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My first Trip, With Nature.

It was intense.

Okay, now before I even begin to let you all know just how incredible this was, Let me explain something. That poll on Shroomery? You all should know it, The question that asks where you normally trip? Remember that question? Yeah.

I had only tripped in my own house, or a friends house.

I was in for a drastic change.

Trips inside, weren't so bad, they were fun filled. I had only ever taken a half an 8th at the time, for the simple fear of hurting my body. I didn't know much about Mushrooms then, or tripping in general. Anyhow, the trips themselves were fun. I was usually surrounded by friends, with lights, TV, music, laughs, food, and just what turned out to be a good trip overall. Or so I thought. I had always enjoyed the casual trip -- Staying up late, tripping all night if possible, tons of friends, videogames, internet videos, and just fucking around until it wore off. Even coming down was fun. It wasn't like E, or Acid. You usually don't feel like shit when you start to come down, but on E, you seriously hate yourself. You want to fucking punch holes in your chest to pull out the chemicals and acids sitting inside you, ruining your night. Shrooms were always easy for me to sleep on, they never hurt me or affected me badly. But there was one downside to all the trips I had ever had....

It took FOREVER to work, and sometimes, It did nothing.

Now, I do not know if it was because I had exhausted the indoor tripping experience, or whether it was because I had continuously taken the same dosage over and over and built up an immunity, but I knew that It wasn't having the same affect on my body, and especially my mind that it was at the beginning of my tripping career. (Yes, it is a fucking Career to trip. A job. I mean it.)
I had just purchased some Mushrooms, (Can't remember what they were, this was over 8 months ago) and had started wondering about what would happen if I had gone outdoors for a trip. I had always been afraid because of the simple fear that mostly everyone has had, or still haves. Nobody wants a Bad trip. You can get stuck inside a thought and fuck with yourself all night, cry, scream, just go crazy. You can hear one thing, and it can get stuck in your mind, and it can eat you, like the very darkness that I wanted to trip in. I asked around because I hadn't wanted to trip outdoors alone, and secondly, because It was probably going to be out at night and being alone during a night trip for the first time was not something I was prepared to tolerate. I asked, and asked, and asked, but nobody would partner up with me. I was fairly sure for a while that I wasn't ever going to do this because I had nobody else to partake in the experience with me. But then there was Colin. (I have permission to use his name.) He stepped up, and helped me move beyond the indoor trip. He was like a brother that night. And now, I always have a wingman.

We both shared, yet again, another 8th of Shrooms, followed by OJ, and some Vitamin C pills. (We wanted to experience the ultimate trip outdoors, But I still don't know if that stuff even helps the trip or not.)
We were inside until it got dark, and the trip was happening, the television was changing colors, and we were laughing at My older brother Breathing. I was taking in thoughts that were leading to deep discussions inside my head, yet I had on desire to want to share them with anyone else. They were in my private chamber in my mind, and I was going to take them with me, all the way to the Darkness outside. When we felt the trip was peaking, we had My girlfriend drive us out of the city, into the wilderness. We Found a broken, beaten path and followed it, with My girlfriend for safety in case we started to go down the bad trip. We followed the trail up the side of a mountain, and we arrived at a lookout. We could see all the bright lights of the city overhead, but even better -- All around us was nothing but trees, shrubbery, dirt, rocks, animals, branches creaking, leaves blowing, animals squirming around... We were at the peak.

I remember distinctly moving my feet over the dirt, and listening to the reverberations of the dirt moving around, and the rocks scratching the ground, and it echoing in my mind, over and over. I was lost deep in Natures grasp, and At that very moment, I realized just how great it was to trip outdoors. The darkness was helping, because it contrasted the bright city lights, and I was having intense visuals, along with a great body high, and the best feeling ever. That I was seriously in tuen with my surroundings. At that moment I knew, I no longer needed to feel the comfort of my own home, television, music, games. I had something better now. I had wilderness. I had Wind, I had Trees, I had the feeling that I could take a step, and walk up into the sky and float there, untouchable.

My point isn't to tell you about my trip, and what I experienced, or anything like that, My point is to let you know that even a Level 1 trip can outlast a level 5 trip. WIth the right mindset, the willingness to let the trip take you over, and possibly a friend or too, the wilderness, and even a little help from the city -- can help immensely.

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