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Yesterdag night me soulmate and me tried our first 'homemade' mckennai shrooms. As we did many trips before, i was hoping for a profound trip experience like the ones we did before on different  mushrooms. As we heard Mckennai out to be very visual I was hoping for a lot,  these mushrooms could sho me. But the visuals weren't as active as  cubensis.   For me personally doing a trip is philosophy about afterlife, other worlds and all the stuff Terrence used to talk about and through these concepts I was searching for 'answers' ; all resulting in to more questions.  As time is always an issue on mushroomtrips I hoped to understand some more on this trip.
After eating 3.5 grams of the dried Mckennai it hit me hard after 20 minutes already. Feeling 'something or someone' was pulling me inside out of my body. As i had out of body experiences in my childhood, i recognized the experience immediatly. I went through the coloured patterns and became a part of the light that pulled me out into a sort of 'dreamstate'. What normally would feel as getting in  to a loop was now 'recognized' as deja vu; as I returned back to earth next to my hubby 'time after time'. Telling him everytime again we are lightbeings traveling through time; loosing ego and just  losing the abillity to time travel as we stayed in our body........... while slowing down into our body we became matter, while speeding up out of our body we came antimatter again.  So at that point it was completely obviouse to me that dying was becoming that lightbeing and we could timetravel into the future again, arriving into some other 'time', body? again...
than when i opened  my eyes landing in my physical body; I had a very hard time to focus my vision in the room surrounding us. Particals all over.  My tonque feeling very big anf burning a little. What lasted a few minutes in dreamtime out of my body was really 3 hours 'realtime' .   I had a terrible headache too, due to the processing of information was the answer I got from the mushroom. The mushroom always talks to me.

The next morning i turned on the TV . There was this episode of Stephen Hawing  about timetraveling, how weird can it get. It explained  just  the stuff about going as fast as light  etc. Something I had experienced in my trip . Coincedence or the law of attraction ? 
Note; I'm Dutch so I appologize for my use of the english.

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