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First Trip with 3 grams

I was bacteria forming life

So finally i decided to try some shrooms, i bought 3 grams hoping for the best trip of my life and indeed it was. Before i loss sense of reality i was getting used to the distortions in my house. I was so mesmorized i was screaming how awesome it was for almost the entire trip. Throughout my trip i was running, jumping and dancing and it finally came to a point where so many things were moving i thought i was in an intense dream. Of course we had one person who had experienced a trip and made me think that when we die we use water to come back to life. I thought that nothing mattered at this point and anything i did would not matter because nothing existed, the sense of time and life as we know completely disapeered. I felt like i was the roots of life were created in an chemical reaction that is able to move and form as long as water was there to hold the basic life cells. When i was traveling through the water it felt like i kept dying in the dream and reawake when the waves my trip started to wear off. When each wave of trip came back i found my self traveling through a tunnel of water and when i was traveling through the tunnel it created the best feeling in the world, i honestly thought that i died and i felt so good i thought normal life was over and i was in heaven. After reality started to come back, 7 hours later i was so angry because i was not in heaven at all i was back in reality. The thing that gets me is that what the hell is reality anyway, i cant grasp on what it actually is now. I cant wait for my next trip, i am assuming i wont leave earth again and stream through a space of water. But if thats what heaven is like then i am game lol.

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