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Taking baby steps into the psychedelic world.

My first trip as a newbie. I never really knew what tripping was until I experienced it.

My first week turning 18 back in May of this year was fascinating. I was introduced to other substances other than cannabis.
Highs beyond belief and feelings I never thought I could feel. After messing around with MDMA I started to have curious thoughts on trying out hallucinogens. I heard so many things about LSD and Shrooms so I started to do some research and thought i'd take a walk to talk to someone about them. Now I'm pretty much new and didn't know what I was getting myself into. Thankfully my ex-boyfriend [who is gay] had experience and said to me he would do it with me. We bought an 1/8th of an ounce of dried up golden teachers [golden caps]. I was told to request mostly stems. 
I get the baggie and look at them and smiled. I felt I was ready. I got a good nights sleep and made sure nothing was planned. It was June 12th, 2010 around 1PM we start to eat them and drink orange juice to hide the taste [I'm 5ft 3 1/2in and 120lbs. I downed more than half of the eighth]. They didn't really bother me, it's just the fact they stuck to my teeth :X and the texture. We wait a while  and hit the bong a few times on the front porch. I felt myself daze off looking at the ground. To my surprise the patio bricks were stretching. I look over and ask what the hell was going on. I was real confused. I stood up a while and thought I needed a change of setting. My legs felt weak and I fell over laughing. I thought it was the cannabis that made me feel this way. It was just a really really heavy body high. I finally stand up and looking at my ex-boyfriends shirt really freaked me out. I was patting his shoulders down because his shirt was doing something weird like the wrinkles were rising? He says its the onset coming up. I remember hearing 'nature walks' were really fun when shrooming. So I then opened the door since we were now in the basement and as I open it, It is so bright outside. The grass was a vivid green just like it gets when it is newly 'born' [I suppose I can word it that way?] it was beautiful. I was in total "awe".  Now this really confused me how as soon as I go outside and walk a few steps I start sweating hardcore [Like someone threw me in a pool.] the green flashed to a yellow then it all became white. I couldn't see anything or hearing anything I felt as I collapsed.. According to my ex he said it only lasted about a minute but it felt longer and my eyes were wide open. I found him face to face with me saying if I was alright. I shake my head and realized I was sitting on a rock. I was so confused. After that incident it was all good from there. Everything was like HD TV in my eyes. I laid down back in his room and enjoyed my trip. He showed me so many things that were new to me. Opened up new genres [I now love The Doors, Tool, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Beatles]. I closed my eyes and felt so relaxed when laying on him. I told him he felt like a tempur pedic mattress because I felt myself sinking into him  into a puddle. I picked up my bowl and twirled it around. The pink and blue colors melted. It was insane. But that wasn't all that melted. I have a habit of looking into mirrors [You know, like fixing hair and my make up]. Well I did my regular daily check up and it was different. I learned a mirror is evil. I stared deeply into my eyes. My pupils were dilated to the max. I only saw black. I saw my face melting in front of my eyes. I felt like I was losing myself. I started to cry and I was pulled away from the mirror. I felt my hands getting clammy again and sweating. It was now about 6PM. The day went by so slow and I was getting tired I wanted it to stop. I felt paralyzed and my stomach started to get upset. My ex got hungry and got  something.  I wondered how he could eat. He was eating a twinkie. I couldn't bear to look at it. It looked so gross. I told him to stop and he starts to laugh and making the "mmm" sound. I wanted to vomit. Just the sound made me so sick to my stomach I had no idea. I asked when it would stop and he said when it leaves your system.  He suggested we'd listen to music and he put on some Grateful Dead. Every song had its own feeling to it. It made me feel better and more relaxed. We then saw some videos on youtube and came across the Mushroom Monster. It was pretty cute and soon around 11PM I started to come down. I was very tired. I thought the coming down was going to be rough but it wasn't. It was quite enjoyable. I fell asleep like baby. I woke the next morning and to this day I'm a changed person. I'm calmer and take things slow. No more rushing and stressing out. Life is too short for that. Just like reality. It has its ups in downs. Another thing I use more is not running away from problems like I use to. Like being a bad trip; If you fight it and run away. It's still going to be there. So, just sit back, relax, and ride the waves. :)

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