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Honeymoon Trip

6 hits of LSD and 2.5 feet Peruvian Torch

So I got married September 25th and the wife and I took our honeymoon in Jemz Springs, NM. The first night at the cabin (after 13 hours of driving) we unloaded the car and decided to go sit on the porch, looking at stars while passing a bowl. That was nice until we realized that we had locked ourselves out of the cabin. It's 11:00 at night, cold as balls outside on a mountain at an elevation above 9000 feet, and I'm wearing shorts. Shit! Luckily I had the key to the Jetta in my jacket. So we spent the first night of our honeymoon curled up in a little car 20 feet away from a warm, toasty cabin. It really wasn't that bad and makes for a good story.
         After contacting the owners the next day, they came over with a spare key and let us in. Flash forward two days and it's time for some Lucy. I have been saving these 6 hits for our honeymoon and the anticipation is getting to me. We had been doing alot of hiking and searching for a place to enjoy our trip outside and found a place called Dark Canyon. It was a beautiful canyon with a river running through it used for trout fishing. The only problem was it was about a 30 minute drive from the cabin along winding mountain roads. For safety, we decided it would be best to take 1 hit each and chill for a while, then take the other 4 when we came back. We dosed and proceeded to drive down the mountain and what a fucking drive that was. All I can say is thank goodness we only took 1 each or there is no way I could have gotten us back. Down in the canyon we are completely alone and the acid is starting to come on strong. We smoke many bowls from the dugout (I highly recommend one when tripping since I find it almost impossible to break up bud or roll a J while in that state) and just talk, relax and enjoy our place in the world.] We took some pictures and notice many things we missed on our first hike trough here. Sadly, our little fungus hunt didn't turn up anything, but there was still plenty to enjoy in our little slice of the earth. After and hour or so we decide to head back and top ourselves off with 2 more hits each.
         The drive back up the mountain was far more surreal than the first time. I was going around 10-15 mph the whole way with cars flying past me. They must have thought I was some idiot tourist, and they would have been right. So we get to the cabin and drop the last four hits. I can feel the drug pumping through my body and I'm starting to feel really anxious and energetic. "Let's go for  a walk" I say. She agrees so we set off down the road. We come to a fork in the road. Left or right? To the right is the road that leads us down the mountain. To the left is a road so fucked up and destroyed you would need a truck with a huge lift just to clear it. It looks dark and creepy. There are no cabins or people down this road as far as we can tell. "Let's take the road less traveled" I say. WIth some hesitation, she agrees. We walk along this rough, winding road and come to group of aspens. Their golden leaves contrast brightly against the black and white bark. We had been looking for a nice aspen to carve into and this one called out to us. I pulled out my knife and proceed to carve Dxxxxx "heart" Lxxxxx 2010 into the tree, knowing that when we return to this place years later it will have scarred over black on the white bark.We smoke some bud and continue along the path until everything opens up and we are at the top of a hill looking down into a beautiful mountain meadow.There is nobody else around. This is just what we have been looking for! We stroll down to the bottom of the hill, taking dozens of pictures of this magical place along the way. We find a log about 50' long and sit down to enjoy the view. It is only a couple hours until sundown and the meadow is filled with golden light giving way to patches of darkness. It was pure bliss, being at this place, at this time, with this woman, on these drugs. We hug, kiss and bathe in this unparalelled beauty. This was the kind of mystical place you would expect to see in a Lord of the Rings movie. This is the stuff fairytales are made of. It's starting to get chilly and dark so we smoke some herb and head on back. 
         As soon as I stop walking and sit down at the cabin the drugs hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm peaking and getting higher by the second. I build a fire while I'm still functional enough to do so and we smoke some more. We step outside to view the stars and it's a clear night. The stars are multicolored and spinning, shooting and mulitplying. It was indescribably intense. We enjoyed that for a while then step back inside the cabin. I add more wood to the fire and we hold each other, watching the flames for a very long time. I put my feet down to go into the kitchen and feel the hair of a bearskin rug on my soles. It was a great feeling so i started rubbing my feet on the bear fur. He didn't seem to mind. We hang out around the cabin for the rest of the night, talking, laughing and loving. Around 12 am, 11 hours after first dosing we make love. That's one of the perks of acid. On other psychedelics I find it hard to focus and stay in the game, but wtih acid I'm a love machine. We make love for about 2 hours and finally fall asleep around 3 am. What a night! 
           Two days later, I proceed to making some Peruvian Torch tea. I blend, mix and stir the goop into a 5 gallon pot. Two and a half feet of cactus and a bunch of water fill it up to about 3.5 gallons. I cook the sludge for around 4 hours and strain it. I cook the rest down for another 2 hours and am left with four cups of foul slime. I chug my first one and nearly yak as soon as I remove the cup from my lips. My wife tries to chug it, but it takes her at least 4 or 5 tries, poor girl. I do the same with my second cup and chug it in one try. Her second cup takes her at least another 5 or 6 tries to finish. I feel funny almost immediately, but I tend to be very senstitve to psychedelics. I can take HUGE doses, but I almost always feel and experience them before other people even notice they've taken any drugs. About 30 minutes later my wife runs to the bathroom and spills her guts for several minutes, regurgitating everything she just ate. Needless to say she did not trip at all. I, on the other hand, kept it down for at least an hour before I purged. As soon as I rose from the toilet and looked into the mirror I was catapulted into the world of mescaline. I won't go into it too much since I was essentially tripping alone and the journey became an introspective one with many personal experiences. It was shorter than I expected, lasting only about 4 or 5 hours. Next time I will to take more and cook it less. Live and learn, right? The last two days of the honeymoon were spent hiking and fucking and I gotta say, it was truly the best trip of my life. We saw and did dozens of other things there, but I'm only really focusing on the drugs for this report. Please comment. thnx 

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