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Was it really weed?

The craziest weed I smoked

Well me and my friend had just got home each of us both had a good 2 grams of the dankiest dankidy dank shit you could buy where i live. It looked really odd tho, it had a white sparkle with an orangish tint to it. This didn't bother us. We grabbed my homemade 2 Liter pop bottle lung and went out to my shed. I packed the first bowl and away it went. I was buzzing pretty damn good when i looked at my friend and his face began to grow. We kept on brewing the lung until all of the weed was gone.

Then we went out of the shed....bad idea. It was 3 in the morning pitch black and all we had was a flash light to guide our two stoned asses. My friend began saying he was seeing shit along the trees watching us, i was begging to get paranoid. He shined the light around the fields ( i live in the country ) and suddenly there was glowing eyes everywheres. Only later on did i relaize they were cows but already we were running to the house screaming. I was looking at the house while running and it felt like i wasnt running forwards but backwards as my house just seemed to go farther and farther then i was at my porch. I couldn't believe what just happened.

We went inside and began to munch out on all of our food then when to my room and layed down. The weed i then knew was laced with something crazy. As i stared at the ceiling it began to swirl around almost like water does into a drain. My friend turned on the stereo and just our luck...my crazy techno cd was on. I was staring at my friend when suddenly his head grew about 4 x bigger and his body shrank to miniature size. The way my vision was is like you see in a picture when its focused on something but the rest of it is blurry... well is face was focused and everything else wasnt. I was laughing when suddenly his skin started turning pale...then to a flourecent blue then green and purple it began cycling through these colours to the beat of the song. I was giggling and laughing when the song Get to the Point by Liquid stanger came on. Everything went downhill from there.

His face went pale white and his lips bright red. His eyes turned to a glowing red and he looked extremly mad. Wrinkles began to form on his face and  he looked like an evil clown from hell. I was scared out of my mind. I looked away then looked back and my friend was back to his normal goofy self, with a tooth sticking out of his mouth and his goofy smile...but it happened again, and every time i looked at him it would happen. My friend this whole time was just staring at me not even saying a word. Then i asked him how he was feeling but when he talked i almost screamed my lungs out. Every time hje would talk it sounded as if i was stepping on him even tho i could clearly see him in front of me. I then layed down and kept staring at him seeing his face morph into clown faces even tho i felt like dying i was oddly ammused by it. Then when i thot that was weird , weirder things happened. HIs face began to split in half revealing another one of his faces. It looked like he had 3 faces and they were all glued togehter. From there i dont remember much i just remember laying in bed closing my eyes seeing extreme visuals that i could feel somehow. I bought the same weed the next day and had noowheres near the same effect... how this happened i am not sure but it was the weirdest experience ive had off of weed..

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