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first level five trip-40grams fresh cyans

My most powerful trip ever

Alright heres a bit of background on my mushrooms experiences. I have taken shrooms 8 times before this one. I have mostly taken an eighth of cubensis. The most shrooms I have ever taken was 2/8th's cubensis which I enjoyed alot. I have also only taken cyanescens one time before this.

         Here's the story: It was mid November I really wanted to have one last mushroom trip a level 5 which I never experienced before. Cyanescens grow in my backyard because i got wood chips back there. I went in my backyard where i found some before and picked about 45 cyanescens. The next day friday after school ate one last meal before the trip and left for my friends. I had taken the shrooms at about 10:00pm Cyanescens taste way better than cubensis by the way. After I downed 40 shrooms with orange juice, 5 shrooms I gave to my friends brother T. At about 10:30pm I started feeling the shrooms which was a nice body high with slight visuals beginning. My friend J was the trip sitter. I wanted to watch Tim And Eric's Awesome Show so J put it on. That show is crazy sober on shrooms it's a whole other story. I was laughing having a good time, then J told me about how one of the characters of the show was a coke head and walks around Seattle. this made me feel sorry for him. At about 11:30pm I started having very visuals like the strongest visuals I've ever seen. I was looking at the shadow of a light fixutre which looked like mushrooms, I saw them growing. I also saw Swirling patterns in my vision that were green, and yellow. I looked at my phone, looked at the time and asked T how his trip was going. He was really stoned off weed, and replied it's alright, I knew he was tripping though due to the way he was acting. I got up off the couch and walked around the room then walked back to the couch, and sat down. We started watching Beavis And Butthead the movie. Here's when the trip stars getting too intense. It was about 11:40pm and started watching Beavis And Butthead movie when J asked how strong the shrooms were. I replied these are the strongest mushrooms I've ever eaten. I told J these are starting to over power me, he passed me a bong and I took a hit. The movie was really tripping me out especially this old lady that looked like E.T. I puked after this into a bucket. Now at about 11:45pm I started having "my mind turned inside out". You don't know what this means until you actually experience it. I started thinking on extreme levels about everything J told me. I felt like I was  going crazy. That's the best way I can describe it. At this point which I'm guessing is around 12am I start analyzing everyting J said. Which made me believe that I was deciphering simple stuff he was saying and revealing messages about his Mind, and how he thinks. I seriously starting feeling sorry for him because of the stuff he said. Sometime between the hour 12am-1am I was thinking about my future and the job I wanted to do, and how if I continued to think about this I would end up changing what I want to be and let my dad down. Time was not making any sense to me at all. Every second felt like a minute. At about 1am I slowly started coming down the tirp was very intense still but slowly I was coming back to reality. At 1am I told J about how mushrooms turned your head inside out. I was really talking abut how I will never do shrooms again, and that I wouldn't wish this trip on my worst enemy. T was going in and out of the house and eventually fell asleep at around 1am. I told J how I think the trip changed my life, and my perspective of things. I felt like I needed to right this trip out on  piece of paper but I only could right mushrooms turn your head inside out. I think at around 1:20am I started watching family t.v. I don't remember what was on. I still had a journal to right the tirp out. Then I though about triangles and how they are there. J thought this question was very funny. "What is a triangle?" He said what if that question was on the SAT.  At round 1:30am I continued talking to J about normal stuff, how my level five trip was. From then on to like 3am I was slowly coming down. Some time I think at 2am I wnated to get a water so I walked out of the room into a pitch black living room where I walked very slowly trying to find the firdge. When I laid down and tried to go to sleep I got scared because every time I close my eyes I felt like I was leaving reality. That in my opinion was definitely a level 5 trip. I read a perfect description of my trip some where on here.  A level five trip with shrooms consist of this coming up to a peak in which your brain is taken apart like legos, and the rest of the trip consists of picking up the pieces and slowly putting your brain back together. It felt like every once in awhile my brain was slowly putting another layer of my brain back together. Since this trip I may never do shrooms again, but at I experienced a level five trip.

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