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Great trip turned bad.

~5g -Not sure species

It was my 3rd time to trip on mushrooms, my friend and I split an ounce. I am a very impatient person and get bored easily. I was sitting in my room watching a movie, I started to get bored and decided I would eat just a gram or two, that turned into about 5 or 6g... Still watching the movie about 30 minutes later I realized that the wall behind the tv was purple (It's white). So I leaned forward to look closer and the wall seemed to lean towards me instead, I was a little intrigued by this. So I started to rock back and forth in my chair watching the wall move towards and away from me. I soon got bored with this and I am now completely oblivious to the movie, I turn and put my feet on the bed and pulled the comforter up just waiting for something interesting to happen. Sure enough I started staring at the comforter and realized it was pulsing to my heartbeat and started to form a snake skin design on it. I continued to stare at this for a while and time seemed to slow to a halt. What seemed like 2 hours was only 20minutes, my mind was racing with thoughts and excitement. I turned back around and realized the movie was still playing, I watched the movie for a bit but again got bored with it, I realized after a while that my mouth was cramping up and starting to hurt. It had been about 4 hours into eating them I started to get very tired, mentally and physically. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep very well but I decided to try anyway, this is when things turned bad.

I was laying down trying to go to sleep but my heart was pounding and my mind was still racing. I started to feel the need to stretch/flex my muscles, my entire body soon started to cramp up, this became very painful and irritating especially when all you want to do is go to sleep. It really started to freak me out, I kept thinking it would never end and that I could never escape this new reality that was literally beginning to be painful. I started to seriously consider calling an ambulance, I just kept thinking it would be better to call a family member but my mind kept coming back to calling an ambulance. I was literally freaking out at this point. I didn't go to sleep at all that night and got up in a lot of pain. This was the best / worst trip I have ever had. I normally didn't eat them by myself but my intentions were not to eat so many either.

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