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the door of great wonders..

some amazing shrooms from British Columbia, Canada

My weed dealer had mushrooms one weekend so i decided to buy just 2 grams off him(dried). I had done mush before, but never had much luck with it, so i wasn't expecting a hell of alot, i just thought it would make my night more interesting (did it ever!) 

I didnt eat after work and kept my stomach empty until about 9:30, when i knew my parents would soon be in bed. I chewed all the mushrooms up at once until they were practically liquid, then swallowed them down with a few gulps of water. By doing this i was hoping to get quick results that didn't keep me up until 4 in the morning. 

I went inside and started watching tv. My parents were still up and in the room with me, and not 10 minutes after eating them i already felt different. Soon the picture on the TV started to turn sideways, while the Tv itself stayed upright. this is when i knew my family could not see me much longer. I went into my room and started listening to my ipod. I picked a very trippy and uplifting techno song called " Dreamscape - 009 sound sysem".. check it out.   The second the song started i was overcome with a feeling of floating off my bed! My jaw dropped at how fast these shrooms kicked in. immediately the hallucinations started. 

First, the border around the door appeared to be moving. this was interesting, but i wanted more. I looked around my room but saw nothing interestng, then i looked back at the door and the moment i layed eyes on it, it blew up in size and was right in my face for a split second then it immediately went back to normal size. The door is wood and the wood grain becan to move. The colors became super vibrant and all the lines were flowing. then the border around the door began rotating! Suddenly the peak of the high hit me like a truck. my jaw dropped to the floor as i watched the door stretch, change brightness ( one second it appeared dark, then next second it appeared to have 1000 watts of light shining on it ). It constantly looked like it was opening, but i could see that the door was latched shut the entire time. i know that doesnt make any sense and seems impossible but thats what i saw! all the hallucinations i just listed that involve my door began all happening at once. I could not believe it, i did not know what to think, i just stood there in awe. after experiencing so much trippage i was sure a few hours had gone by. I looked at the clock and was amazed to see that I had only eaten them a little over half an hour ago!!!! 

I went to go take a piss, and when i looked at my penis it was getting smaller and smaller. i didn't like this of course, but when i started pissing it went back to normal. then when i was pissing all my pubes were "swimming" towards my penis! i found this absolutely hilarious. 

Everyone went to bed and i started walking around. I remember all the non-digital clocks were staring at me and trying to fool me. the next morning i found i had taken down all the clocks but i do not remember this.

Here comes the deep meaningful part! 

I walked down stairs to a part of the house where there are bricks inside. right away i saw the plaster in between the bricks start to flow, like a big interwoven river. I looked hard at one certain brick. this brick resembled me. All the other bricks around me resembled my family members. The flowing plaster was the love that holds a family together. I began having deep revelations about how without love, a family will fall apart, just like how without plaster, the brick wall would fall apart. 

Then it was time for a walk. I went outside and only one star was in the sky. As i walked, more and more stars appeared until there seemed to be hundreds. I didn liek it outside and i wanted to be in my room again. I imagined my room as my own little safe tripping place, and in a way it was. Everything i tripped on in my room satisfied me. I turned around andg ran back to the house. I could not beleive how fast i seemed to be running! i Felt like i was moving at over 30 mph, although when i think back to how far apart my steps were, it was probably more like 10 mph. 

now the trip began to wear off at around midnights, just like i had hoped for, so i could work in the morning. Falling asleep while coming down from mushrooms is strange. I kept having "awake  dreams". i would close my eyes and be in a dream thinking i'm asleep, then realize im fully awake. 

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