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First Time LSD

Words really do no justice.

I smoke herb every day, certified stoner and used to pop ALOT of thizz and have done coke, shrooms, ketamine, xanex, ccc's, etc and many  different kinds of substances. This was my first lsd trip and it happened about 5 months ago I'll tell about the trip from what i can remember. So Me and my homie (we'll juss call him e) had been super excited and siked about tripping after i met someone who was on dee with it. The new homie s had some and had told me they were sugar cubes. Many other connects had lagged in the past but luckily this one was fooreal. My homie and I picked up three cubes of acid from him friday night and planned to trip that night, of course we had a fat 30 sack of some suuuper danks for the night as well. We each dose a cube around exactly 6:00 P.M. and began walking to the liquor store. It was kinda trippy, the second we leave my block and juss dosed a cop went right by us. So we get to liquor store and buy some arizona orangeade (perfect) we then go to a local park to spark some bowls. We get to park and smoke three bowls out of a bubbler, got pretty high and began to feel energy going thru my body, not too hard but noticeably. We begin our walk to this place called the wash, a local spot that foos go to tag and get fucked up. It's under a freeway behind some somewhat old ranch houses with horses. The walk was about 45 minutes, I remember going thru several neighborhoods and parks and i knew the lsd was kicking in because whenever we entered one of the parks it felt so warm and a happy atmosphere with familys playing and the whole mood in the parks were joyful but as soon as we would we leave the parks back into the neighborhoods, the whole atomsphere and mood around us would change to gloomy and somewhat dark. We both toke not of this, That everything had a feeling to it! An emotion. We arrive at the wash and its now about 7:15 P.M. We packed some bowls and waited for some homies to arrive. Now the place we were in is like the big gudders you seen on the side of the freeway sometimes, for rain water and shit. Anyways it was a slope down to the bottom and e and i were running up and down the side, it was crazy cuz we had amazing balance and never slipped or fell. We said we were Jedi's! hahaha. So its about 730 and they arrive and pick up bud and we start blazin around 7:45 . We matched a few bowls with them and got stoneed. This is the part of my trip where i was extremely happy and was juss enjoying everything with a pure feeling of ecstasy. This feeling confirmed that We had very potent proudct. Its around 8 and E and I split the other cube. The sun starts to go down and the four of walk to chick-fil-a to get some grub. Mad munchies! We eat there and OMG the shake and fries we ate was abosolutely amazingly bomb. My taste buds were enhanced to the MAX! We chill there outside for a while and laughed so hard at the stupidest shit, the laughter i was experiencing was amazing it was a pure laugh with true happiness and only people who have tripped may know what i mean. i remember an old crazy looking man walked into the resturant and im sure i wass juss trippin but he gave off a very bad vibe and i got and idea in my head that he wanted to rob the pace or something idk why so we decided to leave. E and I got the sudden urge to read and i have no idea why. I never really read much. So we start walking toward barnes & noble which was like 5 minutes away in a shopping complex. It's very hard to recall time cuz my whole sense of time was juss gone, completely dissolved. Time had no meaning anymore, my attitude towards time was FUCK IT! I remember feeling so intelligent, I was filled with this knowledge that no one else had. I was in lsd fantasy land and had no intentions of leaving. So it was about 840 and we get to barnes & noble hoping to read some weird shit. For some odd fucken reason everyone and their mother was at barnes & noble and on  a friday night! Wtf? We entered and were instantly hit with some many voices in our heads. It was like everyones voice were 50x louder and juss all in my head, seemed like everyone was watching me. The homie E and I knew we were trippin balls cuz we  juss could not handle being in there. We leave and walk around the area for a while and we meet one of E's friends who is a  security guard there and said he would be down to match when he got off, i was trippin i wasn't sure if we could trust him or not. Now keep in mind i handle my shit well and dont act a fool. I was juss going crazy in my mind! It's about 915 i guess and we head to back to the wash to blaze some more. Holy fuck it was bitch black down there and was fucking creepy down there when your trippin balls. Its already kinda weird at night stoned. Everything was just madness at this point. I remember the two others homie wanted to roll a blunt but they dont know how to roll and me and E were juss tripping way too hard to do it. We ended up packing like 5 bowls or so, matching. It was about 950 and e and i are juss tripppppin so we decide its time to leave. We part from the other two homies behind the ranch houses, now when your back there fucked up its very weird at night. At about 10:00 P.M. and i play some music cuz my ipod plays it out loud and first song was drop the world by lil wayne and the sound at the begininng was crazzy and e and i instantly had the same thought. It sounded Amazing! We walk by this horse and this about 4 hours after dosing and i can remember petting the horse and feeling spiritually and emotinally connected to it. I understood what it was feeling when i touched it. He was my friend. We leave our friend and continue on the walk back to our neighborhood. About 20 minutes into the walk is when the lsd unleased even more power on us. We started hallucinating like wow. Everything was literally frying. The treetops were melting offf their roots and everything juss looked craaaazy. The road seeemed way longer than it really was. Still we kept a positive mindset and were happy yet going completely insane I mean litteraly were going nuts in  our minds, The street names seemed to be in some foreign language to me and i could not understand them at all, we had no idea where we were and found it hilarious. We somehow found our way. It was about 10:40 and we ran into one of my homies who was extremely high (their all lightweights) they seemed dumb and ignorant to us so we left. We got back to our neighborhood about 5 minutes later and smoked some bowls which calmed us down. It's crazy how weed didn't affect me at this point, juss mellowed me out kinda for a while. We both go back to our pads at around 11: 30 and i was juss trippin balls, i remember saying hi to my pops and he juss didnt look the same at all, neither did my dog. I went straight to my room listening to music and juss going insane but it was extremely fun and juss an incredible feeling. I went to shower at like 12 and sat on my toilet for an hour with clothes on and the water running juss fulll on going crazy. I was at the peak of my trip, going absolutely nuts. Nothing made sense anymore but i didnt care. I was in my own world looking through my mind and life ina completely different perspective.  I go back in my room looking at the walls shift patterns and the designs on my wall from the light bulbs and glass around them looked crazy. I was completely insane in my room yet having the most amazing time of my life. I met up with E on our block by the community pool at about 1:45 and smoke the rest of our herb which was about .7 This got me faded for the first time in a while that night. We smoke and sit there talkking about the night and our whole trip and how amazing it was. We were in complete awe of the whole thing. We had no idea what had juss happened. Our minds were flustered with this beautiful, insane trip. We do this til about 3 if i remember right and on the way back to our houses, the only words we could come up for the experience was.. 'humbled' truely humbled by what we had juss done. We had discovered the meaning of life. What it is to be truely happy. After that night, E is not juss my friend. He is my brother. I have done some wicked shit with him but that was one of the craziest. I forever have his back, I also remember that night me and E could read each others minds. We didnt have to say one word to instantly know what we were thinking, juss a quick glance. I was still tripping pretty damn hard whe n i got back to my house but i could feel the effects wearing off. I went into my kitchen and I remember it being extrememly yellow. My mind was completely gone and I was still in amazement. I ended listening to music trippin out on life til about 530 when i crashed out.

The lsd experience was absolutely incredible. It was absolute insanity and beauty at the same time. In a positive way I don't view anything the same anymore. I appreciate everything and I understand that everything has a place. It shows you another world that you had no idea ever existed. Making the invisible visible. Blowing our minds away. I plan to trip more with magical mushrooms and lsd in the future, they are amazing and should be respected cuz they have the power to change you. Always keep a positive mindset when tripping. Everything has a feeling. Everything has an emotion. Everything has a time, Everything has a place. Everything is lsd. I hope you enjoyed this. Stay HIGH, Stay safe and FTS!!! Leave Comments! Peeacee..

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