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Why I respect DXM, but not recommend it to anyone

Sometimes the balance get heavier on a side.

DXM is amazing in his twisted sort of way. I will talk about my experience and my point of view of it.

For me, my first usage of DXM ruined my life, the second one helped me get on track. Strange?

This substance was introduced to me as a party drug. Never knew its psychedelic side for months of using it. My tolerance was getting bigger and I got lost in this fantasy, this new world where everything was in it's order, everything was alright. Meanwhile my tolerance was build, and the higher the dose, more and more stupid things I've done without knowing it. Right know if I can go back in time and choose not to take it, I will, but not because it was DXM's fault, because of me. I didn't realise that I was a addictive personality until it was too late. After literally screwing my life, the withdrawal was similar with heroin withdrawal. It was almost a week of hell for me. And again, I don't blame DXM.

After that, 3-4 months passed by, and the depression was getting more overwhelming, and I was getting pretty desperate. And after reading A LOT about this substance, I realized it's true potential but it's dangers too.

I don't know what I was thinking, but back then I could really use a psychedelic experience, something to help me with the depression. I took a plateau 2 dose of .. DXM, and it really, I mean really got me a life changing experience. No distortions, or visions whatsoever, but it was exactly what I needed, a introspection state of mind. That whole night I analyzed my past, saw different versions of what I will become in the future. I solved in one night things that any psychiatrist would work on them for years. This time it really helped me get back on track. It "cured" my depression. My family and friends were amazed by my sudden recovery. But this experience remained a secret thought (couldn't tell them "Hey mom, you know that DXM I took for several months and ruining my life with even you lost hope on me? Oh, turns out it's a dissociative with psychedelic experience and this time it helped me get on the right track." 

Also, this trip was more a anti-addiction too. I got rid of all of my addiction: cigarettes, alcohol, weed(I know weed it's great and all, but not sure if that was the right time in life to use it and to spend all my money on), even DXM. After two years, I did used it once, last week, having a great plateau 3 experience.

Now I know this isn't the best psychedelic, or the safest drug, but for me, this literally saved my life after I(not DXM) screwed it.

DXM it's great, but keep it as rare as possible that's I think this two trips were way than enough for me.

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