things any easier. Of course, I kept thinking I was doing something wrong and it wouldn't zip up.  I took the first thought my mind gave me, wake your friend up and put all your stuff in his tent. My friend wasn't the happiest I woke him up, but he got over it and our stuff stayed dry. (I threw the tent away the next day, I couldn't even fix it while sober)

   After that, we we're on a semi bad trip, not really knowing what to do, sitting by the fire in a light rain trying to figure out what to do.

   Here is the main turning point. 

   My gf turned to me and asked, "can we walk over to the faire to see if that helps?" I replied by saying "we can do whatever you want to do." She told me later on that when I said this, it made her feel a whole lot better.  I've asked this to 2 people now on a bad trip and it helps, a lot. The faire bon fire was the main focal point of the weekends barter faire. We made our way to the fire and watched people...just watched people.  The drums, the bon fire, people dancing around the fire...it was like we had walked into a completely different world.

   20 minutes prior to this, my gf and I were'nt doing so good.  Now, being around all the good hearted and open minded people, it has completely flipped our world inside out, in the best way possible.  I have never experienced a feeling of being that happy. 

   I knew this was something I've never felt before. I've taken shrooms many times, but this was by far the best trip I had ever had. Almost like I was floating across the ground, not stumbling once.  Unlike the night before when I could hardly keep my balance.  I noticed myself stopping to listen to every little sound that was being made, wanting to stop, turn my head and take in whatever sound it was.  The drum circle can almost put you in a trance, saying you get lost in it while on mushrooms is an understatement.  While standing around the circle watching everyone bang their drums and dance freely around the fire, you look up and see nothing but stars...my girl and I agreed it was almost like a fantasy world.  The positive energy that was felt around this bon fire was something I'll never forget, a mind experience that can't be explained.  Everyone around the fire was completely lost in their own minds, taking a trip of their own.  Of course, we weren't the only 2 on mushies. Everyone there was getting a chance to experience what the mushroom can show you.

   In the midst of all this, we ran into our friend who was out wandering around, still a little drunk.  He kept saying he would take care of us since we were shrooming.  I was laughing in my head, I knew I would be taking care of his drunk ass if anything.


   Taking almost 6 grams of mushrooms in a weekend isn't something I recommend.  But, somehow, it gave me an experince of a lifetime.  It's moments like those when I remind myself why I take mushrooms and the immense good feeling it gives you in your mind, body and soul.

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