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Reached a new peak and depth-Astral Projection and Posession

5 hits of LSD in Sedona, AZ

I took a trip to Sedona, Arizona with my sister, my lover, and a 10 strip of some high strength lucy-the real deal. For those of you who haven’t heard of Sedona, it is a place where several energy vortex’s flow , enhanced by the iron oxide in the dirt, causing the big, bright, beautiful red rocks to be formed into a spectacular view of the land, comparable to the grand canyon in spectacle. These vortexes are said to enhance psychic abilities, as well as meditation, prayer, and healing. The fairly small community is inhabited by very enlightened and open minded people. There are numerous “new age” shops that sell a plethora of books on shamanism and spirituality, loads of gemstones and crystals, tarot cards, psychic readings, message, aura photos, incense, etc. So not only the vortexes but the people who live there plus the abundance of stones that have been brought to the area fill the air with noticeable, intense, exhilerating  energy. I read on the brochure that something like 65% of people go to Sedona seeking a healing or a spiritual experience.

Just so happens that we were some of them.  We camped overnight and woke up next morning to visit their well stocked health food store. We drove to Bell Rock, about a 200 foot tall red rock in the shape of a bell- possible to climb all the way to the top. This is where one of the “upward flow’ energy vortexes lie. we got about half way before we split the 10 strip. I took 5 leaving my lover with 3 and my sister with 2. One of these tabs is enough for me to fry for 24 hours. We hiked as far as we could go, resting just below the top to meditate.

As it kicked in I got a very strong sensation in my throat. It wasn’t my windpipe or my esophagous, but rather my throat chakra. My main intention with this dose was to heal me of the anger I had been carrying around for so long. It turns out that the throat chakra, which is blue, is where anger is stored and released. I felt as if quick jolts of electricity and heat were zipping through my body as the acid did its work on me.What seemed like an hour and a half went by, before 2 men came to talk to us. One of them healed my sister of her cough in just a few seconds of touching her. The other man happened to be a healer as well. It just so happened that his primary chakra was his throat, and his healing powers were of the nature of blue, he said. He realized 8 months ago that he had healing powers, and was guided to move down to Sedona 3 weeks ago from Oregon with no job, hardly any money, and nowhere to stay-but he wasnt sure why just yet. He hadn’t tried psychedelics in many years, and had never even heard of DMT, but was willing to accept the bag of BLUE lotus changa(dmt infused leaf) that I had been carrying around for quite some time, waiting to find a recipient. We had more changa made from the caapi leaves, which we prefer. He gave me a Blue Lace Agate stone in return. It would be the first stone in my collection. Which I later found out is primarily for healing the throat chakra, due to the fact that it is blue! The entire landscape was crawling and squirming with life while a nasty storm whipped in as fast as the acid rushed into our souls.

It was getting very cold and windy, so we hiked back down the rock,passing a few tourists who made us burst into giggles. Stopping to inspect the air for previously invisible phenomena, I first began to see giant, mostly teal colored floating through the air like 10 foot wide shimmering bubbles with decorated bands wrapping around the circumference. each band going horizontal. I could only see a few at a time in the area that I focused on, starting directly in front of me, but also stretching to the other side of the canyon, as far as I could see. They were mostly suspended, but lightly drifting and rising. If anyone has more information on these orbs or has seen them as well, please share. Slowly strolling back to the car, soaking in as much as I could, completely in awe, I began to see a double-helix shaped light structure spiraling upward from the ground. I could see several scattered across the rock, especially in the center, where the rock formation was the tallest. The top of the rock locked liquified as it danced along with the vortex. I was able to feel the pull from the one I was standing in, as I swayed back and forth with it in unison. It was getting very cold and very intense just being on the rock, but I wanted to get one last look before we got to the parking lot. I simply turned my gaze slightly upward, and opened myself up. A long, spiraling tunnel that eventually led into the clouds assimilated before my eyes. The clouds dramatically shifted from white to dark grey and swirled clockwise where they met the tunnel, maybe a dozen miles away from where I was standing. I was utterly amazed as the tunnel and the dark clouds rotated along with my head - perfectly syncronized and in the opposite direction of my spin.

I tilted my head several times both ways and the phenomena persisted, leaving my jaw hanging wide. “We have been holding out on ourselves!” is what I shouted. As I focused deeper and farther down the tunnel, I could feel myself getting sucked in. This was the hardest I have ever fried, and I had just about had enough for the day. Just standing on the rock was getting a little overwhelming. I knew that it was neither the time nor place to explore the tunnel further. “I dont even know what to do with it” is what i exclaimed as i quickly retreated back to the car. Two things were clear-I had gained access to some hidden ability that is always accessable with or without hallucinogens by not only me but everyone, including you. Also, that me and many others will be gaining knowledge of these abilities in the near future with the coming of the new age(2012). I was a bit overwhelmed at the time, but after much reflection I have come to the conclusion that I was on the threshold of Astral Projection, or the ability to leave your body and manuver not only this physical world but others as well, and interact with it’s inhabitants. Some are born with this ability, some randomly experience it unexpectedly, others during NDE’s, and some people put great effort forth to acieve it. I have been attempting every morning since then. There are certain techniques that can be found on the internet, and once again, it is possible for US ALL.

The moments above were some of the most inspiring I have ever experienced. The vision of the tunnel alone was enough to keep me going through the hardest struggle of my life that awaited me just minutes away.

We hopped in the car and stopped at a place labeled “New Age Center”. It was stocked with shelves full of statues, minerals, stones, incence (way too much of it giving the place an overwhelming aroma) etc. Mostly overpriced tourist trinkets, but not without beauty. 5 minutes later I found myself staring off into the cover of the “Deviant Moon” tarot cards my sister handed me. I swore I was fimiliar with the artwork, which is quite detailed, and slightly creepy. The store owner was looking over our shoulders as she was very suspicious of us, therefore sending us negative energy. I got lost for a second and became frantic for the exit(although the store was pretty damn small), due to the smell and the bad energy filling the room. I went to get some fresh air, and was yelled at to stop- I did not plan on stealing, but was so frazzled that i forgot to put the tarot cards back. I apologized and handed them back. We decided to take our business elsewhere, to a better environment.

Somewhere along the road I lost my head and pretty much blacked out for a while. The vehicle was pulled over to the parking lot of an art gallery due to the drivers struggle operating the stick shift. (She hadnt drove stick in a year and I was yelling and demanding answers to off the wall questions.) I dont have much recollection of what exactly I did or said, but I can tell you that I lost control and started obsessing. I was frantic and wild, switching from extreme excitement and joy to anger and frustration in an instant. They kept telling me to breathe and calm down. I suppose I needed to be told that, as I kept seeming to forget about breath. I repeatedly yelled at both of them things like “BREATHE WHAT?!” (air) “WHERES THE AIR?” (all around you) and “BREATHE AIR OR WATER?” and “WITH MY EYES OPEN OR CLOSED?”(I hardly blinked and several times used my fingers to hold open my eyelids...) and “RIGHT OR LEFT???!!!?!” “RIGHT OR LEFT!!?”I kept seeking more air, breathing fast and deep, and more water, chugging and choking. I also kept saying “Theres plenty of time for change.. and we are willing to change, and thats what matters. I said something about a psychedelic experience, and my sister responded “Thats what you are going through right now.” This was beneficial to me, as I did not know why I was in the state that I was, I had completely forgotten I had taken acid.“ At one point I shoved my girlfriend away, told her she needs to look at me more, and punched her in the face. She tried holding me but I violently shook her off, stumbled and hit my head on the truck behind me, and took off running down the empty hallway with 1 shoe, no shirt on, through the rain yelling “ITS TIME FOR CHANGE!”.

A pedestrian had seen the altercation and I was paranoid of the police getting called. THey eventually coaxed me back to the car where I first tried punching through the windshield several times, then diving through the back window into the passengers seat where I sat for the next two hours or so stuck waging an internal war that would be the hardest test of will I had ever gone through.
I sat mostly in silence for the next say 2 hours while I watched traffic pass by in the rear view, constantly worried about getting hit by a truck. I whimpered and suffered immensely. It felt as if I had been possessed. My ego had been completely obliterated and for a while I lost who I am now. It seemed as if some ‘Deviant’ little creature had taken hold of me. He wanted to steal my body, and force me into his world. The creature and the world I was plunging into had characteristics of the Deviant Moon world depicted in the tarot card deck I had seen, along with some of the angry hick energy that is found around the state of Arizona, mixed with an evil circus theme that included the contorted animal sculptures that were placed outside the art gallery. Everything was slowly fading to mostly black, and shapes were shifting as my reality started to crumble into the sick and twisted world I have described to you.I was slowly losing hope of ever returning to normal. I was convinced that my family was gone, and that I was being held hostage by two demons who did not have my best interest in mind.
It felt as if my consciousness had been scattered throughout the cosmos and it was up to me to collect it and piece it together again.During this time I was frantically looking around while i slowly but surely pieced my ego, as well as my desired reality back to life. It was like I was being constantly forced to make decisions. Every few seconds. These un-describable decisions determined who I was going to be,the new me. I made my decisions based on where exactly i was looking at that point in time-how much light was in that area, and what colors and shapes I was focused on. I had the thought running through my head that I had failed the mission and would have to wait for the next big bang and start all over again. The reason I held my eye lids open was because I was afraid that if I closed them and gave up, that this life would all disappear, for me to never return. I wanted to see this world so that I could focus on it, and not get swept away. I also was telling myself it was all a dream and i would wake up back in the shop where I left off and everything would be fine.
Regaining control and returning to normal was not a matter of time, but a matter of struggle. As I slowly regained myself, I found that I had peed my pants, no surprise with all the water I chugged. Plus its not the first time its happened. As I made my way back to earth, everything slowly became brighter and I was able to see the color of the car again- it was no longer gray but purple. I had overcome an immense obstacle.
Im not entirely sure what happened out there but I have no doubt that the struggle I experienced was real. I received great insight and learned valuable lessons that are unable to be shared. The time spent on that rock was the most intense healing I have ever gone through and continue to glow from it weeks after. It was very humbling and makes me appreciate this world that much more. I plan on taking more extensive protective measures in the future before embarking on such long journeys. If anyone has any suggestions or have had a similar experience please share.

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