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capri sun

easy and effective

ok so there has been a lot of fuss about how to store dried mushies. so read my tek and enjoy! so all your gunna need are these things!
1.the obvious

2. empty caprisun.note the top is cut off just below the straw hole. there will be some seal material left so just pull it out.

3.2 pouches of silica

4.rectangle of paper

5.iron and ironing board
so after you cut the top off of the capri sun pack open it and pull out the rest of the seal. drop a silica pack down to the bottom,then your shrooms (you will have to break them up or stack just caps). then put another pack of silica on top.should look like this

now flatten the pack down to your mushrooms and take your piece of paper and fold it in half. then put the flat edge of the caprisun pack and put it in the fold of the paper like this

now take the iron and on the highest setting put it on the paper about an inch in.hold it there for about 5 or 6 seconds.

flip the paper and pack and do the same thing.

it is now sealed!. the edge will be hot for a few minutes so be careful.

this will keep your shrooms dry and dark for a very long time!

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