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Incredible shroom trip at friend's house.


I took my first trip shroom trip when I was nineteen back in 2008 at a friends house with a bunch of uni mates. I had done acid before, so it wasn't my first time on psychedelics. It happened at night time. My friends had just moved into their new shared house and were excited, so they decided to get some shrooms together and trip balls. One of the group who knew a spot to pick them came back to the house with heaps of them (I'm sorry but I don't know exactly what type they were), like a whole bucket. Anyway we all started eating away and were all excited about it kicking in. I went to go and sit down and make myself comfortable whilst some of my friends (some of whom really annoyed me back then and I cannot believe their precense didn't bring on a bad trip) were dancing around, we had some music on as well.

So, I was making myself comfortable, just sitting there and pointing and talking about some blu-tac that was on the table and looking at it thinking what a funny shape it was in. I started discussing it with my friend talking about the shape, and I don't know how badly they were tripping at that stage, but for me some mild effects were starting to come on. That is, the shape of the blu-tac started to become a bit exageratted, however I was still talking it up a bit and there was nothing that full on and I was still a little bit disappointed.

That was until I was watching the flat-screen tv screen which had the tv-video screen on when there is no dvd playing. So you have that rectangle logo that bounces around off the sides of the screen. I was watching that logo, and it started becoming completely distorted, that is the image of it became blurred and actually dragged instead of being clear as it was before. Suddenly, it started spinning round in circles and then at that point a realised 'alright holy shit this is happening now, I can't believe it'.

Soon after that, or rather right after that, I stared at the wall and I saw some kind of ancient chinese warlord emerge from the wall. I can still kind of remember the image now in my mind, it was just such a pristine clear image of some kind of mythical man from an ancient time. I thought to myself it was confucious or something, he definitely looked chinese and I had recently been to China, seen some movies and study chinese at university, so I thought it must of had something to do with that. But it was something more important than just a random recollection, he was a a magical creature, like a god of some descriptions, he had the flailing robes in the wind and the really old asian bear and he was going through the wall in slow motion with armour and some weaponry as if he was about to go into battle or something. Crazy. I think of these things in my dreams, but I remember looking at him before me and I could still wrap my mind around the fact that I could see him but I wasn't intentionally trying to bring him to life, I was completely out of control and this is what was happening.

He disappeared after a while and then I regained my senses and went upstairs to find the others. I found them sprawled out on the bed tripping balls so I lay down next to them and joined them. I had sort of regained my senses at this point, however it was about to come on strong. My friend was there and she was still awake and we were able to talk. Which was great it meant I was not alone and I could actually communicate with someone else. So yeah I was telling her that it was about to come on strong and she (who was a lot more experienced than me) said that I should just ride it. And I did.

I started having an explosion of colours and just a scattering of all sorts of emotions and everything for a while, just completely random and uncontrollable. Then I started thinking about my recently deceased grandma (RIP 'mama') and envisioned her as a tree. By recently dead she must of been dead at least four years. I do not know why but a tree and I can still remember this wonderful vision of this cross section of a black tree against a blue backdrop and within the tree were these colours in abundance that were flowing within it. As if the tree has its own blood stream of pumping colours that keep it alive. And some went down to the roots beneath the tree that were colourful and bright, changing all the time. And I just reached this outpouring of wonder and respect for this woman who had given life to the whole family. Those roots all represented family members, and how they are all beautiful and unique creatures of the earth. And my grandma had actually created this entire interweb of life that has flourished and done all sorts of valuable things. It made me realise how amazing she really is and how fulfilled her life was to have five children and build up a huge network over her lifetime, as she had down. A remarkable and intellegent lady who had traveled extensively and had a vast knowledge in the world. I'm pretty sure I shed a few tears in there.

As things were dying down I started telling my friend about how I saw my dead grandma. I told her how I felt she was an amazing being and was almost sort of a God herself, like a big strong spirit, someone that brings a lot of value to those around them, coming in the form of a massive, steady, old, ancient, wise tree. She asked me if she had ever taken shrooms herself, I said I didn't think so. My friend then quoted the cliche 'if the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite'. (Actually, side spin from that, I discovered later on from mum that we are related to Aldous Huxley, coming from same grandmother side).

Anyway, overall, very deep and unbelievable. Everything seemed to work well. I was happy that I had the friends that I had with me there. Yet to have a trip like it again.


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