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Hardest Trip, blue Caps

whoah baby

It was February school vacation, and almost time for the trip that my friends and I had been planning out for months. We decided that we wanted to hike this local mountain, Mt.A, to catch the sunrise, but to take shrooms before the hike so that the sunrise would be danik as hell. Participants on this hike would be me, Linden, Alex, Brad, Ian (all 16 or 15.5 at the time) and Jake, who was 17. Linden, Alex, Brad, and I would be the only ones tripping on shrooms, while Ian and Jake would only smoke weed, since Jake was driving and Ian just didn't want to trip. We all stayed over Jake's house that night, getting really blazed and watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Brad took out the shrooms he bought us, so we could split them up evenly. We had all pitched in for a quarter, so we'd each have half an 8th, not expecting to trip toooo hard. The caps he got though, were blue caps, and were a combonation of buttons, full shrooms, the works. So when splitting them up, we realized that there was one shroom, that stood out among the rest. It was the mega button. This mega button is hard to describe, but bring your pointer finger tip to your thumb as to make an oval, and the button was about the circumference and diameter of that oval. It was like a cap infused with a stem, but squished really close together and really solid. The button was bluish black, and when we split it in half, it snapped apart like breaking a piece of chalk in half would snap. The inside was a dark sky blue. The group declared that I was the most experienced with shrooms, so i'd get the mega button. Alex, feeling like i shouldnt eat the whole thing myself, said he'd split it with me. We all had our bags split up, and fell asleep around 2. We all woke up at 4, at some granola bars, then got in jakes car to leave. We actually had to pick up Ian at his house, since he was not with us yet. When we got in the car, we decided to eat our shrooms, so I just started with the half of the mega button and a long stem in the shape of a sherlock pipe. When I ate these two bits, I could jsut feel the dankness of them in my stomach, and the stench of them seemed to wreck havoc in my mouth. 15 minutes later we have picked up Ian, and he crams in the way back with me, while iLinden and Brad sit in the back infront of us, and alex sits upfront with jake. As we start driving now, I said that I thought i was starting to feel something, then I started to feel kind of dizzy. I knew it'd be easy to panic, so i decided to just try laughing off the onset, but then I looked at the road ahead as we drove, and it seemed like we were endlessly driving into a hil, as in as we drove, it always seemed like there was the same amount of hill infront of us. This accompanied this song called sweet honey by slightly stoopid playing, and the combo made me keep going ohhh man. At this point i laid my head down and felt really ridiculous and out of control. When i brought my head back up, I felt a sudden need for air, so I asked linden to open his window. He neglected me so i asked again and again to the point of urgency and then he finally put it down. I brought my mouth to the window crack, and sucked in as much air as i could. I had really no idea where we were, and didnt really think anyone did. We finally got to the mountain, where we all got out of the car, and I felt much better. I felt really alive, kind of like floating, and decided i was ready to take on the journey up the mountain. Meanwhile, Alex wasnt feeling so well all of this sudden, but no on seemed to care, so i went over to him and asked him how he was doing. He told me he had just felt really shitty and sweated a ton, and felt like he almost puked, but was feeling better and just needed more time to recooperate. We eventually started the hike, and I felt like the whole thing wasnt too real, but was like hey that's just how it is. Linden and I kept stopping to sit in the snow, where we would both start to feel like we just melted into the snow and melted into the surroundings. We would get pretty far out when we'd snap back to reality when someone would say come on guys we gotta go. This always kind of irritated me because I wanted to just enjoy the trip doing whatever felt right, but i got going again remembering that we had a mission. As we kept going, it got lighter and lighter out, and Alex and I started doing this thing where we'd narrate the hike in metaphorical ways. It got so crazy to the point where we couldnt talk without saying metaphors. For examplem there was a slippery steep spot, and he said "watch out, the terrain is slippery" and then i said "but even though we may take a few falls, we will still make it up" The whole time I felt like the day coming to life was symbolic to enlightenment and awakening. This however, led to the peaking. I stopped and said I had to pee, so my friends said go ahead and pee. I was like "oh right, pee" and then i would just look around all confused, The thing was, I didn't want to pee on or around the trees because I didn't want them to see me. Kind of counteractive to the whole idea, I just whipped it out right there and peed, not really in any discretion towards anything. I noticed that as I peed, my dick appeared to get larger and smaller. After this, I looked around, and for reasons unknown, said "It's red time!" My friends were terribly confused, but wouldnt stop giving me a look of "I'm concerned, what;s wrong with you?" I looked at jake, and all at once, his face just melted and breathed. Then I looked at his coat, which was green and purple striped, and the stripes seemed to light up or move in a pattern. In response to this, I exclaimed "Green and purple! That's all you need!" AFter this, we continued hiking and I just thought of everything important to me, without realizing it. I kept saying how I wanted to call my parents, brother, or girlfriend to tell them about the hike. I would correct myself by saying that's not a good idea, but I was just like "They are important people, I feel like they should know."  I moved on to saying that I wanted to have baby lions with this girl that I had a crush on(not my gf) which made everyone laugh which made me feel really happy. We finally got to the top of the mountain, and everything up there was straight up shrinking and growing. I looked at the sky, and it felt really intergalactic and stellar, and at this point i said "I could go into space right now if I wanted to, but I know we dont have time for that, so i wont." We then played hacky sack, which seemed to move in frames, and then Brad and Linden were playing with brads sweatshirt string. They pulled it out as long as it went, and the string looked wiiiicked fucking long,and had many twists and turns in it that just wertent possible. We were all laughing so hard when Ian told us to stop. That just kind of pissed us off, and I looked at ian and he looked like a psychotic frog. After this whole deal, we went down the mountain and I was convinced that I'd be with these kids the rest of my life. I thought we'd find away to escaped society, and would always be tripping. I felt bad that I couldnt say bye to my parents or brother, but then raelized that I would act like my brother in order to carry on his legacy, and to keep my friends in line. We got into the car, and then I just fell dead silent. In my head, I just was thinking "oh hey here comes a car, well this car will drive right into us, we are going to die, so oh well jake's killing us." After those thoughts, I kept thinking that at one point, I'd just pee out the window, that I just had to pee out the window no matter what. They were telling me that we were going to teh beach to surf, which really confused me cause we didnt have surfboards, and I didn't know how to surf. I kept asking ian, "are we really going surfing?" and he always said YEAH! Later I'd be kind of pissed at him because he was fucking with me, but once we got to the beach, everyone got out of the car except me. At once, I noticed the window was open, so I crawled out the window, ran onto the beach at full speed, and just started peeing right on the beach. It made sense, because I thought "oh you can just pee in the water at the beach" but i didnt realize that this didnt apply to peeing right on the sand in the open. My dick grew and shrank again, and my pee bubbled and sparkled and swirled in the sand. I felt really good after, and was cheering at my friends due to the success. We then drove home as I had great thoughts of living with my friends as surfers who just worshipped the ocean, At the same time, I kept asking brad questions that had obvious answers, such as "im 16, right?" or "rich is my brother, right?" and hed just look at me weird and be like uhhh yeah dude. I was just doing this to assure myself that reality still existed. Once we got to brads, we went in his room where I came out of the trip, and it was about 10:30. I was like holy fuck what the hell, then we took bong rips and went in brads hot tub. I still felt weird for the rest of the day, but was really amazed that only that stem and half of the mega button did that to me, and i still had half a bag of shrooms left. :D

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