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Strangest psychedelic experience

Weird trip involving no drug usage.

A week days ago I had a DXM trip in a 3rd Plateau. This was a truly psychedelic and religious experience for me. But I won't talk about this, it's about a some sort of trip with some psychedelic experience involving no drug usage. I've always been fascinated about achieving altered states of mind without taking drugs.

Then, a couple of days ago it came to me the idea of having some sort of psychedelic, even partial experience but without involving drugs. After a lot of reading about these topics, I tried this evening to achieve an altered state of mind.

I played this relaxing music (Relax - Buddhist Meditation Music - Zen Garden - Kokin Gum) in a loop while trying to mediate. Lights off, lay in bed and listening to music. Note: I am very inexperienced when it comes to meditating, because I never done it before, and I don't really know if I achieved it now.

So I was trying to calm down, and relax. After a couple of minutes I remembered reading about this meditating method (about concentrating on just your breathing) and tried to follow it. After 20 mins, nothing really happened, but I remained calm and knew this will lake time. So, after about 5 minutes I started dreaming (or tripping). It think it was a dream. The place where I was in the dream was halfway between my Hometown and the place where I went to vacation when I was little (15km from my hometown). But this wasn't like any other dream I had before, firstly because I remember it entirely, secondly, the coloring was unexplainable, but very familiar and wasn't strange while I was dreaming. As the dream continued, the world seemed to expand and change radically. Also I was in control of my actions (no slow motion running or something similar that occurs while dreaming).

If you're curious, here is the small description of my trip (or dream). I was there, halfway between the cities, near the road and the forest. And i was with my girlfriend (never knew that person before), and I was, yes Superman... Yeah, I laugh my ass of too when I woke up, but in the dream it seemed that way. Long story short, I was Superman, with my gf in the woods (not Louis Lane :) ) trying to run (wtf) from some of my best friends that robbed me that day. I know hat because I heard them from miles away. After running from them the world become like a shaman's realm, and after a while, I entered in some sort of time loop. I think it was a out of body experience, (never had this before), and I was just a spectator, that was going at full speed in the universe (wtf again). It seemed... endless.

So, after slowly waking up, 2 hours have passed, I had for about 3-4 minutes a similar experience with a 2nd Plateau (DXM Trip). And anther thing, today was a very long day of work and I was very tired when I started this thing. And now I feel more fresh than after a long night sleep. Strange.

Now I'm positive it was a dream, but for me was a great psychedelic experience. A dream that is very different from a normal one: bright colored dream, remember it fully(if I think of it, more and more details come to me), that endless time loop.

I think I will watch some Superman :))

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