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Mind separated from body

Very powerful experience

<This is a more detailed version of an earlier trip report I posted, as time goes by, I seem to remember more and more about that evening>.

Mind set: 
It all started with me walking in a parking lot at about 1:30am, when I started through the lot the lights were normal, then I noticed the lights began to rapidly turn a weird green.  Like emerald glowing weirdly.  I started to think something was not as it was just moments before.  This was only a couple minutes after drinking the tea made from 35g of Ps. Cyanesens, it came on hard and fast.  There was almost no ramp-up, it went from normal to peak within minutes.

I think I spent nearly 5 hours at the peak!  All I could say to myself was “No Freekin way!”.
Enjoyable doesn't even begin to describe it.  This was also not a "normal" trip in that the power curve of the experience wasn't the typical rapid rise to peak and long slow decline.  This was an almost instantaneous rise from normal to peak (level 5) and it remained there for nearly 5 full hours, then rapidly back to normal within about 1 hour.

It will quite likely take me the rest of my life to comprehend what I experienced in just a couple hours.

I was standing in the middle of my own mind, looking around and completely amazed by what it can do.  Looking up into one's own mind is a very "mind expanding" experience.  I kept thinking to myself, "this is the greatest thing I've ever seen in my whole life".
I was absolutely amazed at what the inside of my mind looked like.  It's odd that the mind exists easily within the body in normal life, but when the body exists within the mind it can be very eye opening.

I was standing next to the Earth, looking upon it, but not part of it.  This was the most unusual feeling.  I knew it was earth, but had no desire to be on it or a part of it.  Simply seeing it was enough.

I spent a significant amount of time at the very furthest boundary of the entire Universe, wondering if I pushed through the membrane at the edge, would I still be a part of this life.  This made me a little uneasy, but not too bad!  There were significant colours, shapes, and images out there.  I think being out here at the edge was the most amazing part of the whole night.  My explanation simply cannot do justice to what it was or how it felt, but it was impressive.

That statement about pushing through the membrane at the edge of the universe, I can't explain further, all I know is that I backed away from it when I wondered if that was the edge separating life and death.  Perhaps this is something that will comfort me in later life when it does come time to pass from this world.  As having been there so close once before, all I need do is move through the separating membrane, no pain, no tearing asunder, just a simple move from one side to the other.

I kept imagining I was many great people from throughout history, Lincoln, King, Gandhi, all sorts of great people; all I needed to do was imagine it and I was it.  I could do anything, if I simply wanted to. 

Every time something new happened, I kept mentally referring back to that weird green light.  I kept wondering what it was.  Was it really just the lights in the parking lot or was there something more about it that was doing this to me.

I spent a lot of time remarkably happy, smiling, loved and reassured.

Toward the end of the peak, I actually thought someone had stolen the sun because I thought it should have been light out, but was still dark!

on a scale of 1 to 5, this was a 5 (and then some!). 

Presence of fear of paranoia:  I wouldn't call it paranoia, but it was something weird, but not all the time.  My first sense of it was while walking in the parking lot in the green light!  “Uh oh” crossed my mind!  Later on I thought of my wife, who deals with significant abdominal pain; this caused me some momentary depression.  I realized quickly though, that while I can't take her pain away, I can be more loving and more supporting of her and perhaps that will make what she goes through easier.

Physical problems or paralysis:  I don't know.  There may have been, but for so much of the event I don't believe my mind was actually part of my body.  I did notice 2 days later I was having some transient problems eating (sort of like I had a Novocain shot in both upper and lower lips).  That passed quite quickly, I had no other physical weakness or paralysis.

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