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a fun first trip

for a while i wanted to trip shrooms, but i never got a chance to do it.

for a while i wanted to trip shrooms, but i never got a chance to do it. finally, one day i went shrooming with three of my friends. we went to our special feild which is about an acre. we found about 50 shrooms, but they were all small so we watered them and went home. the next day derek and john went and got them and came to eriks house. that is where we tripped.eriks dad is a cop, so we were a little scared but he wasn't home.

well, at about 11:30 am i ate 11 caps and drank 2 cups of shroom tea. fifteen minutes later my stomach hurt real bad.
i thought i was gonna throw up. but it passed. then another 15 minutes later i felt really high. i couldnt stop laughing for anything. i started geekin. then i chilled out. me and john wanted to go do something but we just didnt know what.
it was so weird. i looked a derek who was holding a shroom in his hand and there were purple and green rays coming out of his head. then his hair turned into grass. i was really enjoying it now.

then we all went to john's house. john took about an hour to find a pair of socks and they were right beside him. i started to get very scared and was asking them where was the button you push to get out. i started sweating and got real numb. it freaked me out.

i went and layed in the hallway and felt like i was in a tom and jerry cartoon. my hand kept growing and shrinking. finally we went back to eriks house and john and derek left.

erik was talkin to his dad on the phone, and remember his dad is a cop so it scared me reall bad.then he just talked to everybody on the phone and i just chilled. then i became inpatient and i ran up and down the stairs about a thousand times.

when erik got off the phone we sat on the couch and talked about how fun this was. i kept feeling very heavy and so did erik. we were sliding off the couch and laughing. thien i went in his room to put on some music when i saw this poster on his wall. it was a tripping poster with an alien and swirls on it. i stared at it for about ten minutes then remembered what i was going to do. i sat at the stereo for about ten more minutes trying to get it to work. finally i got it on. we listened to that d-12 and eminem purple pills song and i was so cool.

a little while later i callled my mom and she was coming to pick me up in about two hours. so me and erik just chilled enjoying our tripm for a while. then at about 3:45 erik went
to a friends house and i stayed at his house to wait for my mom. i got really paranoyed because i was tripping so hard bynow and my mom just called and said she was on her way.

i tryed to act strait but i coudlnt.i sat in a chair by the window and was watching for her when i saw the weirdest thing of my whole trip. this tree had pointy limbs on it and on the endthere was little faces laughing at me, and the trees were in like a permanent bloom. it was so cool. then i layed on the couch and looked at the wall. at first the candle on the fireplace was melting then the whole fireplace was melting and rebuilding with weird noises. i got scared and went and layed in eriks bed. i heard the weirdest, funniest noises ever. i cant even explain them.

then my mom came and got me. i played it off good and went home and chilled.

that was my first time tripping and i will never forget it.

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