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3rd times a charm!

It was a friday night about a month ago, and me and some friends had picked some really nice p.

It was a friday night about a month ago, and me and some friends had picked some really nice p. cubensis mushrooms from a field pretty close to our house. I had tried them a couple times before, and all I really felt was lots of aztec images, and movement everywhere; this time was different.
I personally hate the taste of mushrooms, so we mixed them in limemade concentrate w/ ice, and made *Shroomie Kings*, as we like to call them (they taste great!). We had 4 containers w/ about 50 grams each in them, and me and 3 other friends ate about 1 1/2 bags, about 20 grams each. About 30 minutes later i began to feel a great sense of enegry all around me (I get this every time now) and everything started to melt. The laughter between the 4 of us came quickly, and stupid things began to become hilarious. We have all heard great things about the outdoors, so we proceeded there in hopes of amazing things. When I got out there I caught notice of some trees, and everything around me turned black, this kinda scared me, but it was kinda funny. Then my friend Rocko turned to me, and his face started turning into a werewolf, and i couldn't look at him w/o being scared. We layed down, and my feet started to feel like they were stuck in quicksand, so I went inside to see all the carpet/mirror/rug visuals most shroomers see.
We then got a sudden urge to drive (which scared me a lot), but we made our way to some local woods. My friend Travis ran into the woods, and my peak was now happening. He fiercly turned into an image made of lines and pixels, and the trees went on forever. It seemes like we were in an imaginary place and we ran out into the woods. My girlfriend became worried because none of us knew where we were, but they finnally found our car next to the woods, and head out there. There was like 10 kids that came w/ her, and they all had on crazy hats made of ballons (they really did and im not sure why....)They made the trip funny as we thought we were being attacked by the veitcong, and we were in the US army. I then proceeded to lay in the grass, and stare at the stars, as they are the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.
My trip was begginng to come down, and we went to my friend John's house and chilled (we brought along a 3 foot tall standup poster of Mini-me *as he seemed to always want to be w/ us during trips*, and all the intellegent questions where asked, some answere about life/comic books/board games/girls.... My mom then called and wanted me to come home, and I enjoyed the lights on our main street, as it looked like we were going down Las Vegas (mind blowing). Rocko proceeded home, unable to sleep for hours, while me Travis and Jon went to my house and watched the final visuals fade away.... We slept like babies, I can't wait until my next trip... =)

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