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first time trippin

definitely a trip to remember

 this was my first time ever doing a hallucinogenic drug. I was with my friend and we just split an 8th of shrooms. it took such a long time for them to kick in, but when they did it was the coolest thing ever. The first thing i felt was a weird body high. i was drawing pictures at this point when my hands started to shake. i think i was just excited for the mushies to kick in. Anyway after that i gave up drawing and i went and stood in the street with a sober friend, and i stared at the gutter. the gutter at first appeared normal, but then all of the sudden it looked like the pavement was rippling like water. i was amazed. After standing there for maybe a minute, the three of us went for a walk. We walked to this fort on this little island that we built for blazin' and i sat down. i put my ipod in, and started blasting music. A stick in the back of the fort caught my eye, and as i stared at it, the moss built over the stick looked like a face. then suddenly the stick started to move to the beat of my music. Then it appeared to me like a man with no limbs that was just jammin to my music. it was so tight. then i was nudged and we had to go to the park for some reason i dont remember. we sat down at a wooden picnic table.  i started to concentrate on the cracks and grooves in the table. they started moving around and i noticed that sections of the tables were higher then other parts. Then my friend(the other shroomer) told me to look at the clouds. they were big and puffy. One of them opened up and there was a hole in the middle. i looked through and it looked like a giant plain stretching as far as the eye could see. the plain was still all white like a cloud, but that would have been way sicker if it was like a savanna or something with all the color. after that i saw a small cloud of smoke. it took the shape of a crab(of course no red color, still a grey smoke) and it looked like it was lip syncing the lyrics to my music. That blew me away. then we went to Winco(grocery store). it was tho coolest thing i had ever seen. all the plastic bottles and shiny wrappers and bright lights glistened and reflected off to my face. it was magnificent. we bought some food and then sat out front of the store and ate it all. that day was halloween so everyone was dressed in these weird costumes outside. it tripped me out. it didnt really scare me it just made me depressed for a while. i was just thinking really hard and i guess i almost felt nostalgic. i was thinking of when i was a little boy and when i dressed up like batman every year and now i spent my halloweens getting drunk or doing shrooms like this year. it almost made me cry i swear to god it was really sad. call me sensitive but those mushies took over and i could not control it. after that we started heading back to the park. we were just talking and somehow i concluded in our discussion that we were probably the smartest people to ever walk the earth and no one could near our intelligence. obviously that is not true but the shrooms just really made me think about things. the sober one had to go home but my other friend(the other tripper) and i went back to my house, and we did end up going trick or treating that night, but we did not dress up dont worry. What a happy ending.      

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